World of Warships: Ohio – The Element Of Surprise

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We surprise some of the red ships with our mighty secondaries. Ohio’s pretty good at that.

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 US battleship Ohio on the map Shards.


  1. First! 😀

  2. Spoiler, haven’t watched the video
    Edit: Aerroon is the one
    Edit2: The first statement is now a lie

  3. Hello

  4. I just got the Ohio and was just gonna play it when my game crashed and I came here! (pls try the ranger fora vid)

  5. Christopher Jonasson

    Nice job !

  6. My favorite WOWs CC. You almost make the game look fun. I’ve been away for 5 months so I know who to blame when I come back later this week and find the same game I left.

    • I feel you. The game almost feels fun for me too! I do hope you enjoy your time regardless what you end up doing.

      I’m kidding, I do find it fun.

  7. The Smolensk is a ship I despise with every cell of my body

  8. Nah, that grind

  9. That was a paddlin’.

  10. Good Morning Aerroon… Ohio… Good Morning… get it? LOL >_< Ok I'll show myself out...

  11. Love this ship!

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