World of Warships – Old lady still printing

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This old lady is still printing money like it’s her Bday.
Since I was taking a look in ship I haven’t played in a while, I thought to myself “why not”
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. early-squad reporting in!

  2. Was just about to go to bed…

  3. Re-Class Battleship

    Ah, good, old Mighty Misery.

  4. The dot matrix printer never goes broke, but the Laser Printer Nelson never dies even when broke.

    • Oh I still remember my “Star LC-10” 9-dot-matrix impact printer….and the amazing “infinite-paper” feeded to it.

  5. Also Now we have a new Copypasta for chat…

  6. Meme Merchant Freddy

    Damn, would have been good to hear Flambass read it out in his native Croatian. Good stomping!

  7. And it´s normal for the disconnect since phones reconnect to a better tower every so often 2-4h, and it´s fine if it disconnects while reading the news, but not when streaming with it.

  8. Say what you want about the Missouri, but when she works, she really works!

  9. You’re connection improves with fabric softener.. was actually a pretty funny comment

  10. Some good baked Alaska there at the end.

  11. Yikes when you see your name on the losing team

  12. That Alaska player…. only buy high Tier ships if you know what you do…

    • Tier X games are now saturated with Alaskas who have no idea what they’re doing. Although in the right hands they are a real pain in the behind.

  13. Flambass: “could have been better ”
    — does a 2M credit + 187k damage game… yeah, right, sure dude! 😛

  14. Your positioning was solid. Thank you for the great video. P.s. I love the last lunch bit, hilarious.

  15. The FED of WOWS at it again… sigh

  16. I came looking for a battle in the Warspite (the “Grand Old Lady” as she was known).

  17. Absolutely hate the pens for 0 damage, seems like a really dumb mechanic

  18. Sorry flambass if a place was un finished and had bugs on first walk in I would have said nope and looked for a better place. That sucks man. Talk about POTATO landlords.

  19. Alright!…Flambass in a ‘Big Mo’!

  20. Flambass, why do YOU still play Missouri? U have more than enough credits

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