World of Warships: Okhotnik, First Impressions

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My first impressions of the . This is a preview version of the ship. There are some changes to the release version.

A review written by LittleWhiteMouse:


  1. Well well first. 🙂

  2. nice video, ship looks like it might be fun with the right build.

  3. Starstuff Kaiser

    Cool Vid! Keep up the good work!

  4. Don't Read My Profile Picture

    Hi, remember me? ))

  5. Cool! I read LWM’s review. I’m in love with this ship: I’m afraid I can’t resist buying it. It seems like so much fun! That ridiculous amount of guns!!! And that complete idiot turning circle. LWM said even Colorad has a better circle!! Yet I want it…

  6. Would be a good ambush destroyer with its short range fast torpedoes.

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