World of Warships- One Of My Favorite Modes Has Returned

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Hey guys, today we have some highlights from last Tuesday’s Stream, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music: GET AWAY by tubebackr is licensed under a Creative Commons License.…

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio
Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. Pommern looks pretty fun. My only experience with over tier 5 German battleships is triptitz though. How does pommern compare to tirpitz?

    • Bigger, has 12 guns but they have the usual German accuracy, same torps as Tirplitz but also has Hydro. Good armor but also very huge superstructure, good secondary, bad AAs in general.

    • enlarged Tirpitz but hydro and worse turret angle.

  2. The funniest ship for this mode is Paolo Emilio, you either win or lose in 2 minutes,simple. Very fast and easy to farm the mission too

    • Except, unless it’s a mogador or another Paolo, you’re basically guaranteed to win.

    • @Sufyan Gazdhar Gnomingen also a problem but that ship is not too popular

    • @JaBaited probably, but I think you could still rush into it, it’s not too fast. But yeah, didn’t see that ship

    • @Sufyan Gazdhar Paolo got 7,1km detection full built so Gnon always spot you first, if you smoked then Gnon used her Hydro and once again spot you first and she has an amazing HE dpm.Most DDs won’t rush Gnoninghen because that Hydro

    • @JaBaited True, but Paolo can cover than 5km in just few seconds. And it’s got torps that Groningen doesn’t. And Paolo has much more HP, so it can withstand Groningen outspotting it

  3. Christophe Paitrault

    I was excited for the mode to come but I thought they’d do it better..
    I first took my groningen out expecting dd battle just to face a BB.. Can’t say it went well so I took out my yugumo and rushed the point, capped, waited until the BB showed up, took his he Salvo and sunk him with a double torp Salvo..
    I can’t say it was really fun, it was easy yes, fun not really.. Even though he had that IX BB with the planes I forgot the name, he didn’t stand a chance (or a lucky detonation)
    If only WG put each class against its counterpart that would have been better imo.. A cruiser battle I’d love that for instance, we don’t get many of those in game.
    Same for dd, good practice for dd battles on cap etc, but BB vs dd.. Ugh..

    • Steven Wiederholt

      Well said.

    • but if it’s DD vs DD then the situation would be the same cause Mogador would dominate the DDs, same with Rupprecht/Pommern for BB and Agir for cruiser.

    • Christophe Paitrault

      @Danh well yes and no, it’s already the case during those duel, but at least we wouldn’t have lame duel BB vs dd.
      Also I’m pretty sure I could take the DD battle with my groningen

  4. 9:12 when your enemy is too broadside and you still went on the superstructure, you just robbed yourself of the win.

  5. won against a pommern yesterday in a neptune (only t9 i hav) and im god damn proud of it

    • Definitely Ellie

      Were you that little prick on the Shatter map, hiding behind islands and torping as the Pomm tried to get round >.>

  6. A lot of people don´t seem to grasp this game mode and why people are doing the Mogador rush.
    Loses are not counted, all you need is 61 wins total.
    You simply rush in and you either win or lose. There is no point in sweating out games for several minutes when you can knock out several more games in the same time you drive circles around islands.

    • Exactly. I got probably 40 to 45 of those wins very easily with Mog rushing. Then faced endless Pommerns and Rupprechts who would just u-turn away as soon as they saw me coming, so I switched to Chung Mu and got the rest of the wins.

    • What’s there to gain from 61 wins?

  7. Amazing how bad some on the poalo Emilio players are. You have both caps. Up 300 points… wait until the hydro I down and save your torps, smoke to dump them point blank and easy win. Painful to watch

  8. Alejandro Pinchetti

    You should try the musashi. you can survive 8 torps from the Paolo and the mogador too ahahah

  9. I usually play bbs. When they do 1v1 ranked in Legends I’m surprised how bad/predictable most of the dd players where. It’s like most are so used to yoloing and/or being able to spray torps everywhere from smoke with no risk of being seen that they don’t know what to do against a battleship when they have to do their own spotting, actualy are at risk to do damage, ect.

  10. Definitely Ellie

    I won around 25 games in a row without a loss in my Pommern, then every game was against RPF Mogador’s hiding behind islands. So frustrating.

  11. The clock shouldn’t count down when all caps are contested, it is weak when wimps hide to get a win.

  12. As a guess, I’d imagine that the close range citadel is possible because you are so close. Guns are angled down at the waterline allowing the citadel to be targeted. Just a guess.

  13. Amazing event this 1vPommern brawl was. Simply a maze ink.

  14. Pommern is such a beast in this mode.. i’m at 18 wins, 1 draw, and one loss to a dumb mogador player who was just reversing around an island for 10 minutes waiting for the points to be over… But other than that still the best mode ever!

  15. Been killin it in the Donskoi, Radar, Hydro, and torps

  16. Great lesson in how not to play the Pommern as well as how to play it.

  17. Also consider Alsace for 1v1 . Her secondaries are pretty good also , her guns …. well much better than Pommern’s , has speed boost that can surprise many a DD and CA , lack of hydro no big deal usually (the fighter can spot close range) . All in all a descent alternative to Pommy …

  18. Brawl has been wicked this time round. I wish they would keep this mode with this player count per battle. Much better than the 5 v 5 or what ever it was. Least this mode you can only blame yourself if you lose and not dependent on team at all. Its wicked.

    • What is brawls I’m new to World of warships

    • This is way more fun and it’s brawling, the 9v9 brawl last time were crap and it were more like CB with out rules, hard to win if u didn’t have full team in that. This it’s tons of fun, been using Pommern, Ägir, Rurecth and Georgia

  19. Not sure why SLM is using the Pommern HE against those DDs. HE caps at about 20% max damage on a DD from a BB. Since the Pommern’s HE is so bad (4400 max), you actually get more damage per shell using AP (1100 max) against DDs with the thing. By about 20%. The HE can knock other things out, which can be nice, but if you are looking for pure damage, the AP is better.

    I love brawls, though. But I find 1 vs. 1 to be a little stale. Fine when you are a streamer and have a chat to talk to, but for me I prefer 2 player or 3 player brawls instead for the camaraderie. Also, 61 wins is rather a lot. Even if you are pretty good or have a good ship for the model like the Pommern, you’re still talking about 100 matches to get all those wins (assuming a 60% win rate). Each match (from time in, to moving in, to beating down) is up to 10 minutes. That’s 17 hours of play. That’s a lot to ask for 10,000 coal.

  20. I must ask, No carriers or Subs right? Not that i care, but this mode is clearly meant for BB, Cruiser and DD 1v1 combat. Glad to see it return though, looks like fun.

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