World of Warships – Old Guard Renewed

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Some old guard getting some buffs, discuss the changes my thoughts. Hope you have a wonderful day I’ll catch you next time!

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  1. ArmchairWarrior

    might want to fix the title there notsipoo

  2. John Halazonetis

    Notser, y u so silly.

    The Zao legendary module goes into slot 6, not 5.

    Based on your detection range, you are using rudder shift + rudder shift + legendary instead of rudder shift + concealment + legendary.

    You don’t *need* all three rudders. Rudder + concealment + legendary still gives you sub-5 second rudder shift (4.62 seconds, actually).

    12 km torps are *absolutely* worth combining with the legendary.

    Have I said ‘legendary’ enough times to annoy you, yet?

  3. Geoff the Ironwolf

    Radar on GROZOVOI? God no.

    • What makes Belfast bad is that she has hydro, radar AND smoke. Groz will just have a 20s 7.5km radar.

    • Geoff the Ironwolf

      Aitor Iriso so your idea for a buff is to turn it into a mini Belfast at tier 10? Why not shoot the moon and give it hydro while you’re at it.

    • I think groz is useless, tho I am horrible with her without cv players, with or without radar

    • Geoff the Ironwolf

      Aitor Iriso no it doesn’t. Rather make the ship more nimble. Smaller turning radius, and a faster rudder shift. Make it move like a Jack rabbit.

    • Give it radar but don’t give it smoke. It gives it strength but not OP

  4. yes this is indeed World of Warships –

  5. Marthaen Dragon

    Give the Grozovoi better torps or something it was supposed to be the torp boat line anyways. It’s current torps are lackluster with it’s limited range.

    • Marthaen Dragon I’d rather have better reload or damage on my Grozo torps. She doesn’t need to be just another gearing. Personally, I like the addition of radar. Radar removes the static smoke and 1/4 speed around the cap play. I enjoy games where I have to wiggle, contest a cap and retreat and then contest again. The back and forth is fun. The whole I’ve capped a point and never have to go back to it thing is boring. Besides, the Z-52 hydro is a much greater tool for cap control than a 20 sec radar

    • The problem is, if you go down the “better reload” route, you’re making the Harugumo redundant before they even add it.

    • It’s a gun boat lmfao. How many times do people have to mistake this? The ognevoi is the only torpedoboat in the line. Everybody just plays it wrong.

  6. I don’t get it why is the grozovoi such a bad ship and why is the khabarovsk way much better. Can someone please explain?

    • I…. think calling Khaba is a bit… misleading, considering many people con the Khabarovsk ” The best light Cruiser ingame”. 😉

    • Nice trolling.

    • DaKillerChipmunk

      Khaba is a better ship than Grozo, not a better DD. Grozo, however, is arguably the worst DD. I still kinda like the boat, but it dies to a lot of stupid shit that other BBs don’t.

    • just another youtube account

      Grozovio is a very clumsy ship in comparison, her wider hull means in CQ brawls with other DD’s she eats more AP dmg then her gunboat counterpart, her torps while fast have mediocre dmg output and are only reliable for provoking floods, Grozovoi can match the Khaba in reload times but not DPM due to having one less turret, Grozovoi also has terrible acceleration and turning circle, Grozovoi also has a useless gimmick (DFAA, because everyone knows, CV’s are a thing on NA.)

    • The Khabarovsk was an Italian design intended as a light cruiser. Then the Soviets bought the plans and decided to call it a destroyer.

  7. AtomicMan3 Gaming

    Has WG learned nothing from the Belfast fiasco?

  8. Sees grozovoi changes, Moskau starts playing in the background

  9. if they would make Gearing sit lower in the water, that’d be great. because at the moment she’s just this big slumbering ship which is far from the previous USN DDs, like the Fletcher. If she was like her sister in the pan-asian line got the that’d be great.

  10. Let’s make another OP Russian ship…. Typical

  11. Oh please, don’t make another Belfast…

  12. You are *willing* to *allow* WG to test radar on Grozovoi.

  13. I for one welcome our new Grozovoi overlords.

  14. #BussianRias comfrmed. Zao and Gearing changes are good. But Hindenburg and Roon nerf though… It is just hilarious. It does nothing to their brain dead gameplay, it just slows it a bit and these ships lost their unique play -the flanker with AP shells- for a year and they nerf them because of their previously unnecessary move!? And reducing 1 second base reload of Roon’s upgraded guns, that were 12 second prior? What in the idiocy they were thinking?!

    • WG are bunch of idiots, they nerfing ship like Hindi to 11 sec reload and what consil. Hindi have ??? – well it have worse than Conqueror which is BB ofc and about the same as Montana while ship like ZAO have 9.5 while Hindi have 12.3 !?!?!? Worcester will have 9.4 and you are nerfing Hindi ?? Only Moskva is bigger target more detected target and she have 15k more hp to compensate it ..

      Sooooo nooo WG you dont need to nerf ship like hmmm let say Conqueror who is all balance quite well, Belfast is just ok, DM with 5.5 sec reload is also ok but Hindi with 10sec is overperfoming… nice

      When will you idiots from WG just take ship and play with it for like 100 battles instead of just watching stats because you know Hindi’s 100k is not like let say DM 100k dam because Hindi will shoot and dodge and set fire mostly on BB and than after there is a less BBs in game will go closer to win a cap or destroy a DD while DM will be sitting behind island kill 2 DDs and 1 cruiser and than spam some poor BB over island and will score 65k dam on the end but will have 2000 base xp while Hindi with 120k dam will have at top 1600-1700xp so do the math who is overperforming between these 2 ship ..

  15. I think its a dumb idea from wow for the shorter torp range. Its bad enough with what they done with radar n how long it last. I see more n more people quiting the game everyday.

  16. Alexandre Hans Albert

    Do you have any constructive suggestion for Grozovoi trash ship ? I agree with WG has hydro accoustic for Z52 more powerfull or at least equivalent than radar, as it’s longer and also it detect torpedoes. And I would like to be able to play that ship as I only have TX 2 dd. And it’s not a premium WG can change it anytime in a 2 day warning without any compensation for permanent camo or anything else.

  17. What do you think of the new EULA for North America? The Mighty Jingles commented on it, yesterday, but no one on the NA Server has said anything about it, so far.

  18. 7:23 only first fire with the Zao…. RNG was clearly not with you x)

  19. Did the legendary module change? In Flamu’s video the legendary module was in the range slot not in the concealment slot.

    Stealth torping is not exactly the reason with the 12km are strong, its strong because they are more versatile…

  20. If they wanted to make it better at contesting cap, why not hydro, or improve the torps. I don’t have the Groz, buy why would you play Groz over Khab, or Gearing, etc… It just doesn’t seem to stand out. I agree 100%, more radar on DD’s is bad news.

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