World of Warships: Ohio – The Element Of Surprise

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We surprise some of the ships with our mighty secondaries. Ohio’s good at that.

World footage of the 10 US battleship Ohio on the map Shards.


  1. First! 😀

  2. Spoiler, haven’t watched the video
    Edit: Aerroon is the one
    Edit2: The first statement is now a lie

  3. Hello

  4. I just got the Ohio and was just gonna play it when my game crashed and I came here! (pls try the ranger fora vid)

  5. Christopher Jonasson

    Nice job !

  6. My favorite WOWs CC. You almost make the game look fun. I’ve been away for 5 months so I know who to blame when I come back later this week and find the same game I left.

    • I feel you. The game almost feels fun for me too! I do hope you enjoy your time regardless what you end up doing.

      I’m kidding, I do find it fun.

  7. The Smolensk is a ship I despise with every cell of my body

  8. Nah, that grind

  9. That was a paddlin’.

  10. Good Morning Aerroon… Ohio… Good Morning… get it? LOL >_< Ok I'll show myself out...

  11. Love this ship!

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