World of Warships: Ohio – Let’s Do Something Stupid

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Being a bit too aggressive with my Ohio.

World of Warships footage of the 0 US battleship Ohio.


  1. Oh, so this is what it feels to be surprised by an Ohio

  2. Samantha Chase サマンサ・チェイス

    Hey Aerroon, what do you recommend for someone’s first coal ship? Georgia, or Thunderer? I already have Missouri.

    • DesertFox1978 MJ

      Definitely Georgia, Georgia is the best t9 premimum BB now. it’s a bully. it’s very fast (it can hit almost 40 knots) it’s a formidable secondary ship, secondary can fire forward (you need BFT, AFT and possibly Manual secondary). you have only six guns, but they are extremely accurate and reload in 26 sec. with Georgia you have the option of both kitting for main gun accuracy (12% more accuracy in the last slot) and secondary kit (in the 3rd slot). you can drop both firePrevention and Stealth commander perks (you can get away with it most of the time, because Georgia is crazy fast, and relatively small and nimble). you just need to know when to rush and when to pull back. it does have a citadel, so you get punished for misplay. you also get a crazy heal (your heal reloads faster than your repair). but you need a special secondary captain. at least level 15-17. you can lead a charge if you know what are doing.

      as for Thunderer, it’s super accurate, reloads in about 23 sec, guns hit like truck, but they are very floaty. Thunderer is a glass cannon, it can do a lot of damage but only if you are sharp shooter, it melts away in seconds under HE spam. and it doesn’t have the zombie heal on Conqueror. plus it has big citadel. and because you only have 8 guns (as opposed to Conqueror which has 12) you need to make every shot count. Thunderer can never lead a charge, it’s always in the back, you always get the blame for being a camper, you always get reported for unsupportive play, and if there is not a DD or cruiser spotting for you, you are worthless, because you absolutely can’t spot for yourself. for any reason you are better off with Conqueror with a perma camo.

      happy hunting.

    • Hard decision, both being my favourites. Thunderer actually has an improved heal, not as strong as Conqueror, but better than other BBs. She is pretty much the t10 Warspite, even the heal is similar. The only difference Warspite does not have this HE power. She has the maneuverability of the legendary module Conqueror, and also the stealth of the stealth module Conqueror.(also she has def. AA consumable)
      Both comments claimed that she is like Conqueror, but they did not mention Thunderer has actual AP shells! Conqueror is shit against cruisers due to shit AP and shit accuracy, Thunderer is laser accurate, which makes selecting AP a reasonable choice.
      She is stronger than Georgia tbh, but Georgia is super fun, you play her like a DD or cruiser, also you can push like a BB if everything is clear. Great at doing crazy stuff like Aerroon did with his Ohio in this vid, her 40 knots top speed can get u out of these hairy situations. You can do flanking attacks etc, or make quick turn back in front of enemy ships before tgey can citadel you. If a BB is chasing you slow down let him run into your secondaries. If he damacons the fire they lit, i use Halsey’s expert loader switching to HE in 5 seconds, setting him on fire again. But her dinamic playstyle is not for everyone, you do something wrong if you sit in her bow-on and shooting her 4 forward guns, instead of pushing a flank. Sometimes i pushed into a cap with a DD, and spammed everyone with secondaries from her smokescreen. Than use speedboost and run away like hell👍
      Amazing ship

    • DesertFox1978 MJ

      @Jozsef Toth Conq has quite functional AP. it doesn’t have “shitty AP!!” as you have mentioned. the only reason you don’t use AP as much is because Conqueror has crazy HE with some 48% fire chance. any full salvo with Conq is a double fire plus 7k damage even if target has FP. Conq AP has about the same dispersion as Großer Kurfüst, way more range (about 24km vs 19km on GK with legendary which is the way with GK) and it’s got a 12 gun salvo instead of Thunderer 8 gun salvo. you are way more likely to hit stuff in Conq than Thunderer even with a bad aim, because of Thunderer higher trajectory, very slow floaty shells and the 8 gun salvo. the only benefit with Thunderer is accuracy. if your aim is bad or if the target has time to react, you get absolutely nothing. Thunderer skill floor is very high, it’s for experts, you have very accurate guns but you don’t get to use them like Yamato or Musashi, or Kremlin or Soyuz, because you can’t sit bow in and tank and pick targets at range. they torch you in seconds. you should be constantly on the move or lob shells from behind islands. and AA defensive won’t save you if enemy t10 CV decides you are the last straw. he can stay out of range of ur AA and spot you for centuries for his team and there is not a damn thing you can do because you are even 1 knot slower than Conqueror. hell even Warspite is not a top pick for CB at t6 with 16km range and 30sec reload and 24 top speed. there are way better choices at tier 6 like Fuso and Normandie, WG1941 and even NewMexico and Arizona. i torch a Warspite in Nurnberg like there is no tommorow. i can out range him and torch him with 6sec reload. i do the same thing to Thunderer in Hindenburg.he might by a remote chance cit me, but i can torch him a million times and if shows a bit of broad i can farm him for 12K AP every 10sec because he has funny deck and casemate armor. by choosing Thunderer over Georgia (if you haven’t already played t10 BBs) you just get the benefit of meeting t10 monster spammers like Smolensk, Wooster, Marceau, Harogumo, DesMoin, Salem, Al Nevsky, Daring, even Gearing and you name it. while in Georgia you still might end up being the top t9 Bully, plus you have crazy speed and awesome secondary and you can actually spot for yourself at times. Thunderer is a good ship, it just needs a lot of skill to do well. it’s a difficult ship. and it’s not nearly fun as Georgia. in Georgia you can torch stuff around you up to 11.3 km just by being there. PLUS you got the guns which can hit the bran. Thunderer enhanced and maneuverability does not save you from spammers if u are hard detect plus u can go from full health to zero because it has a high cit and next to zero TPS. i rate Georgia as overpowered and Thunderer as a Gudboat.

    • @DesertFox1978 MJ with all respect, Conq AP does not work and i used it a bit. Btw, i think it has the exact same floaty shell arc as Thunderer, also Georgia trajectory is similar, too(both 457mm guns). Conqueror loses out not only in accuracy to Thunderer but also in reload, and it overmatches cruisers 30mm plating, while Conqueror 419mm AP either bounce off or miss completely. In practice, you can smash angled cruisers for easy 20k without citadels if you hit true. That Conq cannot do. You compare the accuracy to GK, is a good comparison being GK being the other contender for the worst dispersion. Gk and Conq, all the competition has better accuracy. Yamato, Montana, Republique, Kremlin, Thunder, Ohio, all has better dispersion(and sigma)
      “Thunderer skill floor is very high, its for experts” “because you cannot sit bow in and tank” – man, this explain a lot, playing a BB involving movement around is a pro play, wow. I would push in somewhat, then if they start focusing me turn back, kite away and shoot, stop firing back and go unspotted if needed, getting back where i was instead of just sitting there all the time. That way you create some action, spot, do and tank damage.
      And the Hindenburg toasting me, well, Hindenburg does not want to be on the receiving end of that floaty 457mm AP. Easy 16k or more damage in 1 salvo, if he want to hit my broadside for that german AP damage, it hurt yes, but can angle enough, and still shoot back, while he should not be too far, over 15 km his AP struggle to hit hard. If he is closer he get smashed. Usually i do not fear Hindenburg, Zao a bit more, can blap them for half of their hp, and they run away and keep shooting from far away. A good player can outplay me, then i just can go unspotted. Thunderer is the best buy i think, the guns are on an another level.

    • DesertFox1978 MJ

      @Jozsef Toth looks like you are selectively deleting some facts and keeping what might suite ur argument. “that explains a lot man” yeah it does, i have been playing this game for 4 years and u don’t get to educate me on BB or ship select relocation, that’s a cheep shot. what you are persistently trying to ignore here (and it’s quite characteristic and i just have to repeat myself over and over) is that Thunderer is Conquerer hull with 8 guns vs 12, nerfed heal party, 1 knot slower and less chance of hitting stuff, 3sec reload doesn’t matter, number of guns is the factor here. and this not my word, it’s supported by best CCs. again what you are deliberately ignoring is the phenomenal HE shells on a 12 gun salvo at 24km vs Großer Kurfüst 18km or 19km. the only thing going for Thunderer are those 8 magnificent APs. if a DesMoin gets to your proximity and he just kinda knows what he doing you are THE MOST VULNERABLE BB at tier 10. you might end up killing him but chances are extremely high he would farm you for 22 sec for two third of ur health with both AP and HE and hell if you miss. even worse, he might have company, in which case see you in port in less than 10sec. with Conq you even don’t need to switch to AP, you can blow out Hindenburg with HE bow in. and if ur looking for “shitty AP” i proudly present you with HMS Monarch and SMS Prinze Friedrich Eitel, that is completely “shitty AP” even for a couple of tier below those things.
      also i am never afraid of Thunderer in my Hindenburg at any range, at long range you don’t stand a chance with those few floaty shells and at close range i have 8 torps per side for you. Hindenburg has an immune range of 7-6 km, it takes massive penetration damage, but it cannot be citadeled by Montana below this range, i have seen it first hand and u can see for urself, it’s on youtube . you can’t neither cit a Hindenburg at that range if he is not bow in, Thunderer Trajectory just doesn’t allow it. i killed a Hindenburg in my Bourgogne for 5 cits at 18km in a span of 1 min. but he was worse than a bot. it never occured to him to change course or speed. that’s not me, i played Hindenburg for 4 million xp and in 800 games i never died to a devStrike by a BB at long range. so you are more than welcome trying to take me in my hindi with ur Thunderer.
      also USS Georgia has the same trajectory but what you are again deliberately ignoring is that an average Georgia player can close the distance in a flash of a second thanks to mind blowing speed, much much better armor scheme and a heal party which reloads at 40 second faster than its damcon. then that Georgia is punching through your belt in any BB, forget about the the floaty shells. Georgia is a super flanker in the right hands it can “outgun whatever that can outrun it and outran whatever that can outgun it.” it’s an overpowered battlecruiser, like Kronshtadt. super flanker.

  3. I remember Two Brothers map.

  4. Aeroon you’re a lunatic! But this is the reason i love your content……

  5. Albemarle was named after George Monck, 1st Duke of Albemarle, who is credited with making possible the restoration of the English monarchy under Charles II following the English CIvil Wars and Interregnum. The name Albemarle does derive from a town in Normany, but, since the kings of England descend from the Duke of Normandy (William the Conqueror), that makes some sense.

    • Well, Sachsen-Coburg&Gotha realy sounds like a guy from Normandy soooo much, they invented a new name for themselfs to not get removed from state benefits during WWI …Windsor…lol
      The long tradition of Brittish kings who all stem from the old old noble House of Windsor….lol

  6. In this episode: Aerroon narrowly escapes an a** ramming, deals with thieves, makes peace with a cowardly teammate.

  7. An almost Wither with just secondaries. Yeah Ohio is balanced.

  8. LOL GG 🙂

  9. most underrated youtuber on earth

  10. Nice. Remember the hype around German secondaries? The Ohio actually has good secondaries that do real damage. The GK secondaries feel more like criminals throwing drugs out the windows during a traffic stop.

    • Ehh, the secondaries on the Ohio themselves don’t do that much damage straight up. They can’t pen the bows or sterns of BBs, but they’re accurate. The accuracy means they are much more likely to set fires.

    • @Aerroon and fire is man’s best friend.

  11. Once again…why the anime Japanese captain on an American ship?

  12. Great vid per usual my dude xD but question though which is totally unrelated. How much armour can the GK 406/420 overmatch?

    • Tri Nguyen from what I’ve found on the Wiki, it’s something under 32mm

    • It’s caliber divided by 14.3.
      Eg 406 / 14.3 = 28.39, which means that it can overmatch 27mm of armor.
      420 / 14.3 = 29.37, which means that it can overmatch 28mm of armor.

    • @Aerroon @Trules oh I see, thank you so much for letting me know. No wonder I kept underperform thought I can overmatched 32mm all this time >.< thank you so much for you guys help! Also keep up the good work Aerroon, when I grad I'll join your patreon

  13. 2:43 YEP radar destroyer

  14. When Aerroon do something stupid, it ends up a positive.

    • No, that’s survivorship bias. When Aerroon does something stupid, you only hear about it when it ends up as a positive!

  15. That was funny!

  16. I can only remember Two Brothers because of the memes

  17. Aerroon is the least hated WOWS YouTuber.. 0 dislikes

  18. i only remember 1 map name, 2 brothers; because i rush mid with any ships i play.

  19. This match was so entertaining I am watching it a second time.

  20. Too bad that this ship is a problem to get. It need around 2 mil. free EXP, AND 60K RP. Not expensive at all…

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