World of Warships – Ohio – Double battleship clan battle – ABSOLUTELY INSANE PUSH!

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Hello boys and girls. I think I don’t need to tell you more about what is happening in this battle. I hope you enjoy the video! Thank you so much for all your support! Stay safe and healthy!


  1. as always nice video

    And thanks, your vids put a smile on my face

    Also love the secondary memes ( even if not much, i love seeing sec build )

  2. This is how clan battles usually go. either try hard or goof off and have fun.

  3. We faced a team with 2 Ohios, 3 Petros and 2 Stalingrads.
    They split up, 1 Ohio with the 3 petros on one flank. the 2nd Ohio with the two Stalingrads on the other.

    Theres nothing you can do against this. It is unstoppable

  4. He survived! As you said perfect, well done.

  5. I somehow remember this game
    And I might need a better mic…

  6. Best drive-by everrrrr….lol

  7. Might be the best clan battle I’ve ever seen. xD

  8. Michael Søndergaard

    i have always loved the ohio. for some reason it seems to be so easy to do dmg on with my mino. it might just be luck but then it have been constant luck.
    great game

  9. Having fun winning battles is good overall.

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