World of warships – OMG my Zao performed well

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I’m pretty sure a lot of ppl by now know that I don’t like Zao that much anymore.
Because I always get citadeled in it no matter who is shooting, from what range and what angle and when I shoot ppl it almost never happens + I only get 2-3 fires in like 150 hits.
Well since I was doing all my tier 10 cruisers, I had to play Zao and I rly wasn’t looking forward to it but once again I got surprised by it and the game was not that bad.
I hope you enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. never been this early

  2. Erm. All Cruiser will get cidatel if they got smacked by BB shell, so it’s not a suprise here. 🙂

    And well, fire change is pretty much RNG dependant imo. So I would rely more on those sweet HE damage than fire change. 😉

    • But the situation where he got citadeled was when he had his stern pointed at the enemy. Zao sometime eats super bullshit ass citadels, it is really annoying.

    • Un1qZ It is indeed. But not unexpected imo, for you are already encounter this when you are playing Mogami and Ibuki. 🙂

    • well, your stern armor is 25mm, this can get overmatched by any battleship she will face (expect maybe a fail division T7 battleship)

  3. love ur gameplay love hans flambass p[lay minotaur soon please

  4. people like fletcher more than Gearing. Is chungmu better than yueyang ? cuz i have enough fxp to skip chungmu

    • i don’t think so. i haven’t gone back to play chungmu since i unlocked yueyang. i like yueyang a lot

    • No its not. Youyang is one of the best T10 DDs right now, but at the same time Chungmu is one of the best T9 (pretty much a Fletcher but with even more stealthy torps) so i wouldnt free XP Chungmu unless you really want Youyang today. That grind is one of the better ones in all tiers and all ship-lines.

    • Fletch is epic but Chung Mu is much more fun…that is if you can avoid being stuck contesting caps all game. Yeuyang gets the good bits from Gearing(the guns) along with the extra fun value of DW torps ?

  5. CV going for easy targets that are well on there way to being dead, only to drop and see them die before there torps land and then have to recycle planes again, different when a BB,CL or DD KS but a carrier now that’s a waste of valuable time especially when its a close game. seeing a lot of this more than usual perhaps its the extra high AA around as I know its not easy but still use them to scout until something of a larger target comes available. I dont know it just gets me salty. Then you give clear instructions to the cruiser that makes sense after all he was following your lead anyway but then ignores it. WOWs has just become a KS frenzy maybe WG need to ease off these missions they are really ruining game play, people too focused on there own personal objectives rather than an objective of winning the game and helping the team. Then you have all these DC’s and you never know if its for real or they are just using there team as meat shields or spotting tools. So over it, watching flamu stream this morning and he rage quit and I dont blame him at all you can only take so much before your tilted by it all. A start would be changing the XP dynamics of the whole game for each ship type dependant on there role rather than solely focus on damage for starters and reward that ship type generously for playing as intended. I used to be a BB main and enjoy it but have had to change to DD recently and doing fairly well at it solely because the DD’s playing mostly dont care for spotting, capping or providing information to there team. They go straight to the border and hunt easy kills only to miss the majority of the time meanwhile the team has no caps. Anyway rant over miss your streams Flambass hope you enjoying your break god knows you need it, chocolate can only do so much 🙂

    • So true, i ve seen CVs wasting their whole drop on <5k HP cruisers or BBs. If the other CV plays right and goes for lonely DDs or BBs (with some HP ofc), the impact is very hard to compensate for the stupid CVs team.

      Yep, this Sharks/Eagles campaign encourages KS so much, and that sucks !
      Why not giving points to BBs for tanking ? Capping for DDs ? And all this damage stuff to Cruisers ? Imo the whole exp system needs to be reworked to this.
      I hate it to get almost no rewards when i tank more than 3m pot dmg, getting Dreadnought and Fireproof in my BB, allowing my team to flank and crush the enemie, but only get 70k dmg because everyone angles to me. All i get is a "fuck you, N5"...

      A CVs impact on the game is so huge. Once we had T8 CVs in a T10 battle. Our Lexi told that he cant do anything. Well, we told him to scout and go for DDs and lonely BBs. Guess what, he was N1 in score.
      I always cross my fingers when i see CVs in the lineup, hoping to have the smart in my team 😉

  6. My team just got to storm 3 hours ago we have no chance for typhoon there is no time and some of us work 70 hours a week in the real world so storm looks pretty good to me.


  8. Ok who are you and what have you done with the real Flambass? 😛

  9. This looks for a job for the Asashitsio.

  10. This guy loves the Pi camo FFS

  11. GG Flambass! What i have realized starting to play Zao a lot since torp buff coming from a lot of hinden matches is that Zao is really slow and have less maneuverability compared to Hinden. I would have dodged those opening salvos from the BBs with ease in my Hinden, but in my Zao i also struggle. So i cant be as aggressive in Zao as i can in Hinden.

  12. I still think Zao is the most powerful cruiser in the game, not because she’s excellent at anything, but because she’s bad at nothing, she’s second best at everything, Jack of All trades Master of None, but where she isn’t master she’s always second/third best and can be pushed into challenging the best if specced for it.

    She’s got Second/third best concealment of all T10 cruisers
    She’s the Second/Third fastest cruiser
    She’s the most maneuvrable
    Her AA is good for self defence and decent for area defence if specced for it
    She’s got 20 torpedoes, the most of any ship in game
    Her AP pen holds up to a range of around 14-15km thanks to heavy shells and railguns
    Her HE is probably the best there is short of British bb HE
    She’s the smallest of all T10 cruisers therefore harder to hit (and it also gives her single greatest weakness, the HP pool)
    Troll Armour on the Zao is a thing

    I may be biased as she’s my favourite ship but that does not take away the fact that everything I typed above is true.

    The one real challenger she has in the best cruiser at T10 in my opinion is Hindenburg

    • Dip-Dip Potato Chip

      That makes her useless, because this is a game of niches. Why use a Zao when DM/Wooster can RELIABLY radar and ire from behind islands, much faster? Why use Zao when you can take the RELIABLE BB Moskva, which also have a radar? Why use a Zao when etc….

      Her whole playstyle is based on RNG. Had good RNG? 100k+ game. Bad RNG? Well, you were pretty much useless the whole match.

    • Dip-Dip Potato Chip

      Marco Fava Zao’s torps are neither offensive nor defensive. She has no aft torp angles. She needs to expose broadside to even shoot backwards. That’s why I thought her torp buff was hillarious. Yeah, good torps. Too bad the launchers suck. Also, you seem to think DM captains are morons. Any half-decent DM player would never allow you to get close to them.

    • I thought the Hinden-burger was the “jack of all trades” ship. Most players have stated that in there videos. Noster and The Mighty Jingles actually quoted that as well. Maybe Zao ranks second in the “jack of all trades” order because it does actually excell at its torps. The Hinden-burger however is completley balanced and doesn’t excell at anything over other t10 ships. It just doesn’t have any drawbacks.

    • Dip-Dip Potato Chip

      How can you it excels at its torps when you have to go full broadside to torp both to the front and to the back?

    • Dip-Dip Potato Chip, that’s where the skill goes in. What is the right moment to use them and when not to. Even with a 4-sec reload Worcester or Des Moines, it’ll still give you a gap where you can throw in the torps, especially if you got the rudder mod. 2.

  13. Zao doesn’t have “troll armour”. She has a nice 30mm upper belt but otherwise eats citadels for days.

  14. Is the comment on the start a recruitment post? ?

  15. I like what the enemy team said , “Error 404 our teams CV not found” thought that was funny

  16. Flambass how did you put plane’s camera?

  17. 130 HE shellsmfired….17 fires….

  18. Hi Flambass m’y normal reload booster with Yamato i have 26s but when i put Legendary upgrade it’s 28s IS it normal ??

  19. Played 3 games in my Zao recently, got this map 3 times, 2 times with epicenter -.-

  20. i got detonated 3 timed in a row with the Zao. that never happend before

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