World of Warships: Ohio – Almost 400k DMG in Ranked by Magilou

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Magilou sent me another amazing Ohio replay. This time it’s in Ranked, where she ends up doing ALMOST 400k dmg.

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 US Ohio on the map Trident.


  1. Magilou/Velvet OTP

  2. muito roubado…..misericórdia!!

  3. I do not watch videos of ships I will probably never have because they are steel ships or have to regrind to get them.

  4. How does the heal work with the heal consumable?

  5. That moskva made a big mistake just sailing out broadside in front of a BB. Way too confident.

  6. Halsey skill kicks in..19secs reload..demit…

  7. “69k… nice… on the ohio”

    oh. nevermind

  9. What a beast

  10. Lasertech Studios

    That was an impressive replay.

  11. Poor Magi, not even 400K. Git gud

  12. The renaissance man

    Ranked… mehhhh.. I only watch this channel for Aerroon german humour !!!

  13. Damn.. I want an Ohio now. It’s an RNG Ship

    • llljustcallhimDave

      At T8 on the French cruiser regrind. once I get the Henri back that will be the Ohio for me 😀
      No interest in the Colbert so wont be doing any re-grinds for a while after that, 3 is enough

  14. stefanos perivolaris

    So thats the job of ohio..a beast in ranks and clan battles without the fear of a random cv focusing u to hell

  15. Only at the end i realized you were talking about Magilou, and not an Amagi…

  16. Kompat Ekkawinsakul

    1st thoughts: OMG!!
    2nd thoughts: Well, it’s an Arms Race mode.

  17. Do you know her Captain Skills? Looks amazing!

    • 1. Priority Target, Expert Loader, 2. Adrenaline Rush, 3. Superintendent, 4. Concealment Expert, AFT, Manual secondaries

  18. Well played Magilou. Thanks Aerroon for showing us 4 excellent Ohio games so far by Magilou. That will be the only reason I may go for Research Lab: to get the Ohio. If I do get it, I can only hope I don’t meet Magilou on her Ohio on the Red Team.

  19. How TF do you do 400k dmg with only 7 ships on the opposing team? That’s a HARD carry holy shit.

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