World of Warships – OMG OP AF WTF

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Over Powered as f*ck
Nothing more to add.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. It may have been fun at first

    But this thing is too powerful and playing against it is NOT FUN !!!

    • Marvin Westmaas I didn’t say any of that, your out to pick a fight and I won’t buy into it.

    • +TheMakushimirian Countering used to mean you killed the baby with torpedoes, but hey IJN torps were to toxic so they nerved them back in the days. Now there is a competitive IJN gunboat, and all the babies cry and shout the hardest how broken it is. All the while, a large part of the same people complaining now were the one’s who thought BB AP on DD’s was ‘normal, and balanced’.

      Also, Haragumo is easy to kill, except when played right. Any Haragu open water gunboating against competent players is punished, period. You can’t use Flambass his replay as definitive proof of anything, if anything there seems to be a consistent lack of ability to aim on the enemies ( or Flambas playing with engine setting and rudder so much seems to throw of a lot of people’s aim *cough cough* ). Either way, Haragumo still takes full BB AP, I think it’s less imba as it appears here. In fact, a Missouri is much more imbalanced with it’s radar, yet no one seems to cry about that as hard.

    • Marvin Westmaas I am pretty sure countering and obliterating are 2 different things

    • +Cameron G. Meh as long as WG has a BB with radar in the game I don’t feel any complaints about DD’s would be in place really if not uttered at the same time as a statement that BB’s shouldn’t have radar.

    • Agreed, but is the Harugumo itself overpowered or does the real problem lie with IFHE? Both? Yeah probably both…

  2. If Ricegum were a ship, he’d be the Harugumo

  3. The RN CL’s had their HE removed as it was too powerful to sit in smoke and spam HE. So they add this thing instead.

  4. I love those yamatos wich appears near the end of the match full hp

    • +Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer I play like 80% of my game time on Yamato to farm credits (even my profile pic is Yamato).. and mostly get citadelled from the front. It sucks.

    • When u have a system that encourages you to stay at the edge of the map and snipe, if u dont want to be sunk in the very 1st 5 minutes of the game that is, yes u gna see full hp BBs at the end of the match, you want to stop this? Make BB AP usefull against DDs again, take messurements against HE spamming by unreal Cruisers such as the Wooster, Atlanta, etc, stop that complete unreal bullshit oh torp spamming every min min and a half of 9-10-12-15 torps PREAIMED and u will see BBs taking point in attacks!!!! Just an example, i drive my Bissmark that i have on it the best 2ndary protection 15 captain skill points spended on that, modules EVERYTHING and it still takes 145 secondary hits to kill a Destroyer!!!!!

    • Playing the long game, lol

    • +george marnelakis Well seeing as how BB’s used to save their HP Pool before the AP change on DD’s I doubt that is a reason you can use now.

    • BBs save their HP since long ago, it’s about HE spam, not DDs survivability.

      Not even german BBs can push anymore, else they taste rainbows of fire for 1/2min and sink, unable to shoot more than 4 times during the process.

      It’s even more out of question to push with Yamato since she’s even hyper vulnerable to AP (tho compared to HE spam, RNG can help against AP).
      Having the best torpedo belt doesn’t help at all in terms of survivability, you die else from anything ambushing you and one shoting you (Moskva/DM and any BB are able to do so, and any DD can full torp you, you won’t survive even with that so called best torp belt), or HE spam because BB concealment/mobility sucks (you just can’t disengage if you push) and Woosters/Harugumos, skilled or not, rule the game.

      Tho that’s not a reason not to push, it has a timing, it’s all a matter of pressure without getting pressurized, but you CAN’T push early game. If your whole team dies it’s obviously useless.

      But I’ll agree that most players are stupid, and many BB players indeed are terrible (useless campers)… As much as terrible DDs playing in the backlane because they are afraid of other DDs, or cruisers getting one shot early, happily broadsiding in front of the whole enemy team, or these unable to aim at DDs…
      WG can’t nerf/boost much to change that.

  5. Ah, I love the smell of Napalm, I mean, Harugomo shells in the morning.

  6. Achim Hanischdörfer

    I shiver in fear about the fact that Ranked next season is in T9 ships and there is the Kitakaze to be played in it…..

  7. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is an example of one reason why yesterday I uninstalled World of Warships, complete with unspent gold, free xp and 5 days of Premium.

    Relentless HE spam and the matchmaking. Being top tier 2 tiers above others is briefly fun and ego massaging, but not so challenging. Being bottom tier, depending on your ship and the opposition, can be an interesting challenge but far more often a frustrating chore, something to endure until you get a better match.

    I’ll reinstall if and when they narrow the matchmaking range. So probably I had better get into another game, since I doubt that will happen.

    • ainumahtar isn’t that what I said?

    • HE’s been a problem since closed beta. Yet morons continue to this day to defend a broken ass mechanic that can be easily adjusted with a few small adjustments. An easy one that’s been suggested before; fire damage is scaled based on the caliber of the shell. 128 – 152mm would do a small amount of fire damage, 203mm would do a medium amount, 304mm and beyond would do great damage, although that’s the tip of the iceberg among other problems. But I doubt that it will ever be fixed and improved, because wargaming devs fell into submission of making their game based off of whiny shitty opinions from a whiny community instead of the game being made based on how the devs felt it should be.

    • +Samy the dog As I said, depending on your ship and the opposition it *can* be a frustrating chore. Some ships do not uptier well for example. And in those all too common situations it ain’t fun. And, I play to have fun…it isn’t a job, and I’m not playing to prove anything.

      Referring to WoT having had even worse MM in the past is hardly relevant. I don’t doubt other games are or have been worse, that doesn’t make MM today in WoWs good.

      But I knew there would be someone who would post a “git gud” comment, so bravo to you on being the first.

    • +Gulaschiltis Nothing is ever broken in a free to play game. (They already got your money, Wargaming could care less if you play or not.)

    • Well they could get more and especially more consistent money out of people, if they cature towards their audience. I dont think they could care less, since numbers for WG are plummeting. Ppl are getting fed up, not only with WG but in general with plenty of gaming companies practices

  8. Flambass you are a true Boss. I only wish I could play to you’re level. I’m just an average player, if that. You know the in’s and out’s of the whole game. It just amazes me you’re knowledge and gameplay. Awesome replay BTW.

  9. I laugh every time someone calls Flambass a Noob

  10. What kind of a dev creates such unbalanced mess of a ship, and decides it is a good idea to put it in online game? Crazy.

    • Dip-Dip Potato Chip


    • VaporDepositionMusic

      Cause people chase it for real money doubloons. Then, they nerf it into the ground. Then you have to chase something else. It’s a really crooked business practice and flambass should be ashamed of himself because he certain knows they do this on purpose when he does videos like these.

  11. IFHE was a mistake

  12. Thanks so much for that. Every time I get tempted to actually play this game I get reminded that it is a stupidly broken toy arcade game with beautiful graphics, great sound and about as much basis in reality as Space Invaders or Pac Man.

  13. “you only play OP ships.. NOOB” – plays the same line as Flambass… double standards much?

    • “It’s OP because i died from it. But when I kill you, it’s fair and balanced.”

    • +mierzhen i use harugumo and its not OP . its balanced. it’s a strong ship. but if they don’t nerf khaba. don’t touch harugumo either. if khaba can be balanced and strong. harugumo can be balanced and strong too

    • Yes, “balanced”. From 6:49 to 7:12 he scored 71 pens. Yep. “Balanced”.
      You know, every time i start to get an urge to fire up WoWs, i only have to recall shit like this, and that urge goes away. Especially when the game is littered with players like you, that care only about your own score. Even if that comes at the expense of a fair game, and the rest of the player base. I´m sure you will continue to have fun in your “balanced” ship when you are the only players left in the game.

    • +Darth Mucus Not to mention Wargaming got rid of HE on british CLs due to being able to sit in your own cloud of smoke, spamming HE like you had nothing else better to do, but then Harugumo gets added, only this time a DD. Totally fun and engaging, and ‘balanced’. Now with the CV rework on its way with unlimited planes, while AA still remaining virtually useless with finite consumables, yeah, I’m calling it too.

  14. Why is nobody blind firing into the smoke? We used to promise to do it to the Minatour, what happened to that?

    • trooper843 I do it all the time:) It’s always nice firing BB AP into a smoke and getting 2 citadels on a Minotaur lol

    • Minotaur player here: can confirm from my experience that plenty of people do blind-fire at me in smoke. Not many hit, but once in a while there’s a player who is good at it, that hurts.

      However, a DD is a much smaller target and a lot harder to hit.

  15. You don’t play OP ships, you’re just an OP commander

  16. Meatballs for life

    Harugumo is what happens when you take the worst thing about a nation’s type of ship and make it the best thing about it.

  17. Anyone else want to see Flambass do some tier 3-4 seal clubbing

  18. The ship is very powerful, but I wouldn’t say it’s OP. You on the other hand, are just really, really good. I’ve smashed Harugumo players with my Richelleu, and I’ve been out-played by Harugumo, not once or twice. Admit it, You are just very, very good at the game. Sorry, but that’s just how it is.

    • the voice of reason, hear hear xD

    • everytime he plays I try to take notes, even when he does something silly. Especially when he does something apparently silly – and these times I watch the video twice to notice what he does to ensure the success of his apparent YOLO moves (2 brothers I’m looking at you)

  19. you know flambass you need to stop. first you praise the Yueyang , it gets nerfed to the ground and the same happened to the Alsace

  20. This ship is so sick … I hope that when the IFHE nerf will happen this thing will stop penning 32mil like an heavy cruiser because to me is just stupidity the fact that you have 100 mm super rapid firing with the same pen potential of an heavy cruiser.

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