World of Warships – One of my most hated tier 10 BBs

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Republique is one of my most hated tier 10 ships. This thing is all RNG and no skill, or at least that’s how it feels to me, it also doesn’t help that it doesn’t like me very much and I don’t like it back 😀
No srsly, me and this ship = no good xD BUT I do make myself play it here and there.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. The Gladiator movie question is a reference to a 1980(?) comedy called, “Airplane.” In it there’s a scene where a kid visits the cockpit of an airliner for a “tour” and the captain seems to take an abnormal interest in him. He asks the kid if he likes gladiator movies. That’s a reference (long before Gladiator) of foreign “Swords and Sandals” movies from the 1960’s where the main character would be played by a body-builder and most of the other characters in those movies were sweaty, muscular men running around in short, skirt-like tunics. So, if you like “gladiator movies” it’s for the supposed interest in dark, muscular men running around in short tunics – sort of a sideways suggestion of gayness in a “comedic” context.

  2. Republique has to be my fave BB in the game and the one I hold my dmg record with. Sad to hear flambino hates it ?

    • Luke Buchanan what is your build with it?

    • I don’t care for the Republique, either. I prefer more guns, more turrets, and more armor. As nice as that reload is with 8 17″ guns, it just doesn’t beat the alpha strike that 12 16″ guns deliver. It’s a perfectly respectable ship, but suffers from Dunkirque-itis in that it’s absurdly easy to disarm at close range.

  3. Love the guy who was flipping out in chat because Flambass and his mate were close to the map border

    • Course the guy is dead and has to compensate by bitching at others.

    • I spend all my reports on those guys, they really bug me as they have no idea what you have been doing for the game.

    • all 3 of them that were close to the border were top 3 on the team, he was middle, ironic.

    • To be honest I hate BB’s sitting miles back and firing into middle however that is not what they where doing, they where fighting at minimum equal forces. However I suppose in the heat of battle you just see the BB’s sat at the edge not realising they are actually in a active fight there.

  4. I love my Repu and most of the time she does what i want her to do.

    • Same. I rarely fire with 1 turret though, RNG is too bad with 4 shells. I try to use both turrets as much as possible.
      I use the legendary mod. 20km range only, but that ship can fire 431mm every 15 seconds with AR.
      The speed can also get me out of trouble, appreciable. Manual secondaries kill DD pretty fast.
      Combined with the armor, it can be a good brawler when the time is right.

  5. When Conqueror angle, he got citadel, wtf???

    • The massive penetration of the Repubs shells at that range caused them to miss the citadel by not arching down enough on the broadside. When it angled it wasn’t any extreme enough angle for the shells to auto bounce, but the shells had more ship to travel through, so more time to arch down into the citadel. At least that’s what I think happened.

    • Actually easier to citadel the conqueror from the rear when it’s angled. Especially with French bb ap.

    • Conq has raised citadel so it was just rng or aim off by pixels

  6. stefanos perivolaris

    nope gk is most hated because as u play in the first 2 mins u get bbqed from everything
    and the canceror for firing 419mm napalm bombs

  7. Hated??? The REP is freaking awesome, you’re crazy!!!!!

  8. I love the Republique, I’ve got the legendary mod on it and it has a 19 second reload! With AR it’s a beast, you catch out all the cruisers with your huge guns but with a quick reload

    • You got it. Broken ship

    • @Dragon Killer How is it broken? Lmao. The ship has a massive dispersion of 300m so the guns are very wonky. It’s not tanky at all – in fact it BBQ’s worse than any other BB’s since it’s covered in 32mm plate.

    • @CaptainRedBeard i get citadeled with this f… Inside of a bismark.
      They say weak armor and i get less citadel then on other ships

  9. repu used to be one of my favorite t10 bbs before kremlin came out, now it does everything repu does but much better no real reason to play this thing anymore unless you like to camp in the back and snipe at 26km but yama does that better so meh

    • Kremlin is great but it hasn’t rendered republique completely useless at all. Kremlin is a mid range fighter where republique is a flanker. You kinda have to use your speed to your advantage and fire upon the enemy from unexpected positions. No tier 10 bb fires as fast as republique except for bourgone. I think that’s how it’s spelled, correct me if I’m wrong. But I do agree with you that republique has some major weaknesses. 32mm armor and 2 turrets.

  10. Kléber deserves a compliment or two.

  11. You totally killed that guys Airplane joke. The other good one was “Have you ever seen a grown man naked?”.

  12. “Do you like Gladiator movies?” ??????????????????????????

  13. I think but could be mistaken that Gladiator is also the name of the book from the 1930’s that they got the original idea of the character Superman for the comics.

  14. Flambion, watch the movie Airplane! That’s the reference about gladiator movies:)

  15. I feel the same way about Iowa. Whenever I complain, people tell me “you clearly don’t know how to aim”. BS: I’ve done 268K in Iowa. But its all RNG. Broadside Moskva? One time you’ll get a perfect looking group and 1 pen. 5 shots later and you’ll get a citadel. Same exact aiming point. Totally random.

    • Yeah but if you have consistent aim its very unlikely rng will fuck you over twice or more. I have both iowa and montana and iowa has accuracy upgrade + spotter plane ive sniped bbs at long range with it and citadeled some. It is very accurate for a bb

    • I don’t have that problem. If anything, Iowa has Nagato syndrome; the guns are so accurate they’re actually a little harder to use. If you’re off by just a little bit, you tend to get showered in overpen ribbons. If you’re on target though, say hello to a triple citadel or better. Vs. something like the Fuso, where twelve guns and a wide spread means you can aim with haphazard abandon, and still expect about the same effectiveness as if you had absolute precision.

  16. Jingles made a comment in one of his reviews where a team kept getting hits but failed to finish off the ships. Flambass plays like this, taking a whack at everything but not staying to finish the job.

  17. Around the 5:04 mark the Kleber came around your side, and said let’s do this.. While the other DDs were getting killed.. And he went all in, and stood with you both, and helped you guy’s win the game.. Congrats Kleber……?

  18. Played this in the filth made me glad I stopped at richelue tons of misses at every range and secondaries where so inaccurate

  19. no flambass you just aimed slightly wrong especially last conqueror

  20. 20 second reload? Way too op

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