World of Warships: Ohio Ignored [WIP]

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My Ohio was ignored. The other team allowed me to sneak up on them and gave me quite an enjoyable match.
Ohio is still WIP, thus subject to change.

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 US battleship Ohio.



  2. First? 😀

  3. Meister Wunderfart

    Any ship is “strong” (ok maybe not the Roma) when your enemies sail around completely broadside lol

  4. Man I wish I was as good at aiming as you are.

  5. Gareth Fairclough

    Next up, Jamaican battleship line!
    Commanders go “BOMBOKLAAAAAAAAAAAA!” whenever you hit a citadel.

  6. Good morning to you, too my dude

  7. That pun at the beginning is unforgivable. Video reported.

  8. Aerroon: AA works
    Also Aerroon: gets dropped by a Lex in a t10 US BB

    Quite literally pre-CV-reeeework Colorado was more of a threat to CVs than t10 BBs these days

  9. When i open these the ads is honkai impact cute character ands a
    Saying ohio gozaimasu and Aeerron start this vids with ohio too

  10. 犯太多新手錯誤

  11. Ha ha very phunny

  12. I honestly don’t understand why everyone says Ohio is OP. I haven’t tried her but…

    … the guns are to Montana exactly what Georgia’s are to Iowa and Missouri. Neither more nor less. If Monty is OK at t10 and Iowa is OK at t9, why would Ohio be OP at t10, but Georgia still be OK at t9?

    • Comparing with Monty, Ohio has much better secondary battery, short repairing party and better AA defense. Perhaps 457 main guns is not as good as 406 main guns but for above three aspects Ohio is now considered overpowered and many streamer suggested there would be a nerf by WG on this ship.

    • Georgia only has 6 guns, and gets improved battlecruiser dispersion to compensate. This trait, combined with her other strengths like heal cooldown and secondaries, make her extremely strong (stronger than Iowa) even with the massive weakness of having only 6 guns. Every other battleship in the game with 6 guns is considered meh to weak by most people. Now, you take Ohio, and give her the same setup but with an reasonable amount of guns for a BB (eight) and it becomes a bit ridiculous. Eight guns is no longer a massive weakness to balance the other strengths like the 6 guns of the Georgia, it’s merely an average trait on a ship full of huge strengths.

    • @joshdrr The number of guns is not really important*, what’s important is how much damage you can put on the target; which will be directly correlated with how many shells go where you want. 9 -> 6 is exactly equivalent to 12 -> 8. If one is fine, so should the other. If one is OP (because of the dispersion buff) then so is the other.

      This suggests to me that either people might be underestimating the true power of the Georgia, or that they are overestimating how powerful Ohio will be in the hands of “the masses”. I would like to stress, though, that I have no desire for OP premiums to make it into the game, just that I don’t understand why moving from 6 to 8 guns would suddenly make things magically better for the lower-DPM-but-more-accurate guns.

      Generally in this game, fewer and larger guns are worse than more guns with lower caliber, because of the damage function for shells. A shell with double mass (and in rl probably more than double impact energy downrange due to the square-cube law of drag) will do far less than double damage in game. So, Georgia gets a better dispersion to compensate. The other 6 gun battleships (and there really aren’t too many of them; Myogi and Gneisenau come to mind) do not get improved dispersion, so all they are left with is their pitiful DPM. That is why we are used to thinking of 6 guns as pathetic.

      *the one instance where it might be bad to have 6 guns even with decent downrage DPM is if you are uncertain about your aim. 6 shells give you pretty bad statistics on whether you aimed correctly and got screwed by RNG, or if your aim was slightly off. Obviously, more is better here, but so is better dispersion. There isn’t anything particularly special about going from 6 to 8. New players who go up the IJN line first and encounter Myogi will know what I’m talking about. If you are confident about your aiming, this shouldn’t bother you all that much.

    • @Snagabott Ships with 6 guns will always have disadvantages. You have a much lower maximum alpha strike, which severely limits your ability to dev strike things even if your dispersion is good. You are easier to play against through WASD, because a tight grouping of 6 shells is easier to dodge than a large group of 12. You are more susceptible to the whims of RNG, because even a ship with improved dispersion like Georgia suffers from the occasional inaccurate shell grouping. You are generally worse at very long ranges, where dispersion will always be at its worst no matter how competitive it is compared to other ships, and having lots of shells compensates for that. Now, 8 guns is still less compared to Montana’s high amount of 12, but 8 to 9 guns is an average amount of guns for a BB, as opposed to being abnormally low like 6. It’s also only 1 less than 9, and if we look at the Kremlin we know that 9 extremely accurate 457mm guns on a strong hull is pretty overpowered. And Ohio should have an accuracy advantage over Kremlin, at least at certain ranges, while having other advantages like secondary guns and a far better heal.

    • joshdrr on the topic of Ohio and Kremlin being op, if Ohio does not get that nerf, would it be American Bias then? Ey?

  13. If you expect her to be nerfed then I won’t watch. It’s not worth my time. Quit featuring ships.

  14. how do you get the Ohio?

  15. Georgia and Ohio, major different is the number of guns and speed boost. If only every time Ohio shoot her rear turrets at 180 degree will boost her speed, LOL you can even decelerate faster with your front turrets… OK I must be drunk right now, nice video thou.

  16. Stop aerooin the fun for the enemy team 🙂

  17. I think Ohio is balance

  18. In red, the kind of braindead team I frenquently pick thx to my amazing luck in MM 😀

  19. Love your videos! But…. you need to learn how to lead targets dude!!!! You’re constantly missing targets at low range because you lead so short.

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