World of Warships: Old Asashio – Why She Needed Changes

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Old Asashio. She’s a Kagerou clone, but literally worse. She needs the new changes to make her different.

World of Warships footage of the new tier 8 Japanese destroyer Asashio.


  1. It was at this moment that he knew he fucked up

  2. Hey Aerroon I’ve just logged in and found that half the premium ships have just disappeared from the tech tree…..what’s happened??

  3. Is the link of the World of Warships podcast not in the discription?

  4. The thing that makes libraries successful is the same thing that makes torpedo boat captains successful:

    Good reads.

    But these days it seems like most libraries aren’t doing so well even if they have bestsellers in stock.

  5. 5:34 – aww, that reload boost :/

  6. 20km torps suck and if its unable to hit cruisers then what am i gonna do – gunfight my way out of radar…

    • Seems like it. 9 second reload on guns. Gonna be great.

    • 20km torps are the ultimate anti-carrier weapon. You launch your torps at a Bismarck at B, you miss, then half an hour later you see you’re scoring torp hits but you have no idea at what, since you haven’t torped in a while. Then, looking at the final stats after the game is over you realise you torped a Lexington parked in A1 who hasn’t been spotted the entire game.
      (True story bro – happened a few times in my Shima about 2 years ago, when 20km japanese torps were still cool)
      Regarding DW torps that can’t hit cruisers, fully agree. Seems WG designers are running out of ideas, even the stupid ones, and only the megastupid ones are left on the table…

  7. *misses beached cruiser with torps*

    “This is one of the problems with these torpedos.”

    Well played, friend. Well played.

  8. u dont use torp reload booster effeciently. use it asap after u shoot the torps so u max the cooldown reduction it gives u. after sending 1 torp at amagi u should have used it immediately and launched soon after…or at least a short time after when u were confident on where u want to launch them.
    u used it when u had seconds to wait for the normal reload

    • No, because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do that. Sometimes you aren’t sure, so you don’t jump into it.

    • there was not much point in waiting so long…he was in range and was a good target for the torps. using it when u got a good target in those situations is the only good thing it can give u when u take it instead of smoke. at least use it in those situations or just take smoke instead…
      i take reload boost on Yugumo and it works very well, u just need to be careful but the torps can devastate anything so quickly.
      if u have so many charges but think so much before using them…it feels like a waste

  9. Japanese in general need a buff. They’ve been slowly getting weaker per patch and the destroyers more so have been hit the hardest.

  10. RoF needs to be increased. AA needs to be buffed to late war standards. It needs something interesting about it. I remember Wikipedia saying it was the first IJN DD fitted with sonar. Hydro? Just an idea of course.

  11. I loved that Asashio part… was really fun to watch during the stream 😀

  12. Re-Class Battleship

    So, these proposed deepwater torps make Asashio-chan unable to deter cruisers at all? Seriously? So, not only DDs will gladly fight her, cruisers don’t need to worry, either. Classic WG, gimp IJN DDs whenever you can.

  13. i want to see the new >.>

  14. I bet that, when she gets the “buffs”, she will be worse IN EVERY WAY to the old (antient?) Fubuki with 20 km super stealthy torps…

  15. So they managed to make a worse destroyer than the Kagero ? I tried to make the Kagero work with the TRB … was an exercise in frustration …

  16. the guns really break the deal for me on this ship. I generally like the ijn dd guns because they stay accurate at range but this reload is just beyond awful. She doesnt even get the old HE shells with higher alpha and fire chance to compensate a little bit.
    The torp changes would make her different, but not better in any way.

  17. 7:28, say stave, lol

  18. I hate the current deep water concept restricted to certain target classes (btw I’d like to know if pan-asian deep water torpedoes finally hit wrecks of sinking DDs or not…), on the other hand I’d love to see it implemented as a widespread feature not nation restricted by which the player could choose to load up to three different torpedoes with increasing concealment and running depth (hence less possible targets, but not restricted to class but draught) but obviously WG won’t do it as it is too complex for the average potato and would crash the “awaited” Pan-asian DD concept…

    Then, in regards to Asashio with DW torps… unlike Pan asian DDs, very few IJN DDs can deliberately engage with their guns other DDs, so… if you give them as main armament a weapon which cannot hit enemy DDs, and as secondary weapon guns not worth using against anything, and particularly enemy DDs… you get… a massive useless turd…

  19. Deepwater torps are among the dumbest things they could have added to the game.

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