World of Warships – OHIO the tier 10 Georgia is a BEAST

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OHIO is a brand new USN tier 10 BB that’s coming to WoWS and it’s essentially a tier 10 Georgia. It has 4×2 457mm guns with 11,3km secondaries (IFHE), good AA and tanky.
I love it and I’m sure you’ll see why soon enough.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Just made a belt out of rope………was it a waste of time?

  2. MasterBait or MasterBaiter

    When Ohio is reward ship ib NTC : Noooo!
    If it’s coal, everyone : Why am I buying georgia in the first place?

  3. “Spreadsheet says you’re having fun” best meme in WoWs history XD

  4. I so need this but i also need my sanity when grinding credits without premium time…

  5. Just got my hands on Georgia and those US 457mm are so gooood <3

  6. •_Lumia Art_•

    She had better dam well be good especially since we have to regrind three lines to get her

    • xXAngel_With_A_Shotgun Xx

      This is just the same NTC under a different skin, instead of a mega buffed ship they are just releasing ones on it that over shadow others. Its the same problem dressed up differently.

  7. 2k base xp while in looser team -> Buff CV 😀 (did you watch this WG 😛 )

  8. honestly, looking at RU, USN and French premiums, I keep wondering why WG does not give the Germans and IJN the same type of treatment with some stronger ships better for the meta XD

    • @FLiNG Trainer If the only thing keeping players invested are new and more broken ships/vehicles then you don’t have a game but a shitty grind simulator. So you need to distract people with shiny new stuff to cover for all the broken and unbalanced shit already in the game … cough cough WarThunder cough cough …
      It doesn’t make the game fresh, just distracts players from the fact that the game is stale and/or rotten at it’s core.

    • @Astral43 well yes but the german ships got ignored quite long so they really need so love.

    • 001skm wargaming hates germans because they are russians, what else

    • @Andersng1 Some of the Strongest ships for a long time where German and IJN. Its just the people that play Axis exclusively tend to have a few brain cells missing.

  9. I was the Lenin on your team flambass. Basically for 6 mins their CV went for me. was fun and engaging lol

  10. Sons of Odin World of warships

    “spreadsheet says you’re having fun”. Haha

  11. that hindi truly was special in the beginning

  12. Herastheblackwolf

    Why not just giving the Montana the option to use these 457mm guns? 😛

  13. Ohio looks fun, but it doesn’t make me regrind any ships. Not worth the insane amount of effort IMO.

  14. I hope that hindy gets banned for life

  15. It would take more than a Georgia with a Montana hull to motivate me to regrind the entire American BB line in the current meta. That would be Fa King hell. I know WG wants the topped out paying base back on the profitable progression model to generate income and retention but there has to be a better way than repetitive content regrind.

  16. Charles Machinist

    Don’t complain about dead conqueror, looks like he may have saved you from getting torped by Asashio

  17. You found it hard to click on Plutar, well i am finding that on every ship in the last few days. Bit of a blip i think.

  18. Glad to see a pro at the game representing my home state! OH!!-IO!!!!

  19. “What’s your plan Hindy?! Here I’ll make one for you”

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