World of Warships – Okhotnik Preview Impressions

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on New Dawn moves out to try and capture C point for the team. The ship is a alpha damage monster and I try to show both the guns and torpedoes in this impression. The enemy attempts to push for a capture but I use the islands, smoke, and cunning to wear them down. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier V Okhotnik Replay


  1. seems like it needs a soft reload buff

  2. What is the best tier 5 premium in your opinion then?

  3. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Hey comrade how many torps and guns can we fit in this ship that is small as capitalists budget?
    Dunno comrade give me the vodka and we shall see

  4. Looks like a solid ship until you remember that Tier 5 matchmaking sees Tier 7 ships around 70% of the time.

  5. Kind of reminds me as a low-tier Kitakami that actually has guns.

  6. Though I agree IFHE is pretty useful, I don’t think it worth on 127 and 130 guns since the best IFHE can do is allowing you to pen cruiser’s bow and stern armor, but not high tier BB bow and stern. Though against mid and lower tier BBs IFHE can be very useful.

  7. This ship makes me feel dirty just watching it play.
    *Throws Money at screen*
    When WG?

  8. How about when you meet tier 7? Get rekt? Or can it bring a fight to them?

  9. remember, the Khabarowsk has 8 guns, which is more than 7 😛

  10. gonna be nerfed to hell again before release i bet

  11. Looks fun. But it bothers me that WG sells a premium that didn´t even exist.

  12. It’s so long!

  13. ‘We need more Russian destroyers’
    -No One Ever

  14. It has 2 postal codes!

  15. “I think it has the highest number of guns for a Soviet destroyer.”

    Come on Notser, how could you forget the Khabarovsk with its 8 guns?

  16. Looks like a fun ship, hope it’s not priced to high as it’s nice to just play stuff for fun at times 🙂

  17. it looks like the nikolai of destroyers

  18. Notser gets preferential RNG. RN-Geesus listens to his prayers.

  19. well I do like a fun ship mmmmmm hope it stays like it is 🙂

  20. Ridicule.

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