World of Warships – One Gearing To Rule Them All [426K Damage]

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Holy mother of Gearings or shall I say, there is One To Rule Them All…


  1. Geez, Ajax really had a good game. Sidenote IChasegaming, are you gonna do a review of the, Okhotnik? Aka, the Russian Kitakami?

  2. The problem I have with WG’s balancing is that they always use a sledgehammer, and that everything needs to be uniform. Like, most of the time the correct way is neither of two extremes. On another note, I don’t think that destroyers should be allowed to engage battleships effectively with guns at all. I don’t think there was any record in any naval engagement where DD’s engage BB’s using guns. Also, why on earth can a Gearing shoot an Iowa at that range, while the Iowa cannot return fire with secondary guns, since those secondary guns are the exact same guns which a Gearing uses, except it has 5 dual turrets on each side… Yes, I know ‘game balance’, but DD’s fighting BB’s with guns is just too much…

  3. Wargaming like battleships and AP. They won’t allow ships with small gun sink big ship easily that destroyers should either assault with torpedoes or escort large ship by playing the role of the external manual secondary gun platform.
    Maybe Shiratsuyu is the ideal destroyer to Wargaming.

  4. But, i want stealth fire for when I eventually get minotaur. Sure its annoying, but you can always bounce its shells :v

    Well in my eyes minotaur is a DD. sure higher detection range, but 8 torpedoes a side, 5 guns with 3.2 second reload and fast turret traverse and smoke

  5. One Gearing to rule them all,
    One torpedo to find them.
    One smokescreen to bring them together,
    And in the darkness, sink them.

  6. Your detect range should increase with the more salvos you fire from stealth. Meaning you can still fire from stealth but can’t spam fire like you could. When you stop your detect decreases. That seems to be a better balance.

  7. That’s sort of why we have smokescreens in the game. To stealthfire.

  8. 2:47 Shima having a Brown alert moment as Jingles would say 😀

  9. I did kinda feel bad about that yamato… but yeah, I was a little more worried about “one of those shells” hitting me than giving him a clean fight. lol

  10. The Yamato and Iowa at the end disliked this video.

  11. Geezus christ. That alot og damage

  12. i was yelling at my screen at the CV not spotting the gearing near the end.

  13. Tamás Kerecsényi

    Killing that Yamato at the end was just pure cancer, the Yamato had 0 chance, stealthfire is the biggest bullcrap this game can offer, sry to say that but it’s true, coming from a rank1 player.

  14. LOL at the end screens, on the Team Score the enemy Yamato appears as if it survived the game, in the Detailed Report it shows as having been sunk by the Gearing… lol WG :)))

  15. how the hell u get 5 kills and no cracken

  16. NA server doesnt count.

  17. oh, you want to remove stealth fire? then give me more hitpoint

  18. The stealth fire removal is just a flat buff to battleships and to Russian destroyers (since they’re always being spotted anyway, they don’t care about being detected when they fire their guns).

    I honestly don’t see why they’re removing stealth fire anyway. Seems like a solution in search of a problem.

  19. Alexander Ducaneaux

    Holy crap what a score …..

  20. 5 kills and no kraken? broken game 😀

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