World of Warships – OMG NEW FAVORITE SHIP

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I totally didn’t realize WG has given us THIS ship amongst other test ships so when I started the game OMG was I surprised.
I’m pretty sure most of you know how much I wanted Alsace in tier 10 and it’s like WG has heard my prayers and here it is, BOURGOGNE.
This ship is still work in progress but I want it just like this.
I had few meh games with ti because you need good positioning with it to make it work properly and you need to play with ammo type but I love it personally and it suites my perfect, more games of this baby to come.
I’m sorry for all the loud noises you gonna hear during this replay but let’s just say I was a bit excited,
enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Never heard a guy orgasm cuz a ship before….. Lol

  2. Age restrict this video 😂

  3. watching this can safely say i think flambass has finally lost his mind lmao

  4. “Not enough lead” U sure bout that?

  5. Flambass girlfriend standing in the background wondering “am I being replaced? :/”

  6. Good Morning from NY. I think Flambass is in Love. Get a Room for Pete’s sake just Get A Room!!!

  7. You seems VERY HYPE Flambass !!
    This french T10 is definitly the T10 we all wanted from french BB line !

  8. They are so gonna nerf that thing. lol

  9. xD saw this live on the stream & it was just as funny & satisfying the 2nd time watching!
    Totally understand where Flambass is coming from as I loved the Alsace before the nerf

  10. I appreciate your enthusiasm but what besides the reload booster makes it so great? Sigma?

    • Very high rate of fire for t10 bb, low caliber guns. Sigma is either pre-nerf Alsace, or better. Dispersion is pretty good for BB as well. Also, with speed boost and speed flag it does like 38 knots.

  11. Yep that made me feel uncomfortable,now I know what his sex voice sounds like LOL!

  12. Take my money, coal, steel. This ship is exactly what I wanted T10 French BB to be.

  13. Been a while since we saw little girl mode Flambass

  14. Can you pleas shout a little less we are watching this vid in office environments 😀 XD

  15. *QUIZ*
    from what famous classic motion picture was the following line:

    _OH MY BABY_


  16. -nerf alsace
    -Proceed to test premium Uber Alsace some time later

  17. Flambass be hittin that Nut Button so many times xD

  18. I think Flambass has moved into “Adult” entertainment… so what’s your stage name???? How about the Big Mutha Trucker….

  19. Dear WG,   Bourgogne far too OP please nerf severely.  Best Regards, Flambass

  20. Not a ship I want but would gladly like to see you play this more you happiness with it made me smile good video bud

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