World of Warships – One does not simply stop planes

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Even with awesome plays, full tryhard, as careful as you can be, holding on like a bear, shooting them down left, right and center with one of the best AA ships of the tier…in the end…the planes are unstoppable.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. I am so happy I uninstalled this game…
    EDIT: The other reason was radar. I love playing stealth in all games, and there is no longer stealth in WoW.

    • Yep, here as well. Just watch Flambi because he’s so damn good.

      The game itself is dead.

    • Big Boy Of Boys


    • Der Revolutionär

      I was still undecided if I should throw all of it away, but now after they introduced CVs in ClanBattles aka the only game mode that was still enjoyable, this game is screwed… Even after this disastrous season of CBs and tons of complains about carriers, they STILL think it is an amaing idea to include them in CB… They really have to learn how to read statistics and how to interpret them

    • No kidding … Yesterday i contest a cap with my stealth IJN DD. Radar … Grrrr …. I back away while avoiding fire as good as possible, waiting for radar to expire. I am like WHEN will you FF expire!!! Then as it expires, here comes 6km German Sonar from the enemy DD. And again spotted! Try to maneuver more. Then another Radar goes up and enemy carrier drops a fighter over me to spot on top of that. And i go *WHAAAAT* ( and die ) … And that is just T8 ranked. Stealth on anything above T6 is dead in this game. Your better of playing gunboats and ranged. Just like BB play ranged and everybody these days just both stay on ranged distances. It has become boring because nobody wants to brawl anymore. Torps on every freaking ship also does not help!

    • Just play the Legends version.

      It has no Carriers, no Subs and radars last like 10 seconds.

  2. CVs shouldnt be able to 2 volley kill a DD, had a game in Gearing, ran into a cv, got engine and steering gears incapacitated and 2 fires from CVs rocket planes first volley and he came back and with 2nd volley and i barely escaped with 15 hp, all happened in the first 3 minutes

    • Wait until you get attacked by FDR rockets. Single pass kills on DD’s.

    • @Garrett Kyle I lost my half hp with a head on attack whilst manoeuvring to avoid the planes, cv’s aren’t balanced, you shouldn’t expect to loose half your hp 30 seconds into a battle, cv’s like the graf zep etc are OP and need nerfed, it’s practically impossible to deplane a cv from what I’ve seen

    • play halland then. I dont have any issues in it

    • @American Man not everyone has every ship in the game, some of us have families etc that take priority, I only play occasionally

    • @Garrett Kyle He just comes back and kills you when the smoke is gone and you’re on cooldown. That’s the point, there should always be some defence against another ship type, but there isn’t against CVs, that’s why they ruin the game.

  3. I shot down 54 planes in my Kidd playing Ranked just two days ago.
    I also had 2 solo caps, 2 kills (including the only enemy DD early in the game), and 10 defenses. Yes, you’re right – my team lost.

    • Feels like my ranked experience right there. 5 in a row games like that all losses, fucking depressing

    • Some teams are uncarryable – my Kidd has a curse on itself and while performing pretty damage, fires and stuff, my teams most of the time I play it simply vanished or got scared and we lose ground and points etc. Got in in like 3 wins from 15 games or so (including first few of potatoin myself while learning details in the beginning, to be honest).
      That´s why I traversed back to CV and support DDs and trying to carry the game as much as I can by assisting in vital encounters – killing remote kiting ships with low hp, torping things that fighting my team and eventually spotting and helping our DDs kill their DDs. And from DD hunts are MASSIVE differences in cV players and in teams.
      One game soloDDs are able to get blapped 3 in first 5 minutes against our ships, and other game DD cooperate with few ships in closer range (= no maneuvering space for planes in AA bubbles) with their CV providing over with fighter bubbles and it a difference as hell – problem scoring almost anything and costs really much in planes.

    • I had my worst game while in T7 with the Colorado, when a Shokaku shadowed me the whole game and instead of actually doing damage I spent the whole time dodging torpedoes and rockets. I shot down 66 planes, still the most I’ve ever managed, but 0 fun, while that guy must’ve been laughing his ass off 🙁
      My only “win” was not dying while the 2 other remaining ships on my Team capped and won us the game.
      CVs: Even when you win, you still lose your sanity.

    • ​@vtr0104 that game meaning one thing – you did an excellent job occuping the carrier, so it probably helped your teammate a lot.
      The second thing it proves is that killing a BB as a CV isn´t that easy many times – it take many squadrons to take down a BB – all because of heals and repairs.
      But, to be honest, he should have killed you much sooner – 66 planes is like the entire game or a lot of fighters and he did an extemely poor performance.
      And I admit that fighting so many planes in a BB while not doing anything else is not fun – but it´s frustrating for the CV, too. You are his best target and still, not able to bring you down.
      This is the way the CV need to learn to help instead of kill on itself (if possible) and game need to reflect damage upon planes more in terms of XP gain. As a BB main I understand your situation pretty well from both sides and it is ill the way it sometimes turns out to be

  4. Took a single CV strike on my Östergötland and it perma’d both torpedo launchers and both gun turrets. Balanz because I survived and could only spot.

    • damn bro, that sucks

    • @Jan Mitiska I agree, I love the Oster and took out a fair bit of his planes but I was just dumbfounded on that one strike.

    • @Dirty Eric send the replay somewhere (Jingles, Daniel russev, …), it would make a great clip from it 😀
      Not much more you can do about it – you were extremely (un)lucky

    • @Jan Mitiska I have since over written the replay. Didn’t even think of that. Haha. Day late and a dollar short again. Have a good one

    • Miloš Poštić

      I’m gonna go ahead and say “never happened” but if you have a clip of that I would love to see it

  5. Played ranked in my MC, full secondary build and the AA that comes with it. I shot down 30 planes so the cv comes with only 2 planes. My fighters were up. Still manages a strike and kills me… .

  6. You should remember that Enterprise has like 10-12 planes in a single fighter consumable so even killing 57 planes wont hurt him that much if 40 of them are fighters from that consumable.

  7. 40 of the planes u took down where fighters, only 13 where rockets so yeah, he problaby still had 20 more in the pack

  8. Pretty much my experience with dd’s manage somewhat capable up until the Carrier just went yeetus Deletus on my ass

  9. You actually shoot down only 17 aircraft. 40 were just fighters….

  10. Enterprise isnt just any CV, it was removed from sale for being OP… Also (due to lack of team support which was the real problem) Flambass was literally stationary behind a rock for most rocket plane strikes. Thats an easy target for anyone

  11. I just had to increase my volume to about 70% to hear you, and 100% to hear any ship sounds lol

  12. Anime Profile Picture

    I told WG in the CV survey they did that “having good AA” just doesn’t mean anything anymore
    there’s just absolutely nothing you can do

  13. *”jUSt dOdGe”*

  14. remember when cvs playing carelessa and running out of planes was a thing? good times.

    • I liked CVS a lot better back then. the rework made them horrible, and took away the joy of successfully evading a dive bomber or torpedo bomber strike

    • I kinda wish the plane’s health was halved and the regen of planes doubled

    • Василий Чапаев

      At the same time,experienced carrier players had ability to sink/heavily damage basically any ship in the first 3 minutes of the match. Bet you don’t remember it

  15. Your team, CV included, refused to help you at B. I know that feeling all too well. Contesting a cap solo and getting no support at all.

  16. Remember when a Carrier wants you dead, your going to die. Now if that means your team loses or not is an entirely different story.

  17. (“out there”. Stupid autocorrect. Must be the same one they have on their spreadsheets.)

  18. Well in the end CVs are only really good against singled out targets, like Flambass in his cap, targets that have bad AA and spotting for their team, if they actually choose to do so and don’t be greedy damage farmers…
    And on reality in kinda is like that too… That big fleets sailing around only protect each other and mainly the carrier from air attacks…
    Legend has it that a giant pushing deathball aka lemming train also cancels most of a carrier if they keep pushing and not start island camping…

    On the other hand… If you drive a DD that basically consist out of AA or DP guns… Then the planes should get punished way harder in the inner aura…

  19. Flambass: kills 60% of a real-world Enterprises’ aircraft complement
    CV goons: cV”’sss ARe pERfEclY baLaNSed

  20. Team killed 119 planes. How many planes did Enterprise carry? Wiki says 90..

    WG says; “Is OK, is balans”
    “More Vodka!!!”

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