World of Warships – Ohio WiP – Clearly Better than Montana

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Ohio is one amazing ship ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Just straight up better than Montana in my opinion.


  1. Why didn’t they just make Mass, Georgia and Ohio a seperate line from tier 8?

  2. so, in comparison to Montana:
    guns: +harder hitting, better accuracy, overmatch on cruisers, faster turrets; -number of barrels.
    mobility: +rudder shift; -speed
    AA: +because 76.2 mm guns
    secondaries: +range, reload, accuracy
    survivability: +better heal
    armour and stealth are pretty much the same.

    Nothing new to see here, just your normal power creep.

    • I do not understand why they need to give it a better heal. :/

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      This should just be a Hull-B update of a Montana with the option to CHOOSE either between 16inch SHS or 18inch SHS guns!
      But wg being wg…

      Its the same with Conqueror and Thunderer. Conqueror loses her 18inch guns and Thunderer is sold with only 18inch guns +battlecruiser dispersion elipse.

    • @Snagabott SO PEOPLE WILL WANT TO PAY $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ TO GET THIS SHIP TO SHIT ON OTHER??



    • pr0skis or you could just not spend money and grind normally while having fun………

  3. The power creep is real

  4. A vicious cycle of premium/reward/steel/coal ships being better than their silver ships counterpart. I do not approve.

  5. We will NOT get our hands on these ships ichase, only creditcard warriors and people like u who play this game for a living will get these ships. I would bet that on DAY 1 of NTC release we will already see them in queue.

    • …making the grind even harder because we have to get past overpowered monsters like this. Reminds me of when Stalingrad first came out, and both Clan and Ranked results seemed to be almost solely determined by which side could field a Stalingrad.

    • Basically this. I’m a casual player but I’ve been playing since beta. I have four tier X ships, I have a few more unlocked that I don’t have the credits to purchase. I have no interest or desire to reset one of the lines I’ve worked my ass off to unlock just to have the privilege of grinding it again (or two or three more times). I’m also a life long Buckeye, I’ve been waiting for an Ohio to make it into the game (hell, I’d settle for BB-12) so now I am stuck. I really want the Ohio, but the likelihood of grinding a line again (or two or three more times) is highly unlikely. I’m getting pretty board with the game too. Creating a second BB branch would have given me something to work toward that wouldn’t feel like I was tossing my previous work out the window. I’m just not pleased with the direction WG is taking the game.

  6. is it just me or is her turret rotation crazy fast?

  7. It’s looks like a fun ship that I’d grab for coal or free xp etc. I will not be regrinding the US BB line though, or any line. There’s too much grind already in the game. Great video as always. +1

  8. At least we can [hopefully] take comfort in the fact an overpowered ship can more easily be rebalanced than the original NTC direct buff to any existing ship.

  9. oh man, Chase, where did you find a Georgia with 9 guns??? Please, i need that in my life 😀

  10. 25 sec reload on 457mm guns ….right faster reload then 406 or something smaler..nerf relaod 😛

  11. USS Montana suddenly became USS Obsolete. Ohio has almost all the advantages outside of barrel count.

    • but if you only can get the Ohio through re-grinding/NTC, won’t the Monti still remain relevant for all those players who don’t have the time/desire to do that?

    • @Th. K. Monty will remain relevant as food for this monster. Not as anything with actual agency, no.

    • still, if it is difficult to get that ship, only a relatively small group of players will get it. and those won’t be playing the Ohio in every game, so I choose to remain carefully optimistic that my fun in this game won’t get ruined by crazy unbalanced ships too often. That being said, considering how many of those crazy OP ships WG has started introducing in recent times (Flamu’s recent video on the Colbert comes to mind here), I believe they should consider making them T11 ships with T+/-1 matchmaking. Probably still not an ideal solution, but as those OP ships become more widespread putting them in a new Tier would at least reduce the number of matches “regular” ships have to fight them a little bit (and +/-1 MM would at least save T9 ships from the pain)

    • @Th. K. so what. This is the same problem as the oringinal NTC concpet, STraigh out buffs making the tech tree obsolete. this is fucking horrible news

  12. What do you mean graff spee dispersions, that ship can’t hit the inside of a barn from inside of it

  13. If one re grinds the BB line, does Ohio replace Montana ? So… no more Montana if we regrind?

  14. Good video as usual IChase thank you. With regard to the regrind: Given WG has picked up issuing more and more lines, (Italy in the cooker next i think), other ships, Ranked changes, special events on and on and on which is great by the way, as a player who plays nearly every day, i don’t see most players foaming at the mouth to regrind an entire line for one ship when there is SOoooo much more activity elsewhere in the game offerings. You might end up creating a VErrrry small group who do and they end up being ostracized by an increasing player base because of it. I am glad of your position of not making players grind an entire line for ONE ship.

    On the positives about the ship, well whats NOT to like? LOL. Thank them for matching the appropriate sound file for the gun size. They will have to change the 457mm sound file on the Georgia when Ohio is released or they will get a lot of complaining. Speaking of gun sound files: WG should make update to the German 420mm versus 406mm AND the secondaries on BBs and cruisers should sound the same as DDs fitted with the same gun sizes (now that would bring some excitement :).

  15. Carlos Alonso Delgado

    So, they finally created the T11, but disguised as a T10.

  16. This ship is just as bad as the Slava if not worse, as long as you can aim, you get all the benefits of great dispersion coupled with overmatch and American Super AP shells. And you don’t have to sacrifice heals or armor on Ohio compared to the Slava, instead, you get boosted secondaries and a boosted heal on a Montana hull that has much more resistant armor and a lower citadel. In a way, you can get even better off with the guns because thanks to American velocity, you can shoot over islands better than the Slava. Not to mention its immune to planes cause lol American AA that will get boosted if you go secondary spec anyways.

    Playerbase: Slava OP wargaming please nerf!

    WG: Make it fly Stars N Stripes. Da the player base will accept it then!

  17. iChase – HOLD DOWN YOUR RMB WHEN YOU LOOK AROUND so your damn guns stop hunting around. Sheesh.

  18. 200Kdamage for only 600K profit!?! WTF that’s not even enough for an mid-tier upgrade

  19. Less guns (2/3) are compensated by much much better accuracy (if I am not wrong, also around 2/3 of horizontal disspersion, which actually translates to a higher shell density in the disspersion ellipse if that is the scaling factor…).

    On top of that:
    better AA (why??)
    better pen (overmatch on cruisers)
    longer secondaries (never a bad thing even if you do not profit from it)
    much much better heal

    compensated by… just being slightly slower??

    WTF WG, are you out of your mind? This ship and the Colbert are absolutely retarded power creepers! Are you out of your fucking mind?

    The riot to NTC was due to the straight out buffs, and you now want to introduce straight out OP ships because yes??? Go fuck yourself WG.

  20. @

    disappointed on you saying you are looking forward to having her on your port. This ship literally means we are ok in welcoming the power creep and comply with it. This ship is literally a better Montana which WG already announced, as you mention, will be part of the NTC rewards, in other words, this is the same problem as with the original NTC concept to which everyone opposed, yet, somehow, you even look forward to a direct OP ship compared to an existing one.

    This ship and Colbert are just another face of the same problem the original NTC concept had, and somehow now it seems to be OK when before it was so clear it was not: Straight out overperforming ships (not sidegrades, but straight out better) in game distributed via NTC.

    And even if it was not distributed via NTC… Why on Earth should anyone be OK with the introduction of straight out OP ships, has everyone forgotten Belfast? (main reason Ranked cannot be tier 7)

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