World of Warships – Once More Into The Breach!

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With my identity cunningly hidden by a name change, I venture forth once more onto the high seas! And on logging into WoWs I find half a dozen PMs waiting for me, telling me how much everyone likes my new name…

Foiled again. Sod it, let’s play!

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System Specs: Core i7 4820-K 3.7Ghz i7 CPU, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 3GB nVidia GTX780 Ti GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a War Thunder or World of Warships replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. The Crazy Pineapple

    About the tier 8, it seems that WoWs has the same problem as WoT where tier
    8 is by far the most played tier (partially because of the premiums,
    partially because the tanks are very strong and usually get matched with
    lower tiers and partially because it’s the last tier at which you can
    reliably make money if you’re decent) and so everything that can meet tier
    8 meets tier 8 ~80% of the time which is very annoying for tier 6 players
    (except for KV-2 which doesn’t give a single shit).

  2. Michael Lippincott

    best jingles voice ever at 4:35-4:40

  3. Jingles, you need to aim at the soft parts of the superstructure like the
    central tower, not at the main turrets or the naked deck, you need to aim
    higher and aim for the tower.

  4. What’s in a name? That which we call gnome by any other name would still be
    as salty.

  5. To those unaware: the HMS Campbelltown is literally a Wickes class DD with
    half the torpedoes, that is IF WG releases it in any actual historical
    configuration, as the refit actually removed all torpedo launchers in favor
    of depth charges…

    Personally, from what I DO know about the actual real life Campbelltown –
    it does not excite me at all. Unless it gets some seriously badass (for
    tier 3) torpedoes to make up for the fact that it has half the launchers of
    a regular Wickes class – in which case, it COULD be a very cool little
    ship. But it would require longer ranged torpedoes with a faster reload for
    it to be worthwhile at all IMHO. Obvious there are several ways to balance
    it with just 2 triple launchers, 1 per side, but if the torpedoes are
    exactly the same as what the regular Wickes gets, then it will be a waste,
    again IMHO.

  6. This is why i love & hate these little japanese lolitta: slapping enemy’s
    faces with tons of trops when stay hidden & laugh at them

  7. 5:37 is it me or did i just see the yorck defy physics : o

  8. It always amazes me how some people are so stupid that they make the same
    mistakes from when they first started the game, yet somehow they get to
    tier 5-10

  9. Ismael Pedrera Rubio

    Jingles you should be probably hiding your new account name at the

  10. Wasn’t the Cambeltown that was sent to ram into that German port in France?

  11. Brits can’t pronounce ö when they read ö, but they pronounce berg like

  12. On March 28, it will be exactly 74 years since the combined forces of the
    Royal Navy and British Commandos took the occupied French port of
    Saint-Nazaire by storm…………..

    Wargaming is waiting till next year so they can be right on time and 75
    year is much cooler then 74! Jingles you need to wait another 364 days
    before uploading!

  13. Hearing that “aaOOOOGAA!” horn made my day.

  14. right, let me get this straight. Jingles got upset that people were
    recognizing him in battle, so he changed his name, but didn’t even try to
    censor his name? what is the point of changing it? he is still just as

  15. When to use ap over he?

  16. Must admit Im a little disapointed that the British DD is realy an American
    DD on lend lease. Still it’ll be intresting to see what changes the British
    maid to the Cambletown. Also would love to compare a Dido class to the

  17. In retrospect to Mingles with Jingles… I am watching your videos for some
    years as well. The thing that stands out the most is that I still laugh
    when you laugh. After a few years it is still as contagious as it was the
    first time I heard it. Please keep me laughing :)

  18. I can’t believe an Englishman got the quote from Shakespeare incorrect.
    It’s UNTO the breach not into.

  19. how do u get the trpiz the German battleship

  20. f “Tier Z” vD

    I got ninety-nine problems but a breach ain’t one.

  21. Andhika nur Aulia

    11:35 considering that looks like a quad then that might be the Aoba torps

  22. 2 carriers, 9 battleships, 8 destroyers, and 42 cruisers, that my friends,
    is what you call sad.

  23. “Turns out it’d be a bit of a mistake/miscalculation” Jingles 2016.
    Intellectual property of The Mighty Jingles, patent pending.

    Please Paul, never change mate c:

  24. Jingles at around 16 ish minutes did you call the tirpitz the derpitz?

  25. Jingles always bashing on BB players, like it’s that easy dodging
    air-dropped torpedoes ;)

  26. jingles are you going to continue with the division?

  27. JINGLES where is the mighty tog we need tog because tog is best everyone
    loves tog. ?????

  28. “Citadel penetration with high explosive!”
    Actually Jingles…

  29. That Jaws theme needs to be used more for ‘those’ kind of scenarios X’D

  30. ThethingAndit AndYou

    “parting kiss before he goes down” ;)

  31. 7:55 things have changed an update or two ago jingles, you could have been
    pumping multiple cits into his side from that range with AP.

  32. Clarence Constantino

    The thumbnail deserve a like by itself

  33. Nice Galaxy Quet reference ??

  34. jingles the muppet magnet

  35. Jingles carefully exposing his new nickname

  36. Well, the commander skill nerfs hit the Cleveland pretty hard as well.

    And that NC can’t really do much against a good TB drop from an US CV. Only
    getting hit by three is already about as good as can be, with the rudder
    shift times as they are.

    BTW: Is it just me or has Jingles taken on the “deleted from the game”
    phrase from Flamu? :D

  37. Jingles when is the next XCOM2 video coming out I need proper evidence
    before giving Billy a fine for driving under the influence

  38. I love how you integrate music into your videos

  39. jingles, why did you not block out your new name

  40. Jingles what is the music around 12 minutes into the video?

  41. its nice to watch jingles gameplay with such energy on his part i really
    enjoyed the video

  42. it’s “Once more unto the breach” but no matter :P

  43. Smashed On Buxton Mate

    Jingles its pronounced KUTUSOV not KUCHYSOV

  44. I’ve played WoW since CB… and I must be seriously doing something wrong
    because I can’t for the life of me get my shots to lob over hills as I
    regularly see on your vids.

    I’ve got target locked, and unless I’ve previously been firing at it over
    clear water with LoS the shots will immediately relocate onto the offending
    mountain. Have I just missed a key or something where it targets projected
    plot to surface shot or something?

  45. The Cleveland has been nerfed so hard in multipal patches it is no longer a
    Good ship IMO. The German T6 eat them alive from a distance now.

  46. russian game russian arsholes

  47. Saedhenien Tinndulith

    “….i just want to fire my Laser…….” LOL, laughed my ass off. very
    funny vid :)


    Hi Jingles, why cant Wargaming make a random name generator for all you

  49. Jingles, I dont know why, but HE feels nerfed to me, you cant really spam
    HE like before the latest patch

  50. TheNecromancer6666

    I love hunting destroyers in the Ishizucchi. She us so manouverable you can
    dodge any Torpedo a single Destroyer can put into the water. You go up
    close range to them evade their Torps and blast them into Oblivion. So

  51. hey jingles when you were in the navy did any of the ships you were get in
    to a fire fight with another ship?

  52. This is why I stick to Co-Op battles xD It’s more relaxing for me xD

  53. Sebastian Richter

    Why can’t I get such oblivious Enemies when I play my destroyers? XD

  54. Are you on twitch jingles?

  55. Clickbait thumbnail

  56. @The Mighty Jingles
    Yeah, they basically nerfed the cleveland into oblivion . .
    Good to hear you are having fun again playing ships!

  57. LOL was that a Galaxy Quest reference?

  58. deleted? cyberman dr who?

  59. Are those wierd, out of place anime pictures on the missions he was looking
    at at the start of the vid part of a mod or the actual game?

  60. You could have easily penetrated that Colorado’s belt armour at ranges
    below 6 km with your Cleveland.

  61. Whenever I hop into one of my IJN destroyers all of the enemy ships
    suddenly transform into drunk figure skaters.

  62. What usually happens:
    Jingles -“Every enemy sets his mission in life to kill me.”
    Jingles changes his name and stops being target #1.
    Jingles -“He should have went after me.” ( 19:33 )
    Jingles, do you miss being singled out and assaulted by every enemy and in
    rare cases by allies aswell?
    Fair enough though, he should have went after you in Rear Admiral style.

  63. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  64. DDs should take DoT damage if theyre not in the enemy half of the
    battlefield within 5 minutes of the start. top of my team every match, all
    you have to do is work together, know your job, and never waste time. If
    friendlies are engaged and youre not helping in one way or another, your
    failing your team, and your score.

  65. You’re right to think that you should’ve used AP on the Colorado. But when
    doing so, at that kind of range, you should be aiming not necessarily into
    the higher superstructure, but into the lower part of it where his
    secondaries are. Their casement mounts are unarmoured, and you can
    sometimes even pull off a cheeky citadel :}

  66. When the Cambeltown rams something does it massively explode?

  67. To be fair, the Battleship could try to turn into the Torp Bombers, but if
    the CV is any good, he won’t throw the torps how he wanted to. And if he
    throws them good there isn’t that much you can do in a BB. You can dodge a
    few, but you’ll take some…

  68. While turning sometimes will save you from dd torps, there is nothing a
    Colorado can do to avoid a competent cv drivers drops

  69. Shame RIP WOWs lets bring out a premium British T3 ship WTF a T3 wow, so
    many people will run to buy a T3 I dont think so, Wargaming get your ass in
    gear and just bring out the British Tech tree, no lets do Russian as well
    all know the Russian and Japanese had a navy way before the British OH WAIT
    Again GG you think of money before bring out nations who have had ships a
    lot longer than others. I have a lot of ship but dont play this game
    anymore as its just not what it was the skills tree is just bad, as before
    you had a chance to have different one now everyone has the same ones as
    some are so bad no one gets them

  70. How can you make a video called ‘Once More Into The Breach’ and not talk
    about Operation Chariot!!!

    Also, it’s pronounced ‘Kurnigsberg’

    I’ll get my coat.

  71. NewcastleD87 is your new name? gl with that :D

  72. that torpedo drop was done by airplanes jingles, bit unfair to say that he
    was sailing in a straight line :/ (5:06)

  73. Oh my god, Jingles, you DO play your USN ships after all! I agree with your
    assessment of the Cleveland. It’s definitely been nerfed to hell, though
    it’s still a good ship. And MM does take a dump on it and the St Louis,
    since they’re the only two US cruisers which are blatantly better than
    their IJN counterparts. However, word of God says that the Cleveland WILL
    be buffed when it’s moved to tier 8 on the light cruiser sub branch.

  74. Silly jingles. No carrier will send his plaens anywhere within 6 km of a
    North Carolina. Its well known by now that NC has had an overbuffed AA
    armament. Nothing except tier 10 planes can get close to it, adn even those
    all die on the way out of its range.

  75. Can I get you to play my Battleship Support since you know what you’re
    doing in a cruiser? No? Aww, damn it!

  76. I cant play as ships from Britain yet
    is there a reason why?? Can someone please help me out, this is driving me

  77. God damnit Billy !

  78. That was one of the more fun Warships videos you’ve done, Jingles. :)

  79. wargaming should set big youtubers up with random names for each battle,
    that way they don’t have this fame problem.

  80. Jingles, I think you should consider not changing your zoom when shooting
    at enemies, or, at least, not as often as you do. Since you’re not using a
    constant amount of zoom, it makes it particularly difficult to learn the
    shell velocities and to predict where the enemy ships will be, so you’ll
    end up missing a lot of shots you could hit with little trouble. Keep up
    the WoWs content, I loved this one 🙂 .

  81. Haha, we know now your new nickname, another change upcoming? xD

  82. Ahm am i going crazy or is the Yorck at 5:35 just drifting sideways through
    the water? :)

  83. jingles you noob. you just made your new ingame name public. focus fire
    incoming from haters allover the world.

  84. darrell “skirata” fairbank


  85. It’s that bloody boat game again :p

  86. what is the deal with those Arpeggio missions? new ARP ships?

  87. I just … I just dont understand, Jingles. I primarily play Battleships,
    but … where do these morons come from? … then again I do have the sin
    of pushing an escorting cruiser into the path of torpedoes intended for me
    … but thats what they’re for right? … RIGHT?!

  88. Sublim3Transc3nd3nc3

    5:35 – 5:50 Fast and the furious, Tokyo Ships

  89. Jingles its my birthday today will u let off from the salt mines today

  90. Tovarishch Adrian

    “On, on you noblest English”

  91. its like the good old days when jingles is playing it just makes my day 🙂
    ty good sir!

  92. Jingles, why don’t you change your…

    …oh, right.

  93. You lucky son of a …. clown? 🙂 Can´t get the smile off my face.Thank you
    old lucker.

  94. Lukáš Třešňák

    Dakka dakka dakka! Yes! Jingles is ours! WAAAAAAAAAAAGH!

  95. Geez Jingles, how do you get these Idiots?

  96. Battleships have a bitch of a time dodging my torps. It’s kinda hard when
    you can drop them right on the enemy. The only time they miss is if I over
    calculate or under calculate.

  97. Jingles you can only do so much damage in game to superstructure for some
    reason to ships… Don’t ask me why I got no clue

  98. Great to see you playing again! Much more entertaining than narrating
    someone else’s replay.

  99. I’d never run anything but Japanese Destroyers if I met the same players
    you do, Jingles. :p

  100. hi ^-^

  101. Hey Jingles Why on my Yubari can my dual purpose secondary/aa gun only
    shoot 2km when in secondary mode but 4.5km when in aa mode?? Long time sub.
    Keep going with the WOT and WOW vids. Kristoff16 AUS

  102. Jingles, get your hands on and review the Saipan. :-P

  103. world of tanks might have tog boat on April 1 for consoles

  104. Sir Jingles, have you ever considered asking for someone to make a mod that
    blocks your name from appearing on your client? So than when you upload a
    video it won’t just appear in the top left hand corner for the world to see

  105. you are always entertaining Jingles

  106. 15:40 whahaha, durpitz.

  107. Aaaaaand in case everyone missed it, there you go putting it out there for
    everyone to see 😀
    Thankfully with this name change I will get a break, sometimes I feel like
    I’m focused due to my nickname resembling too much our dark overlord

  108. “Taka Taka Taka Taka” – Jingles, 2016

  109. Imagine if WoWs had XCOM accuracy…


  110. Love it when jingles talks nautical.

  111. faragut = the kamikaze R…. learn the names :P

  112. Jochem Sturkenboom

    What do you feed these guys to keep them stupid Jingles?

  113. Hey Jingles, happy to see you back in the random battles. Since you’ve been
    gone, yes in cruisers, AP to the superstructers of battleships at close
    range can do quite a lot of damage. I have had 5000-7000 damage AP salvos
    on North Carolina’s while in the Cleveland.

  114. Martin Stensvehagen

    Love it! gimmi more boat fun!

  115. With Jingles driving the boat, I though this series would be titled “Once
    More onto the Beach”

  116. You must have really loved your old ship to have named yourself after it…
    HMS Newcastle (D87)? Eh? Amirite?

  117. why can’t i get enemy teams like that in my Fubuki!? lol

  118. Good to see you back on the high seas jingles!

  119. ‘Dis Derpitz’… :D

  120. i fapped to this, any discernment for this?

  121. When are we going to see the British tree in game?

  122. Time to sleep so I can actually DO things tomorrow.
    Jingles uploaded a World of Warships video!?

  123. R Silver Sørensen

    jingles you need to send the kids to school before you play …. and just
    after the grownups got the meds in ….

  124. your name should have been Boaty McBoatface

  125. Damn Jingles That was kindve a weak report on Darkfang77, I didnt really
    see he did anything wrong perse’ Just the usual I won us the game crap,
    Kids 🙂 Cheers Vasi

  126. And yet another example of the HE nerf to the US ships! Can’t believe no
    you tubers NOT on WG sponsored list mention it pfft!

  127. Go to sleep

  128. Markus “IceY” Eisenhammer

    There are a lot of people, which play in “Snipermode” all the time and dont
    check their surroundings what so ever. So the destruction of the Nagato
    there doesnt suprise me at all. Tomatoes will be tomatoes :)

  129. Newcastle, remember to hide your name. Correct me if i’m wrong but it
    should be rather easy in video editing just to black it out.

  130. Quickyfarty Gaming

    Jingles I think you NEED to take a look at this kickstarter!
    I mean its almoast too good to be true also Westie has a few videos on it
    (talking to devs n stuff)

  131. Islam is a facist ideology! fuck islam and fuck muslim terrorist!

  132. Jingles if you want to keep your In-Game-Name hidden dont show it on
    YouTube :P

  133. I just don’t understand the people, I have the braindead straight line
    driving idiots in most of my random battles. Unfortunately they are always
    on my team and never on the other team. I lay torpedos in the water, then I
    just need to count to 5. That’s the latest moment when the enemy ship will
    turn and my torpedos will just be wasted.

  134. Wargaming, Can make you tear your hair out. Jingles I Feel for you I can
    wait to see this HMS Campbeltown.When you said ” it’s not the Campbeltown
    Video ” Muphy Law and Wargaming will said you can show it.

  135. well that was strange… and amusing… kinda like having sex with a
    Japanese girl for the first time… I should be used to it by now though

  136. Common Jingles, I’m a battleship commander and i DO move when there are
    torpedos in the water and i do attack other ships in a 90º Front angle to
    keep my silhouette reduced. Most Battleship Commanders actually know what
    they are doing.

    Oh and having a Tirpitz doesn’t mean you’re a good Commander, it means you
    just have money. 😛 That Tirpitz Commander if he was smart he would have
    sailed straight at you and when he had the angle drop his torpedos in very
    close range. He was done but at least he could have dropped you and the
    other ship but alas, sailing with the sides on… *sigh*

  137. why is this s early! not that im complaining XD

  138. Yeah, it’s rather silly that WG still has the HMS Cambeltown under embargo.
    It’s stats and model are currently available for all to see if you have the
    extended tech-tree mod. From the stats that I can see, she looks like she
    will be a nice little premium ship.

  139. Nice Name. Tribute to the HMS New Castle eh?

  140. very good quote

  141. Does anybody know why the new ARS missions aren’t on the NA server?

  142. President Camacho

    Maybe lonely battleship crews believe the torpedoes are a mirage filled
    with topless women riding Jet Ski’s toward their boat wanting to party?
    “Come to Papa!”

  143. Jingles spot on as always. Love watching your vids have been a fan for a
    few years now, haven’t missed one yet. Sunday is my Birthday, getting to be
    an old far like you, though in my case it’s number 42, putting this out
    there, hoping you’ll give me a shoutout on Mingles with Jingles monday,
    name is John. ;)

  144. Iono Sama (IonoTheFanatic)

    Hmm the 1st Cleveland match against that Colorado though, i can see a lot
    of the HE salvos struck either the belt armor or the turrets…

    the AA being knocked off when you hit the turret is likely the AA located
    either on the top of the turret or nearby it… hence why ur not doing any
    damage to it

    the few hits that actually did hit the superstructure is the one doing the
    few hundred damage near the end right before you were destroyed by the
    secondaries fire.

  145. the fub is pretty amazing, only the 2nd jap destroyer in the tree that has
    working guns

  146. We see a dashing jingles fighting the most cunning of enemies in a death
    who needs skill when you have random matches

  147. Yea you really need to upload more of your stuff. Its so much more

  148. I just have no time for this game need to finish so many games and not
    enough time.

  149. I just have no time for this game need to finish so many games and not
    enough time.

  150. 10/10 would thumbnail again.

  151. 3AM Club.

  152. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    Sent you a rather nice Armored Warfare replay? Did you figure out how to
    view it?

  153. When I see your videos it terrifies me to know that when I move to Germany
    these are the guys imma be teamed with and against

  154. jiingles you didnt hit the superstructure…. you shot the guns…. you
    have to Hit the smokestacks for example.

  155. I wanted, and tried so long to like this game, but it just runs so much
    like shit for me I had to finally delete the game. Why is their netcode so

    Oh well I can’t stand playing WOT, and I retried it after finding jingles
    and it just pisses me off but Jingles makes it LOOK fun so I’ll just stick
    to watching him talk over both of them I guess.

  156. The Nurfed the shit out of the Cleveland guns, turret, rudder, and shells
    for no good reasons.

  157. 12:43 What is the name of that soundtrack?

  158. I think Jingles sees all of these fails because he’s looks for them.

  159. Very much looking forward to you giving those world of warships types the
    ‘best of British’ treatment in the Campbeltown hen you get hold of her. As
    always, many thanks for your content – long may it continue

  160. Today’s word of the day: deleted. Verb: fucking anialated by torpedos that
    not one shit is given about. Ex: did you see that guy? That fubuki just
    deleted him from the game!

  161. is it just me or was that York drifting something fierce

  162. you added the word “deleted” to you world of warships vocabulary. i
    conclude you have been playing a lot with flamu lately.:-D

  163. LOL, that description tho.

  164. Oh my! One of your funniest videos in a LONG time. That was meant as a
    compliment! ;-)

  165. *Once More Unto the blBreach

    I mean honesty Jingles you’re British for Gods sake :p lol (btw this is my
    first time commenting on one of your videos…I think :p )

  166. Even if people track all your activities like they are some kind of
    Sherlock Holmes, I’m just happy to see you play WoWs again, for yourself :)

  167. Its hard to understand people who whine about DDs. Free pinata! 10k health
    tier 5 DD gives same exp and credit a 60k health BB gives.

  168. Zacory Demonterey

    You have to remember that USA BBs have very poor armor around the aft and
    stern so even cruisers can pull of 7k-10k salvos by firing AP under the
    forward or rear turrets.

  169. jingles you turtle you showed the port ans that Shows ur Name…

  170. Fantastic video! That was very funny enjoyed it thoroughly!

  171. Loot at all those ” first ” comment… pathetic.

  172. Great video Jingles and loved the Galaxy Quest ref. (R.I.P. Alan Rickman.
    He will be missed)

  173. Nice name jingles, good job keeping the name secret :D

  174. Alpha Numeric Key

    At 5:45, a battleship goes drifting sideways at 200 knots.

  175. with that high firing arc there is a good Chance you penetrate the deck of
    a ship

  176. If you’re not allowed to show us the 1400t guided torpedo Campbeltown, why
    not get to the bloody Russo-Soviet cruisers?

    And yes, enemy battleships turn on a dime with my torps inbound but no ship
    I’ve ever driven can make any maneuver that doesn’t carry it directly into
    torpedoes whether or not I know about them.

  177. 5:33 For a second i thought that Yorck was flying through the water side

  178. Joergsprave or jingles laugh…… I can’t figure out which one is better.

  179. i’m early i should make a joke.

    the division end game

  180. So a week ago I started playing WoWs again. Did Wargaming nerf Japanese
    torpedoes or something? They seem slower and deal much less damage.

  181. WTF? EU servers have new Arpeggio missions to complete?

  182. You probably didnt damage that colorado because most of damagable stuff on
    his deck was already damaged. It would have been easier to explain if he
    lost %25 of his health but it is possible he used healing to cover that
    part up. There is a system in game on this matter. You cant keep damaging
    same parts. If you did a citadel hit on a boiler room with each shot
    landing on same boiler you will do less damage. A bit realistic tweak from
    WG. It twists freshly slated nipples at forums though

  183. Jingles.. Its been a while hasn’t it? I missed ya!

  184. Censor your name

  185. I rebought the cleveland today – regretted it. its’ terrible ship.

  186. Jingles never learns – Your identity will never be a secret.

  187. The turrets almost certainly *are* slower than you remember, Jingles. The
    Expert Marksman skill got nerfed for the 155s so essentially lost 1.8
    degrees traverse per second.

  188. Just when I thought I could go to sleep. Nope. Gotta watch MJ

  189. That fubuki (hope I spelled it right) is like
    ~Don’t. stop. me nooww. Don’t. stop. me nooww, ’cause I’m having a good
    tike, having a good time~

  190. HMS Campbeltown is a nice candidate for “uncle Jingles’ story time.” The
    St.Nazaire raid is stuff of legend. Jeremy Clarkson told me the story in
    “The greatest raid of all.” Good Stuff!

  191. There better be TOGs in the water on April fools day

  192. Good morning Jangles!

  193. Dammit Jingles! Its “Once more UNTO the breach!”

  194. To my fellow bb players, there is a real world tactic called zigzagging.
    Its not hard to do and it will cause the torps to miss if they fire down
    their indicator. Please stop making us look bad

  195. I’m not sure how a name change will help when it’s clear as day,people will
    still try and hunt you unfortunatley, you should have blurred your
    username,I still don’t understand why people go after youtubers, it’s not
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    Thanks again for getting this one up early mate; enjoy your morning nosh.

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    you feel like you didn’t do much, the strategy and your commentary will be
    very interesting I’m sure. Looking forward to it.

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    One dislike after 10 minutes of being uploaded and the video is over 20
    minutes long. oh YouTube you so silly.

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