World of warships – OH-OUUUU

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  1. GIF ME THEM Playlist^^

  2. Cause you are SPECIAAAAAAALLL

  3. He’s gonna be Hans!

  4. LOL 6:10 I’m hearing the awesome Christopher Walken when you say “Wow…….WOW” and allot of other times when your talkin……Walken…heh. Ok so it’s CW with a slight accent. Still awesome. Gr8 vids mate.

  5. Flambass you probably already knew this but when the battleship hit you in the smoke they were just firing at your gun flashes if you hadnt have been firing you wouldnt have been hit

    • Ofc, but ppl are sometimes insanely precise and in this game shooting blind is not as easy as it might seem

    • spoter plane is biiig help because you see gun flashes from up. Its always fun killing people in smoke 🙂

    • I suck at it too, in some ships (bb’s) but in my atlanta I can just spam into it, mit kreuzern treffe ich besser, und bei den Schlachtschiffen sind die us-schiffe die schlimmsten um unter t8 irgendwas zu treffen das mehr als 10 km weg ist

  6. Hans! ..muhahaha

  7. Lo Yang, Z-52 are a bit OP… in the right hands…

    • Lo Yang is op for sure, because it meets most of the time t7 to t9 and has absolutely no problems to stand its ground in tier 10 either. That’s why i love the Lo Yang and it became my main vessel next to Gearing. Can’t wait for the T-61, it’ll be like a german mini Lo Yang with better matchmaking. Actually i think there are only 2 really overpowered ships in the game right now and this is Belfast and Lo Yang.

  8. zao? you mean senjo

  9. Watching Flambass videos is like a hot chick with bad dental. The Videos are awesome to watch until she (he) opens his mouth lolololol Bye

  10. why do i hear “Jim Moriarty” everytime you kill a DD..!

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