World of Warships – Okey okey, I think I’m starting to like this ship

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This ship has definitely been buffed with a nice booster that really helps him in crucial situations.
I really didn’t play this ship very often before because I couldn’t find it to be best at anything, but now I’m starting to like it better.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Its ok, I got HIV too and its not so bad

  2. Hate this mode… Map is OK but epicenter. WG trolls me by giving this every time is first play a t8 to 10 cl or ca for the day. Please O great one Flambas tell me how many goats I have to sacrifice to the rngesus WG god to STP thus happening?

  3. I seriously hate this map and gamemode. I usually don’t do well here.

  4. I have a friend who has the Hindenburg but he has no idea how to play it, any tips I can give him that would help him out?

    • Well its a long range battlecruiser which can sink enemy dds bbs or cAs with her torps u choose ur playstyle

    • Basically get close to a cap, when you’re spotted you turn away and kite. Oh and don’t go nose in when getting close, get close in an angle so when you’re turning away, you can turn faster and safer. And then just play with throttle and rudder (slowing down, reversing, 1/4 speed). Also you don’t want to kite away too far (15-16km maximum). Use AP on broadside targets, since Hinden AP deals great damage, and HE with angled targets, since lol 1/4 HE you can pen 50mm platings. Hinden is my favorite T10 ship because it is a jack of all trades, and I have >110K average in her. Good luck for your friend

    • “A friend ” XD

    • Thank you!

    • ofc its a battlecruiser after all 😀

  5. Uch, that attempt to speak french broke my ears. “Bonjour” from french viewer btw 😀

  6. With the module its an absolute beast

  7. Imagine if you would have listen to me a year ago, old dog!

    • When it didn’t have rld booster?
      I still think then it was meh, now it’s up to par with others

    • Flambass It was awesome even then. I’m not a stats guy but I checked my performance in it before the buff and it was 75% over 130 battles. My best T10 cruiser ❤️

    • He will start to like the republic soon ?

    • Henri was well worth the grind of the previous 9 terrible ships. Even before the reload booster it was a fantastic ship, the AP is brilliant and with the reload booster it’s even stronger 🙂

  8. still want Narvik as a map

  9. Currently on Saint Louis, I can’t wait to unlock my own HIV

  10. Forge mode in Wows ? Sounds cool

  11. 7:54 I see you tried hard to pronounce it but still funny xd

  12. Warthunder maps are less symetrical and bigger. That’s one point, why people prefer to play that instead of WoT. WoT is a game about static places. once you know them all, you will hush to the same position with the tank again and again. I would appreciate it, if Wargaming would fix it’s code by the way. I’ve never seen a worse UI than that laggy crap.

    • I would argue that the main problem is this damn armor creep. People shoot premium because half the time you can’t pen the enemy without it. Besides, they have a large number of old maps that were actually very good but are unused. Pearl River had an epic mid system that encouraged aggression.

      WoT has an arcade system that does reward players who study the game more. Bush mechanics, knowing when to trade hp, etc. It just sucks that WG ruined a game with so much potential (I’ve been playing since early 2012).

    • I played WoT for a year or so, but after tier 7/8 it’s way too much pay2play/pay2win, even with decent games and around 58% winrate (farmed some winrate with KV-1, not proud), you just can’t afford premium op ammos and servicing cost. It’s just too painful compared to WoWs . (Also bush mechanics are glitchy, when you look in details where tanks can be spotted, you just realize that it’s not even regular (I’d even say that it’s random with how long detection “tic” intervals are in some cases); calling it a skilled mechanic is wrong imo)

    • +Ipatchy Makouli As a player with near unicum recent stats I would say bush mechanics are skill based (For instance, you maintain your camo when firing if the bush you are hiding behind is not transparent to you but is under 15m away). However what WoT does is it advertizes itself as a f2p game, which it is not. You NEED to spend about $60 to get a good tier 8 premium to progress because the high tier economy is unplayable.

  13. It was that Gearing who made this so easy 😉 … and he even managed to get some work done in the middle and score OK for himself. He made your push faster than their push in the north. And he was the last DD standing, which won the caps. World of DD!

  14. i always watch with fascination the amount of players happily sailing broadside in full view of enemies even at tier 10.

  15. Henri is a good ship. One of my favorite 10’s.

  16. More Henri gameplay please 🙂
    Best cruiser guns in town.

  17. I like the map idea — I was looking at real workd maps — like Denmark Strait or other areas and you could have great battles defending/attacking actual areas

  18. I make computer maps for a living. It is called GIS. You can make things other than square maps is possible but its performance would be horrible.

    • Wat about making a map which its edge ll be a wall instead of unlimited sailing area

    • Just make a squared map, but fill the corners (or sides if you want a linear map) with impassable ground like islands or continents, that’s the base of map editing. I worked on RTS maps for DoW/Starcraft, that’s how you do it, idk how it would be a problem for WoWs

  19. an Warmode like in Heroes & Generals would be also nice i think where Clans can built Koalitions or something else.

  20. 73k spotting damage in what can be considered a floating citadel. Nice.

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