World of Warships – Once in forever MM

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Who still even remembers how free and fun DD games have been, when there were no CVs and no radars to ruin your match. Well this happend now and God knows when again but I do intend to use this opportunity to have some fun.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Jingles kept saying a submarine was spotted, freaked me out first time.

  2. Ah yes. And when Japanese DDs were epic too.

    • By epic you mean completely broken?

    • @BornToQuill Exactly. Everyone loves to forget just how UNfucking fun it was to deal with Jap DD’s when Wows first went live. There’s a damn good reason that they got called the “Wall of Skill” and how much of a punch in the dick it was trying to hunt them down without dying to a full torp salvo every 40 something seconds.

    • @BornToQuill Yep.

  3. That moment when you rated the Z-46 a 9/10 was an 11/10 moment lol

  4. You turn Jingles on and off? interesting to know

  5. 12:08 – Flambass trying to flirt with all the German viewers. “Come on baby, you’re a NINE to me, and I will never say NEIN to you” , german Rick Astley :D.

  6. “He should’ve shot the DD”

    He wanted all the kills he could get.

  7. Flambass is love, Flamu is life, Jingles is the crazy uncle to both XD

  8. Hey, I was the Ibuki on your team. Only thing I did was torp the Friesland and completely fail at aiming so thanks for the carry!

  9. Today in Rank … (well, I’m crazy, i’m trying cancer rank )…. The MM gave : 2 kremlin 3 smolensk 2 kleber 1 CV in one team while the other had GK and monty, DM moskva and zao + shima and haru + cv (and this kind of stull happens often)
    this is fucking weird ^^

  10. Love the “tactical beach” maneuver

  11. What? You get tired of hearing Jingles’ voice? Don’t let the mighty dwarf hear this…

  12. Someone's Youtube Username

    By “free and fun”, you mean “I’m stuck in a BB and our team depends on our couple of potato DDs to counter theirs while the rest of the team has ABSOLUTELY NO COUNTERPLAY left for them.”
    Personally I’m not a fan.

  13. just like to say my 2 month old bubby loves watching you play

  14. I turn Jingles on……’Flambass 2019′

  15. 4:59 A wild Richi uses *Suprise attack*
    Flambass gets *panicked*

  16. Flambass: *has multiple thousands of subs*
    Also Flambass: *Still doesnt has an continous sub counter for resubs*

  17. I don’t know why but I always imagined Flambass looking a lot like Meathead Militia from the old WoT Weekly videos.

  18. Николай Бербенлиев

    I was searching for the Jingles voice modification but I don’t find it anywhere. Maybe you must have the captain to unlock it.

  19. The only voice over I don’t get tired of is Duke Nukem. 😀 nice game. I love the Z-46

  20. Love your vids! And also love that we have the same headset! The Plantronics Rig headsets are so underrated but I love it!!

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