World of Warships – OMG this is actually gonna work? xD

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I usually do this with a DD or a smoke screen but I don’t recall doing it with this ship yet and boy oh boy was it fun…not to mention that most derp moment will happen when you think it’s all over xD
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. The Great Mighty Flambass, can you PLEASE ask WG to get Cleveland a new horn? The one it has now is garbage.

  2. As awesome as that was, the highlight was the enemy Alabama ramming himself. Stellar play…deserving of being top tier.

  3. Tier 6-8 battle in a T8. As soon as I touch a T8, I am almost always in a T10 game. MM hates me 🙁

  4. Sad that the Icarus came last on the team 🙁

  5. SPESHUUUL Tactics video from the great Flambino 🙂 When I started watching, I thought it might be the one where you announced to everyone in game chat that you were going through the middle and no one took you seriously! lol. That was a good win too. Always a pleasure to watch, catch in stream later today.

  6. Flambass humming “trolollo” song while wasting ships, is really something that makes you smile.

  7. Some months back, your AA-build ship didn’t even need to enter the strait – enemy still knew you were there, because you were denying that central airspace to their carriers. But though this time there were no carriers, like previous excursions down the middle, this raid caused the enemy to stick close to their cap. Your team could have taken advantage more promptly, but dammit that still worked.

  8. The new mexico told the alabama to kiss his aft after auto bounceing 2 salvos so he did lol

  9. and here i was thinking: wow that alabama avoided being rammed to death, he might survive that encounterand gather more xp and dmg for himself…. but then THAT happened

  10. Gg Icarus, maybe not a good player but willing to help a teammate.

    • This is exhibit A for why Standard Battle screws DDs incredibly hard. Not to mention the spotting rewards are fubar. The poor Icarus got ZERO XP for holding the enemy cap (but not actually taking it) and NOTHING for keeping all those other ships spotted for Flambass. So everything he did yo contribute (hugely) to the win was not rewarded at all.

      At a minimum, in Standard Battle, every 5 seconds of holding an enemy cap should generate you 1 XP. And you should get credit for spotting damage on an enemy so long as you are the only player on the team inside their normal concealment range. The while “I fire and you lose any spotting credit” idiocy is just that.

  11. “Its my responsibility to ensure that THIS GUY does not explode too fast”.

    ROFL, that made my day

  12. I know you said that you have played 2 brothers “normally” but I can’t recall a time you have.

  13. 6:04 Flambass the right words are “camping is verboten” xD

  14. Killed that Nurnberg without taking a single point of damage in return.

  15. Oh, and that Fubuki… the amount of shots she took at the end was pornographic!

  16. it actually is not a bad idea as it is a 3 prong attack. The middle doesn’t have to be many or that strong, and rest balances to either side it will work in randoms. In randoms teams usually lemming down one side, so you get a strong and weak side. If you can secure the weak side that causes the strong side to have to split again. As long as you are pretty balanced on both sides the side against the strong one just has to delay them. If the strong side doesn’t come back then you cap.
    This probably will never work if the whole team goes down the middle or most of the teams strength. If your side lemmings all to one side then you have two weak sides and the enemy will push through you.

  17. I have been watching a sh!t ton of your videos, Flambass…(never played the game, YET….) and I don’t know why it just occurred to me(probably because at the 3 to 3:14 part of the video I saw you taking your sweetasstime backing up, in the middle channel, humming a little tune…) that “pace of the game’, and “letting the game develop and come to you” is a good portion of playing this game(correct me if I’m wrong). Perhaps that is why I see so many people ‘yolo’ and die(out of position) early in your videos…….

  18. Bravo Company General Nelson

    What’s up with the heart rate monitor looking thing about?

  19. Flambass, I did something similar in my lightning. I got to the cap but not through the middles but beside east side of the twins going from north to south. I got to their cap within the first 5 min and had their cap almost capped out when they finally got into the cap in the nick of time. The timer was at less then a sec when they got into their own cap. Then I was screwed. I had ships everyone around me and I was killed quickly but their team lost. i don’t know if my team won. I left before it was over. But I laughed about this match every time I look at or hear about the funniest matches someone played.

  20. LOL NM lucky he just nudge ram the Bama @14:40

    Flambass: What is this? Oh Gawd, Oh Gawd….. Oh Gawd…… Oh no way, what is GOING OOON?!Hahhaha Oh my GaWdHahahaha…


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