World of Warships – OMG it’s HAPPENING !!!

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This is the last ranked I will post because I can’t find a better way to end it, with this.
I have reached ranked 1 in 66 games if someone is curious.
I know ranked is not everyone cup of tea so I won’t force you to watch the entire journey, that’s what twitch is for, but I gotta tell you there were some amazing games.
Good luck to you all in ranked, enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Let’s end it with a BANG !!!

  2. the “happy accidents” thing is a bob ross quote.

  3. Once again, Flambass posts a video while I need to go to bed. But if he can post ’em, I can be man enough to watch them and comment. You da Man!

  4. Your kron had spotter LUL. Who needs 11.7 km radar anyways

  5. Great job Flambass!!?

  6. Well done Flambass ! What an amazing game, you did a great job in this Black 😀

  7. about time you put on try hard pants! lol great game

  8. *Tryhard™* lol

  9. Wow… Just wow. I think ranked for you needs to be vs 5 others going forward..otherwise it just wouldn’t be challenging enough

  10. The “Double-Strike-It’s Just a Flesh Wound-Kraken” Returns! XD

  11. Do I hear a “JINGLES!!!!!!!!!!!”

  12. WOW just WOW awesome Flambass

  13. As a German BB player I am struggling to understand your anger at the accuracy of your guns… I thought that’s pretty standard right? If not good accuracy? ?

  14. I enjoy this ranked more then previous seasons, because of the new way it’s played, not because of the people playing it xD

  15. Your team did everything to throw. To the last second they tried.

  16. -Blames RNG when the shots are clustered in one place. RNG is fine buddy. It’s entirely your aim.

  17. If that’s what it takes to win ranked. I’m staying in co op battle for a lot longer. A lot longer.

    • Man you ain’t lyin. I’ve gotten rank 1 twice, rank 3 a third time trying to get uss black and it was probably the most stressful gaming thing I’ve evr done. I still wanna get uss black but I still can’t bring myself to go through that stress again.

    • Why stay in coop? Why not play randoms?

    • Not sure if it’s the game or because I’m autistic, I just cant seem to aim very well to hit, or read the gameplay enough to know where the best to be. I understand what shells to use and other mechanics of the game, but it seems I’ve practiced forever and not hit other ships very well.

    • +Jacen Grey Try to use a different kind of crosshair, measuring the distance you have to shoot ahead on the crosshair lines is kinda helpful.
      … and after enough practice, you will know without any help where to shoot to land your shells.

    • +János Bitó is it me or is the dynamic crosshair a bit wonky ? It is supposed to be scaled for 30 knots, but my shells always fall behind – for DDs I take 1.5 times the value, meaning they should be at 45 knots at tier 7 …

  18. This is an example of hard carrying lol.
    Also that Z in the start, who calls you noob… dies first haha.
    Hell of a game Flambass!

  19. I feel like you are spoiled. The RNG you’re getting is totally average and you shouldn’t be too salty about it.

  20. The thing about ranked is that its really hard to make content out of it! But you always succed! I just reached Rank 4 and that was a struggle! Keep it up Flambass! Love the channel!

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