World of Warships – Old Yeller

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Today it’s all about the Swamp Germans. Keep those stroopwaffels coming!

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  1. I actually sent you my first replay, mostly coz I know you love giving the battleship so much shit hahaha
    German BB Gneisenau xD


  3. 15:40 “Look at the walls of skill heading for that Iowa.” Never change Jingles, Never change.

  4. Most heartbreaking film of all time

  5. Guided torpedos taking a turn at 17:00 – 17: 20 😉

  6. I will put this on my list of ‘ Well THAT is a questionable choice ‘, till I learn to play it and get ready to play for a lucky fight. Thank you for the new day set to have good points to get busy with.

  7. Well done sir! Enjoyed this immensley!

  8. Lonemark | KingOfTypos™

    The running joke for the existence of the IJN CL line is because of how everyone always complain Zao in tier 10 is bad, so WG thought of a way and now its not Zao that has the worst cruiser position.

  9. Did Jingles just call us “Swamp Germans”?!!
    I guess I should be angry but who am I kidding, I still love Jingles 🙂

  10. I must be old, I found both references to be quite understandable.

  11. ‘Can we have a slow clap for the Iowa?’
    I imagine for the Iowa that’d be a regular applause

  12. Having a bad day. This helps.

    Yes, I concur this is the way Warships was intended to be played. Shame WG don’t understand that.

  13. Jingles: “See how much fun WoWs can be with good matchmaking?”

    Me: *cries in War Thunder BR compression*

  14. One of the finest examples of ‘Dutch Courage’ featured on this channel.
    Speaking strictly for myself, the sympathy between our nations is very much mutual. Lots of anglophiles in the Netherlands too. Don’t know exactly why either, but we do seem to share a somewhat similar imperial history, a naval one, the love for the absurd, sarcasm and irreverence for authority or religious zeal. Maybe that’s why the title ‘Swamp German’ is becoming something of an honorary title I at least cherish: we know who coined the term here on YT. Cheers!

  15. Yeah, His pronunciation was spot on, I’m proud of that

  16. @Mr Pug Ga weg! Echt?

  17. no sub and no sub CV games are amazing. it is what the game should be. Another reason why the airship mode as so much fun, rarely cvs and it got people playing in a way where you don’t camp the map border.

  18. Nice to see a good Cruiser game. Well done 🙂

  19. same problem here

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