World Of Warships – OMAHA – Boats & Beers! Ep.1

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World Of Warships – OMAHA – Beers & Boats Ep.1


  1. And dont drink too much

  2. +gonavygonavy Phly did say he didn’t take much seriously so….. no need to
    get your jimmies rustled over something as trivial as that.

  3. +gonavygonavy Actually about 80% of the damage on that last Warspite was by

  4. +choibacco dont forget to wash out the cans or the beer wall will start to

  5. Yes this needs to be a thing

  6. Great idea ^^

  7. Look at his other channel: PhlyCast

  8. Look at his other channel: PhlyCast

  9. Look at his other channel: PhlyCast

  10. jameake johnson

    Right thanks bro tiering up in American bbs in horrible wanna go to the
    japs but dont wanna take 3 days to do it

  11. +jameake johnson Yes it can, but it will cost you Gold Doubloons (the
    in-game premium currency that can only be bought with RL money) to convert
    the premium ship XP into main XP that can be used on any ship or module you
    are researching..

    ps. What this in fact is, is a devious way to lure people to keep paying
    for a ‘free-to-play’ game! How else are they gonna make their money right!?

  12. +Aintence I second that, fully do!!

  13. Carlos Escudero

    +Kana D. For some reason I thought he’d be doing this every single day lol

  14. +Carlos Escudero lol a 6 pack a week wont kill the liver

  15. +PhlyCast To Steven. Check your P.O.Box 🙂

  16. Carlos Escudero

    +PhlyCast Thank you. I dunno what I’d do if you died for this

  17. +Carlos Escudero 1 beer every week plez

  18. Thije Nijenkamp

    Thank you

  19. +Thije Nijenkamp click this picture, my second channel

  20. Patrick O'Brien

    In order to make it even more manly the men on the ship need to be
    barbequeing meat using the heat of the guns after and during firing :’)

  21. Damn straight!

  22. Not Kendrick Lamar

    no that was my cousin

  23. +Not Kendrick Lamar are you for real?

  24. Not Kendrick Lamar


  25. Much better beer than Jupiler in Belgium. Take any trappist for example.

  26. +FutfifaHD MilanenroccoHD Yes, it’s a beer from a town name Jupille (read

  27. +FutfifaHD MilanenroccoHD Half of the belgian territory is dutch-speaking.

  28. FutfifaHD MilanenroccoHD

    Is jupiler belgium?
    I always tought is was Dutch

  29. EpicSmileyMan64

    +LMDigital Movies friday or phryday i believe he calls them.

  30. He will always or usually stream on Friday,other days he might

  31. +Not Kendrick Lamar you’re forgetting that you are the one that are the
    reason for this. you’re the one that are spamming, little piece of shit.

  32. Not Kendrick Lamar

    stop causing war in the comment section. you little piece of shit

  33. Not Kendrick Lamar

    i dont care if you fucking believe me or not
    im just telling you guys ( not convincing ) regardless
    of what anybody says, im speaking the truth


  34. +Not Kendrick Lamar you’re still bullshitting, you little lying piece of

  35. Not Kendrick Lamar

    my cousin Josh went into the living room and took my ipad and started
    commenting on not this video but other videos as well.
    he was not trying to critisize other people but try to anoy me and the
    comment section but you blame it on me for it 🙁

  36. EpicSmileyMan64

    +TwiiisTz OG Plays he’d be hammered in no time and he’s more responsible
    then that. he isn’t an alcoholic. he doesn’t like drinking TOO much.

  37. Im on the qld nsw border so XXXX and tooheys are both abundant

  38. xxxx?????? you could just piss in a galss hahahahahahaha extra dry wouldn’t
    be to bad im from Adelaide though so coopers all the way

  39. how about some XXXX or tooheys new/old either or

  40. +magnum wolf Ive never seen fosters in Australia either I’ll send him some
    coopers vintage

  41. To be honest. if i could actually find some i would… but ive never seen
    any in australia

  42. +TESLAMENHUN yes! kv-2 always wins

  43. +Roy Shein u wanna say kv2 vs kv2?

  44. +Not Kendrick Lamar stfu asshole

  45. Not Kendrick Lamar


  46. Not Kendrick Lamar


  47. Vicente Raglianti

    oh sorry

  48. Not Kendrick Lamar

    that was my cousin apperantly

  49. Vicente Raglianti

    +Not Kendrick Lamar Stop saying turtles

  50. +Not Kendrick Lamar I’ll shove a turtle up your ass!

  51. Not Kendrick Lamar


  52. Ok thankyou

  53. LMDigital Movies

    +Maxim Jarmoluk No, Squire has taken over the Top 5 Plays.

  54. Not Kendrick Lamar


  55. +Roy Shein nice meme

  56. +Roy Shein lol

  57. +Not Kendrick Lamar ikr

  58. Not Kendrick Lamar


  59. +PhlyDaily Hi Phly! your awesome keep up the good work.

  60. waaaiiitt… Phyl replied 33 mins agoo on a comment that was written11
    minutes ago.. wtf is goign on here!

  61. +Colt Edwards creepy somethign between 20 and 30 secs for me too… theres
    something happening

  62. +JackyCola2988 phly first

  63. +JackyCola2988 For once, you actually were

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