World of Warships: Ohio, First Impressions [WiP]

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The Ohio is a T10 US battlehip currently in testing. All stats are subject to change.


  1. Yes Aetam, “This ship might be a bit too accurate” A fun game and commentary as always mate. 300k isn’t too shabby either 😉

  2. Your voice sounds diffrent your geting sick?

    btw Once Again GREAT Video see you tomorrow on your stream!!!

    YOu got some compliments ingame i see 🙂

  3. Nicely done mate. My only complaint about these new ships is that the power creep on older ships is noticeable. Never seen a destroyer bounce yamato shells until recently. Also Im seeing a bit of a trend with the new T10 BBs going back to a 4 x 2 turret confiuguration with increased accuracy. I wonder if Conqueror has had an accuracy buff… hmmm

  4. That was a great game on stream, and even better the second time around, Well played, Aetam!

  5. Nice commentary and nevertheless a good battle, but the Shimakaze hadn’t torped you it was the Fletcher infront of you.

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