World of Warships – Omaha to Dallas

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Interesting game in the as I work toward getting XP for the Dallas in the future. Also clarify commander changes for Line Splits. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier V Omaha Replay


  1. Do we know when the split will hapen?

  2. Second ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  3. I see the name and all I can think of is Red October – “WAY TO GO DALLAS!!!!”

  4. I want me Cleveland captain to stay with my Cleveland!!

    • @Kaz: So do I, so if WG does the same thing from the RU DD split, here’s how to keep your current captain to the Cleveland after it moves:

      1) before the split occurs, send your preferred Cleveland captain to reserve
      2) assign someone else to be Cleveland captain (a scrub, placeholder, whatever)

      after the split occurs, if everything goes down like in the past, the scrub will go to the new T6 ship while your old Cleveland captain (still in reserve) will still be specialized for the Cleveland. I’ll be doing the same with my Cleve captain.

    • The Fuzzy Unibrow

      azraelswrd See I just thought about that and wondered if it would work. Thanks for the valuable info!

    • Wow, if it works like that, then thnx for great idea! ^_^

    • General Cartman Lee

      According to the patch notes when the Soviet DD split happened any commander you had was retrained, no matter if he was on the ship or in reserve:
      “If a player had Commanders with a specialization for Ognevoi (Tier VI) before the update has been released, then the Commanders will be retrained to have a specialization for Gnevny (Tier VI). In addition, a Commander with 88,000 Commander XP (8 skill points) and a specialization for Ognevoi (Tier VIII) will be added to the player’s account.”

    • Well, you can just send the captain to barracks and stick him back in, after the split. You wont get the free captain maybe, but you wont need to retrain.

  5. Bought the premium camo for the Cleveland and the Pensacola Notser.

  6. Hey Notser, you play for a long time and i think you forgot the service record.
    Camos are unlocked very late at Account Level 11.
    Maybe the Nicolas Captain was a new player and this is his first line?
    Not all players are cheap and short on money, sometimes they dont have access to it. 😉

    • General Cartman Lee

      He has played 491 battles. 😉

    • Really??? Why would they unlock only after reaching Account Level 11?

    • Because Wargaming. 🙂

    • They just wanted to create some sort of RPG thingy and dont overwhelm new players with “Boom, here is everything, now have fun or get lost!” The WG Wiki describes it very good.
      Quote from the official Wiki: “World of Warships offers players a smooth progression by introducing new content step-by-step. ”
      But my personal opinion is, its a good start but done somehow wrong.
      Because you rush these levels too fast and there is no explanation behind it.
      It’s a semi hidden feature and i think WG should set a bit more focus on it.

      By the way, how a abaut a “Welcome New Player Tutorial?”
      You would really get a shock because there is nothing at the beginning. No Commanders, no upgrades, no tech tree, no Missions, no Camos or Flags and just you and your Starter Ships with AI Battles. GIGGLE

  7. 9:07 – This is why you take Last Stand on paper-thin light cruisers. Always. Climbing the British CL line taught me this over and over again, especially while my captains were being retrained, all the way up to the Fiji.

  8. When does the patch goes live?

  9. pls i dont want 8 point cpt on my cleveland when it moves cuz I already havr 14 point on it 🙁

  10. The Budgie Admiral

    Essentially why I enjoy playing lower tier games. Great credit income, more friendly players, more action and less passiveness…? Is that a word?

  11. WoT was giving me rage and bad mood for a long time, then I discovered World of Warships and I started enjoying my time. It’s way more balanced, you can prove your skills without spending money (which I ended up doing, buying premium ships, since I actually liked the game), and it’s hard to do bad if you’re a good player.

  12. So, after that long, very confusing ramble you rushed out yesterday, I went and bought the Pensacola to add to my New Orleans, Baltimore and Omaha purchased to get the Dallas and to max my split returns. Translation of your comments here: Don’t do anything yet, as Notser was wrong in his previous video, (as other times before) so please ignore his recommendations.” Of course I have transferred several of my captains, also purchased the Pensacola for about 6 M credits, which I hated previously following your advice. Thanks for muddying the waters, disliked this and unsubscribed you on YT, Notser.

    • after a long and confusing ramble you decided to do everything that long and confusing ramble said ? when you new he had got things wrong before ? well i am the son of a nigerian king and i need to move 10 million dollars out of my country , i am willing to give you 10% if you help me do it , i just need you to send me your bank details 😉

    • Gary Mckeon Well depends on the country’s politics. If you can send money via bank accounts then it’s doable.

    • I stated in the video yesterday we don’t know that Wargaming will continue their trend with the US split, we’re merely assuming they keep the same system in place. I just don’t understand why you would do something if you found it confusing????

    • hey notser , a bit unrelated but have you thought about playing subnautica or /and the forest for you tube or are they not your type of game ?

    • I’m definitely not against playing other games

  13. Concerning the Camo, I just recently started playing on the NA server in addition to EU and through rewards I actually got to T6 rather quickly with free xp, etc before I even had the Player Level for Camo unlocked so maybe that Nicholas just didn’t have it. I used to complain about non camo players myself a lot until I recently realised that “hey, maybe he actually can’t use camo yet” – so give players a break at low to mid tier 🙂

  14. I always use LS on my cruisers. Too risky not to.

  15. In anticipation of the split, I picked up the Pensacola. I think I understand what’s it’s like to be a well known streamer, now. The moment I’m spotted, several dozen ships target me. I’m targeted by ships that were in the last 3 games. I’m targeted by ships from the next 3 games. I’m targeted by players that are offline. I’m targeted by players in other games.

    I’ve been playing since closed alpha. I can’t remember a time when the Pensacola wasn’t terrible.

    • Deusmortis you win the YouTube comments, that was how you have a whine, keep it funny. Well played sir.

    • I submit that the reason the Pensacola is so squishy is that everyone knows its squishy. It’s like a self fulfilling squishprophecy.

    • So true.. so true.

    • One time, I fought a Tirpitz at like 10km, while he was firing at someone else. The whole time, I kept wondering:


      If he had a secondary spec, secondaries would’ve slaughtered me.

    • I played through it before the buffs you just have to expect to get oneshot every time and make it your lifegoal to survive loong enough to oneshot enemy ca with your ap

  16. Ok, dumb question, when are we expecting this split to happen? (I don’t have B-more yet, so I need to know how much time I got left)

    • Well CCs will start to see the ships in the next few weeks I assume and then a month from that date. So probably 1 month and a half or so before they split the line

    • ok So I have time to grind so I can buy NO and Baltimore then grind the Baltimore to get Desmoines.

    • Or you can just hold on to it, and don’t really do anything with it yet, because you’re going to be able to grind with the free BUF to get De Moines. but if you want to get it sooner, hey, more power to ya.

  17. Lemme see if i got it correct.After the line split cleveland goes to T8 and the pensacola takes her place at t6 and if we own the cleveland before the line split she will become a t8 in our ports and then if we whant to continue the normal line we’ll have to buy the pensacola wich means that the line splits a T5 .Did i understand correct or am i wrong pls tell me because im a bit confused

    • If you own the Cleveland when the split occurs you will find a tier 8 Cleveland and the tier 6 main line ship(Pensacola) in your inventory. The line split occurs after Omaha so you would need to have XP on the Omaha to unlock the Dallas

    • Thank you very much Notser this data will be very usefull <3 Btw what do you think about the line split do you like it are you for or against it and wich ship do you like the most .

  18. Just got my Cleveland didn’t know this happening hope I don’t get screwed in the changes

    • You’ll be just fine, Cleveland will give you the main line tier 6 and alt line tier 8 Cleveland when the split occurs 🙂

  19. Notser please make a vid dedicated to the T10 Worcester specifically to examine its ROLE in Clan Battles. Thanks in advance!

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