World of Warships // Omono / “Buy SamCoin today!”

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I’m in the wrong line of work, clearly.


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. Love the channel 😊

  2. Thanks for the upload. Entertaining to watch and listen to your chat.

  3. Glad to hear your interview went well, Jedi. Here’s to hoping it works out.

    As for the Japanese lights: the next one in line has great turret traverse, and most of them are 360-capable. Rate of fire is still bad, though. The ship has definitely been balanced around its torpedoes – it’s not a reliable damage dealer.

    However, the great thing about tiers 6-8 is that you can grind them out in Operations these days. If you know the flow of an operation (e.g. where and when to drop torpedoes), even a bad ship can do well. Not looking forward to grinding out the Takahasi, though.

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