World of Warships: Ohio vs Kremlin

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A great Ohio match I had. In it I end up dueling a Kremlin. Both of these battleships feel rather well matched with one another.

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 US battleship Ohio.


  1. “Both of these battleships feel rather well matched with one another.” Lol well yeah, both are OP

  2. Also yeah, this is the Kremlin experience. It’s very balanced.

  3. Kremlin is more “balance” than other BBs ? Ussr lines too

  4. You did not start the video with “Ohayou Gozaimasu”. I am disappointed 😛

  5. GG there! But u missaimed those salvos on Kremlin. By the angle he took there, should let the shells lend around the third turret or behind.
    In that situation, the more frontal u aim, the worse the angle gets.
    Still, Kremlin is made of stalinium.

  6. I feel both yourself or the Kremlin could have killed the other so much faster if you were targeting superstructure. And in fairness both the Kremlin and Montana deserved to die for sailing around broadside for so long.

    • but look on the video there is a kind off optical illusion, look at mini map and the angle is sharper then it look in video, i know i was control the krem 🙂

  7. 42.13% win rate player with a Kronstadt. Yeah, that’s fair.

  8. its hard to see ingame, but if you look at the map, the kremlin was at about an 30-40degree angle. at this angle the mainarmor beltthickness is more then enough to tell yamato to shove her shells where the sun doesnt shine. 😉
    happens to me every now and then in my yamato, not only against kremlin, many BBs have enough beltarmor that you shatter below 10km away the second some angle is involved.

  9. How are you amazed that Russian developers wouldn’t be biased towards Russian battleships being the strongest.

  10. I tanked 4.3 million in the Kremlin in 6 1/2 minutes. Yes, my team ran away and left me to get focused by 7 ships, but hey, it was a weekend, right?

  11. Meister Wunderfart

    Aerroon… the Ohio isn’t a tank, you were always going to lose that battle and to think otherwise is silly. The kremlin is a tank, to beat it you need to be at range and preferably a cruiser… the Ohio and Montana have relatively squishy armor and with Kremlins better dispersion at close range it was always going to be 1 sided… you should have been trying to get away from the Krem and fire at range. You can’t claim the ship is utter bullshit when you play into its hands and give it a free kill.

  12. I’d personally aim at the upper belt if i was in the same situation with the Kremlin…

  13. Aeroon finds itself against a “balanced ” ship with an OP ship, gets sunk. WG: seems fine to me! oh and We’ll nerf the Ohio because “historical reasons”

  14. I recommend admiral hattori wows channel, complements well, check it out

  15. I deleted a yamato and Kremlin sailing together broadside with Missouri. Kremlin is easy to delete but even the slight angle will bounce your shell not even moskva can cit it at point blank

  16. kremlin is best than any T10 across all servers. You can see stats across all server in wows-stat. It has better stats in every dept. than every battleship. Avg dmg of 100k, avg plane kill of 5 while others have 2, avg win rate of 54 across all servers

  17. if they nerf the ohio, no one would reset 3+ T10 trees to get it via NTC.

  18. Kremlin is built to use all turrets and still bounce shells… but if he over-angle even by 1º its possible to pen it… so WP to the player

  19. Kremlin is not balanced she is a dead nerfed ship after she got but into the tech tree

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