World Of Warships – OMAHA – Boats & Beers! Ep.1

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World Of Warships – OMAHA – Beers & Boats Ep.1


  1. Phly Don’t drink out of the can dude Always put it in a glass.
    Ale keep in a cold dark place but not the fridge, where as beer/lager keep
    in the fridge. Just don’t drink out of the can. Try it and taste the
    Cool vids! Thx man.

  2. lol, lets get shit faced. whoop hype

  3. Om not posh or an asshole here, i really like that you sample beer in the
    video but you should really Pour it into an glas, and dont pour it with
    glas tilted you should get a lot of foam so you get all the flavours.
    Abort the map, first time i played this i torped the middle channel
    Witherspoon my dd and i killed 1dd and 1cruiser that i didnt egen was aware
    of, i never recommend ppl to go there, IT-säkerheten an torpsfest of epic
    proportions and U cant manouver in there.

  4. Since its from my hometown… try Radeberger! I Don’t know how they did it
    but in one or two seasons it was charlies beer in two and a half men. So
    Phly, did you hear about that Becks story with labeling it to be german
    beer but brewing it in the USA and now Warsteiner makes fun about in their
    commercials. Like “yeah we really ship our beer around half the globe
    because water, hop and barley are totally different in germany than they
    are in the US”….

  5. 1:29 ten percent beer?! 

  6. Bo Frøkjær Sørensen

    a Calsberg my friend :)

  7. Now go the other way. Find a nice Porter or Stout (Not Guinness) and have
    some of that. I love really dark beers

  8. More of this. Try this out, have some of the viewers send you some of their
    home brew.

  9. try the triple karmeliet phly ;)

  10. IPA in a can, ‘murica really hasn’t got the hang of this proper beer lark
    yet has it 😛
    also, if they export out there, then you have to try Badger beers, from
    Dorset, England, especially Fursty Ferret and Blandford flyer.

  11. Try a shiner if you have not

  12. Christiån Kirkenes

    There is a danish ipa called black maria. You should try that beer!

  13. If you are looking for some really nice beer, I would suggest the german
    Schneider Weisse Aventinus Eis Bock (12% Alc) or the Schneider Weisse Unser
    Aventinus (8.4% Alc), or the belgian Trappistas Rochefort No. 10 with 11,3%
    Alc. 😀 They taste really good and are quite dark :-)

  14. OI! Drink some Fat Tire! Even if you’ve had it, it would be nice to hear
    what you think about it.

  15. Cameron Herrington

    Marble IPA from Albuquerque, NM brotha.

  16. This channel keeps getting better 🙂 Keep it up, Phle :D

  17. We have a local brewery (Redlands, California), called Hangar 24. They have
    an IPA called Betty IPA, which uses a B-17 complete with nose art for the
    logo. It’s pretty damn good!

  18. This is the best idea for a series. BeerDaily

  19. do you smoke weed phly?

  20. Hey Phly here are some of my preferences for good craft beer: Sweetwater
    (Atlanta) family of beers and Trumer Pils. Also really good Microbreweries
    down here in the ATL too. Keep up the good work!

  21. New Belgium’s Ranger is an excellent IPA.

  22. Try Grimbergen 30% alcohol

  23. Beer suggestion – Redhook ESB. If you can handle a hoppy IPA you might like
    it. I used to work in the brewery, loved it ever since.

  24. Someone needs to make a parody dubstep mix of the World of Warship in game

    “We’ve destroyed an enemy Cruiser!” *base drops*

  25. Phil O'Sullivan

    If you want to try a good beer look for Hofbrau Munchen Dunkel. It’s one of
    my favorites 

  26. phly… u used the Omaha… i live in Omaha HELLYEASH!!!

  27. Jono Moore (Flint)

    Dude, put that beer in a glass so you can enjoy it properly!

    Haven’t tried that beer. I’m a major hop-head though so drink a lot of

  28. UNSCrearadmiral

    kitakami guarding that narrow channel… nothing would survive as long as
    there was good scouting

  29. Quintin Baumeister

    Hey Phly, not sure how you’d go about getting it since it’s only sold in
    Wisconsin, but Spotted Cow by New Glarus Brewing is pretty good. It might
    be worth a try if you can find a way to get it

  30. So whats your experience with this game guys ..
    I went into ca 30 battles by now and 100% of those were wins, I got
    destroyed only once. Is this coincidental or what?
    Because that we always won means obviously that others have lost, are there
    many wins/losses in a row for you? In WoT i used to have this, like 12 wins
    and 9 losses in a row, it was never win/loss/win/loss/loss/win etc.
    I don’t want to complain, I advanced very quickly with matches like that,
    Im just asking how your experience was :)

  31. 1MoreRepFitness

    KEEP IT UP lol

  32. Not personally a big fan of IPAs. I prefer a little less bitterness in my

  33. Dragon Butt (ThatsNoMoon)

    THE HAT! HIS HAT! Its so awesome.

  34. Trung Huỳnh Vĩnh

    just personal opinion, you may want to add Saigon beer, red label in your
    series. it’s not that strong, but it has a fantastic taste. I believe they
    sell Saigon beer in North Carolina, and hope you enjoy it. have a nice day.

  35. Try Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier best beer ever.

  36. Spitfire is a good beer from the UK 

  37. World of Beers ??? LOL

  38. Phly, if you can find it, you should try the Point Special made by the
    Stevens Point Brewery! It tastes super good and I want you to try it
    because I work at the brewery and I want to see what you think!

  39. Recommended if you can find it is a local micro-brewery from here in
    Toronto; Mill Street Brewery. Their Tankhouse Ale is a favourite of mine.

    Another recommended Canadian brewery is Unibroue in Quebec. Try their La
    Fin Du Monde (The End of The World). It comes in quart bottles and at 9%
    alcohol a quart is quite enough

  40. Singularity. It’s a beer. Very expensive and very high in alcohol content.
    Tastes awesome.

  41. Timothy Goodwin

    try Not Your Dad’s Rootbeer

  42. the phoenix and omaha are..terrible -_-

  43. Peanut “Romey” Buttercup

    Go for bottled beer not cans. Cans ruin the taste.

  44. You know what, the thing i was most impressed about, was the lack of
    slurping, i almost turned it off before he oped the beer because i
    anticipated a massive SLURP when he drank.
    I can’t tell you how glad i am that he has some sense of social convention
    and politeness.
    Another YouTuber called Stuff+, i love his vids but he does a series called
    Beverage+, he slurps like man dying of thirst sucking on a nymphomaniacs
    pussy whiles she’s reading 50 shades of grey.
    i digress, Phlee you’re awesome, keep this series going!!

  45. Phly if you like belgian beer go for Grimbergen Blond and or Dubbel
    its one of the best beerbrands from belgium for me.
    you need to get beercarepaks from europe
    greets from Germany

  46. Hey Phly, not strictly craft beer, but New Glarus Brewery only sells in
    Wisconsin. Spotted Cow probably their best. You should check it out.

  47. Hey Phly, if you would like to try a Belgium beer, *Duvel* will probably be
    reasonably easy to get by. In the Netherlands it is even sold in the
    supermarket, so I assume it’s also available in the States.

  48. NICE 146 hits in first battle

  49. You want a Belgian beer? I’m from Belgium 😀
    Try Duvel or Leffe (blonde or brown, made with honey) and a lot of other
    beers ;D.
    Love the vids man!!

  50. when are you going to go back to warthunder? i miss watching you play that
    game. and if you play it i was to see you fly the spitfire IX

  51. GewoonDutchGamesHD

    phly how do you demount your upgrades i can’t viger it out so can you help
    me ??

  52. MrTheGameNarrator

    Phly you should try Royal Navy rum. that stuff will rot your stomach

  53. Before watching this video, I’d just like to say, that this is a GREAT
    idea! Beers plus games, what could go wrong?? More people should be trying
    this…. hint hint +MFPallytime

  54. Anything from the John Smith Brewery 😀 If you like IPA Stone Brew Co is a
    good way to go :D

  55. Drink Or Play … that’s the question !

  56. Hey Phly the beer I would like to recommend to you is some good old Dutch
    beer called: “Bavaria” or “Hertog Jan” they are both very good!

    When you are looking for a good Belgian beer you should try: “Jupiler” that
    one is Belgian and very good! :D

  57. Anthony Lacroix

    “The Confederate flag is awesome”-Phlydaily 2015

  58. dont let them being butt hurt about akranas bring you down im from that
    state and couldnt stop laughing it was so funny

  59. You should pour your beers into a pint glass, allows your sense of smell to
    increase the beers flavor:D

  60. on max. range use AP it will drop vertikaly on the target and reliably
    penetrate therefor you will recieve more damage on target per hit. Swith to
    HE when enemies come closer and “plunging fire” is no option anymore.

  61. Michael Ferguson

    Now for the really important question. How was the beer and can we mail
    order it?

  62. I have a question.. Why does my volume sound like a helicopter when I

  63. +PhlyDaily Get delirium tremens , Cuvée des trolls and Barbar (honey beer)

    Cheers , love the vids

  64. Do danish beer maybe Fuglsang

  65. Michael Ferguson

    Seems like engine and rudder damage are happening a lot more than they have
    in previous patches. I think it is to much, but, that’s just me.

  66. No need to nerf cruisers or HE. A battleship that knows what he’s doing can
    easily and consistently citadel cruisers with AP.

    “I have singlehandedly taken down this Warspite.”

    No you haven’t, there were friendly ships that the Warspite has been
    shooting at and taking shots from that whole time. If it was just you and
    the Warspite, it would’ve eaten you alive without taking much damage.
    Stop making cruisers seem like they’re really good. They’re not. The
    majority of cruisers are barely average. Some need a buff.

    • +gonavygonavy Phly did say he didn’t take much seriously so….. no need to
      get your jimmies rustled over something as trivial as that.

    • +gonavygonavy Actually about 80% of the damage on that last Warspite was by

  67. I like the hat. When I played the FUSO, I wore a kamikaze headband lol

  68. MbfLproductions

    Keep this up!!! I love this allready!

  69. hey phly. Barman here, I don’t know any american beer but i have multiple
    recommendation for belgians:
    -the Airborne which has an awsome history around the batlle for bastogne in
    the bulge
    -the Brugge triple, a spiced beer
    -the duvel triple hop with american hop (2015 edition)
    -Barbar by the lefebvre
    -orval a beer that can age in your cellar for up to 5 years

    How about doing the warspite next with some nice johnnie walker black
    label, churchill style!

  70. I like this alot 😀 too bad i started bodybuilding and dont drink beer

  71. First.

  72. How can you see the friendly ship names? Please tell…

  73. World of dubstep ~
    *wub wub The team depends upon you*

  74. Phly, I think its time to begin the greatest build project of all time –
    The beercan wall! behind you man, every beer you sink add it to the wall
    behind you – lets hit the roof boys! :3

  75. Spartan Soldier

    That beer needs to be made with 50cals! 😀 p51 freedom!

  76. Schlitz and Ships

  77. Should Never call a Ship a Boat.

  78. Try belgium” triple karmeliet” its 8,4% and it tastes really good

  79. craft beer in a can? what a shame… allways use a glass or better only buy
    beer that is in a bottle
    I would recommend a dutch beer Hertog Jan or the german paulaner

  80. PhlyDaily you have to test out bavarian beer its the best believe me ;)

  81. Ole Gjøringbø

    try a beer from ” Kinn bryggeri ” its a norwegian beer!


  83. Drink Barbar trapist

  84. Be a little fancy and take out the warspite and have a corona 

  85. I suggest that you do an Episode with a german tank in WT like the Tiger II
    H or something and drink german Beer at the same time, but not Beer like
    Heineken but real german Beer like Rothaus, Waldhaus or Paulaner if you
    can get that in the States.
    Greetings from a bereaver from Germany ;)

  86. Hi phly, you want a serious beer? Try this from the north east of Scotland,
    it’s called brewdog, sink the Bismarck:

  87. Dis m3k$ m3H cri erytIm3

  88. +PhlyDaily take out an austrian or german beer 😀
    Like the Paulaner or Gösser. I shit u not, this is fucking glorious

  89. Don’t know if it gets to NC, but if you find it: Bent River Uncommon Stout

  90. hooray beer!!

  91. Hey phly I just finished making a b17g model and I will probably be sending
    it to you soon 

  92. I posted this on the North Carolina video but…

    Try Gulden Draak (Golden Drake) Triple or
    Hoyne – Dark Matter

  93. Aviator is from my hometown Woot Woot

  94. Spitfire Ale, the Bottle of Britain!

  95. If it ain’t in a bottle, it ain’t beer. Or is that just Britain?

  96. Play ark survival evolved I know you play it with Royal please remember the

  97. /totally agree about the “carriers” comment you made; there should never be
    an uneven ratio of them. Differing tiers, yes, but no numeric advantage.

  98. Phly the next beer you should have is fat tire 

  99. exactinmidget92

    people are silly for thinking that Carriers where not Arty. its Arty with
    GPS rounds.


    Hey Phly do you think they should include the Alaska Class Large Cruiser in
    the game under cruisers or should they add a battle cruiser class to the
    game? If they did that they could add the Alaska class, Hood class,
    Deutchland class, Seydlitz class, Deflinger Class, and other ship classes
    that were considered battle cruisers

  101. Plz do more aircraft carriers PLZ!!!!!!!!!

  102. legomaster1998ful

    I got a video series idea for you, you could do a War Thunder or WoWS
    playing the vehicle stock then playing it maxed out.

  103. jameake johnson

    How does the XP conversion work exactly its a bit confusing can it be used
    to tier up quickly?

    • jameake johnson

      Right thanks bro tiering up in American bbs in horrible wanna go to the
      japs but dont wanna take 3 days to do it

    • +jameake johnson Yes it can, but it will cost you Gold Doubloons (the
      in-game premium currency that can only be bought with RL money) to convert
      the premium ship XP into main XP that can be used on any ship or module you
      are researching..

      ps. What this in fact is, is a devious way to lure people to keep paying
      for a ‘free-to-play’ game! How else are they gonna make their money right!?

  104. Get some Polish Tyskie. It tastes gooood :)

  105. Carlos Escudero

    Phly please be careful and not destroy your liver for the sake of this

  106. i was the 666 watcher of this video do you know what it means?

  107. Try not your fathers root beer

  108. Dimitri Zdrovski

    +PhlyDaily *Phly the B-29’er* and drink a *Mexican Coca-cola* (The ones in
    the glass bottles that have pure cane sugar) I dont know if you are doing
    all drinks or just beers because your afraid of becoming a alcoholic….
    Great video Phly.

  109. Hmmm. Idea for the name of this series could be “Cheers!” 

  110. Shiner bock has to be next. I will send you shiner if I have to.

  111. Noob question… How do you lock targets?

  112. I know Ballast Point is really popular here in San Diego

  113. +PhlyDaily Hey if you’re looking for some other beers to drink, i
    recommend that you try the Blue Moon beer if you don’t know it. I stumbled
    across it sometime ago and as a european i can say that for an american
    beer it’s totally on par with some very good belgian beers.

    Ps: If you’re willing to try to find and taste one of the finest belgian
    beers, go for La Chouffe ;)

  114. Torp footsteps hahahaha never thought of that

  115. Whisky and Warships!

  116. Cheers to that.

  117. Grant Schoolbus

    *tries first beer* “aww shit this stuff is awful” SERIES RUINED

  118. bro never drink ipa out of a can!-always pour it in a glass

  119. ipa`s rule!!

  120. love the idea of this show and it provides great entertainment to !

  121. Thije Nijenkamp

    why are you not uploading/recording any ark gameplay?
    i know you sometimes play with PartiallyRoyal

  122. New Belgium is an American craft beer made near Fort Collins Colorado. It’s
    really good, try their sunshine if you like lighter wheat beer or fat tire
    if you like amber ale.

  123. out of the can?? Phly no, if you’re becoming a craft wanker you need a
    craft wanker glass!

  124. Poor the beer on a chilled glass it can change how the beer tastes.

  125. Try; Not your fathers root beer, 5.9% good stuff

  126. please do more of these videos where you talk about how best to play a
    ship. I really appreciate them. Keep up the great work.

  127. Manliest series ever :D

  128. much different, such battleships, wow

  129. Omg, now everyone will send phly there local beer, smart way of geting free

  130. Use the 64 new Jersey

  131. Delusionalrubys

    haha but that can design dough

  132. Sierra Nevada has one called Torpedo that is very hoppy. Anything from
    Dogfish. Not sure where you live but in Virginia there are breweries

  133. Hey fly you have the same headset as me but I have mine in red

  134. Best video idea ever!

  135. Dude you have to try Asahi beer, providing they sell it stateside, but that
    is the best beer I have ever had!

  136. Qwikshot Gaming

    Hey +PhlyDaily just wanted to say I appreciate all of your World of
    Warships videos man! You have been a big help in making decisions on what
    type of ship line I wanna go down. The beer I would suggest that is made
    here in (NOVA) “Northern Virginia” that you might be able to get since your
    not super far away geographically speaking is “Lost Rhino” – “Rhino
    Chasers” or really any of the beer’s that they offer. Maybe checking with a
    store that caries a lot of craft beers has it! Anyhow I hope you get a
    chance to check it out. Loving the new series man I can relate alot! Keep
    up the good work and I look forward to the next one!

    Regards, Mat

  137. you should try Leffe. Its almost like drinking a dessert.

  138. By far the best video-concept on YouTube

  139. You have to try Warsteiner, best beer I ever had! 

  140. love the vids man, look forward to the next one, would like to see you,
    baron and slick Bee in atlantas! if ya get the chance, thanks again and
    keep up the great work

  141. Steven Anchundia

    Drunken sailor time

  142. I have the same joystick as he does lol

  143. If you want a true belgian beer you have to try the Jupiler ^^

  144. LMDigital Movies

    Does anyone know Phly’s stream schedule or is it just random?

  145. try Hertog Jan, probably the best dutch beer

  146. that trench map is more like a fjord

  147. Oh and I love your videos, never grow up :)

  148. also i suggest buying singles of different types, i personally hate being
    disappointed by purchases i cant return

  149. Phly, try AP mate…you will be surprised what it will do against same tier
    Cruisers, especially as AP and citadel damage is working correctly again.

  150. Next try the zao

  151. Time for a beer delivery from germany, i guess.

  152. check out angry orchard cider, pricey side but it’s hands down best around

  153. Try New Belgium 1554 sometime.

  154. Go ahead with the aircraft carrier spiel.

  155. Alot of people are butt hurts about alot of shit it youtube it nothing new.

  156. Is Phly gonna be “Drunkdaily”??

  157. Love this new series Phly!

  158. Mark Rogachevsky

    This is going to go horribly wrong,I guarantee it…

    • +Not Kendrick Lamar you’re forgetting that you are the one that are the
      reason for this. you’re the one that are spamming, little piece of shit.

    • Not Kendrick Lamar

      stop causing war in the comment section. you little piece of shit

    • Not Kendrick Lamar

      i dont care if you fucking believe me or not
      im just telling you guys ( not convincing ) regardless
      of what anybody says, im speaking the truth


    • +Not Kendrick Lamar you’re still bullshitting, you little lying piece of

    • Not Kendrick Lamar

      my cousin Josh went into the living room and took my ipad and started
      commenting on not this video but other videos as well.
      he was not trying to critisize other people but try to anoy me and the
      comment section but you blame it on me for it 🙁

  159. TwiiisTz OG Plays

    Polydaily u should do every time u die or get a kill u drink a full can

    • EpicSmileyMan64

      +TwiiisTz OG Plays he’d be hammered in no time and he’s more responsible
      then that. he isn’t an alcoholic. he doesn’t like drinking TOO much.

  160. If it’s leagal and you want some. i can send you Australian beer care
    pakage. Itll put hairs on your chest 

  161. Pour the beer in a cool glass, let air out a second. It will change the

  162. Placid .Vitality

    You should try Boulevard Tank 7, 4 Hands Cast Iron Oatmeal Brown, or 4
    Hands Alter Ego.

  163. this ship got KV-2 guns bro!

  164. You should try Stella Artois or Duvel! Greetings from belgium, land of

  165. LOVE IT!!

  166. Spooky Scary Gang Raping Skeleton

    under 100 club

  167. try and get some alexander keiths IPA, good stuff

  168. LEOPARD 1 VS KV-2


  169. beginning of phlydaily’s stream = phlydaily
    end of the stream = highdaily

  170. Are you still doing top 5 plays?

  171. phly, do you even LUFT? (picture of BF-109 after crash)

  172. second

  173. lol went into phlydaily’s channel and saw this video posted 22 seconds ago

  174. yay

  175. First

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