World of Warships- One Of The Absolute Best Battleships For 2023

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  1. 21 sec reload and secondary build its very good

  2. I think that the void in the French armor scheme is filled with baguets, so it helps absorb the shell impacts and lessen the damage.

  3. It’s fast backwards

  4. She’s a good ship but better as a secondary build. You missed a lot of damage by not having that.

    • That’s… debatable, like Flandre for example is a secondary french BB. On paper it says she has the highest Dpm secondary guns, they fire rapidly that’s true. But…french secondaries don’t really pen that well so most hits won’t do much unless it hits the superstructure and you are quite dependent of setting fires. (Is at least better than Italian secondaries though) You can invest in IFHE that helps but than they can barely start fires. I feel like Republique shares the same issues. Not saying it’s the worst build you can put on her, it can be meme worthy, but I feel like tank build would work better on Republique, cause I don’t want my front turret to get knocked out lol

    • Not worth it in my opinion.

    • I cant believe someone said that with a straight face

    • @Zeka This is WoWs, what do you expect?

    • Lmao bro. You must be the secondary alsace player that threw a ranked match for his team by getting into secondary range and melting into nothing.

  5. Personally i think Iowa is the best BB ever since it was built too
    Sealord what do you think is the better Ship Jean Bart or Repub `?

  6. Repúblique is a Gascogne on steroids, the Gasco is a nice ship, so, you can’t expect less from the t10.
    And no, her guns aren’t 17.5-inch, it’s 431mm, flat 17.

    • I wonder what’s with all those weird made-up gun calibers? 17-inch? Couldn’t they have just realistically given those ships what was already logistically on hand, like say, what the Bourgogne has? Would definitely prevent Patrie from being a pain in the ass. Rapeublique too.

    • @AlexGuy Well, the French actually had guns of that calibre, althought they were mostly howitzers of the late 1800s.

  7. The thing with those guns is that they follow the fremch high tier recipe. Blazing fast shell speed, really high pen and really high ap dmg.
    Its just that on top of that it has overmatch and blazing fast reload.

  8. in a game these designs are whacky, in RL they make sense, conservative sure, but the french BB’s have a lot of small secondary mounts that in a RL situation would be very very nice.

  9. You can not beat the Mass or even the Stalingrad if you want a BB

  10. cmon man don’t make me grind the painful richelieu

  11. I was thinking a certain tier 5 Italian premium BB. the CG.

  12. PickelJars ForHillary

    I love dealing citadels in my Republic originally named Bonaparte

  13. what your opinion on Rep legendary module? it is good? or better take the normal reload modul?

    • Matt Geary - Transplanted!

      played with it for a bit. you can really get the reload down, but your range is a major handicap in this day and age. I feel like you need to get too close too early and you suffer for it. went back to the reload mod.

    • Trash, the trade is not worth it AT ALL. Stick with the regular reload module you’ll get better results.

  14. Fast BBs just get me into trouble quicker.

  15. I’ve used the French BBs twice this year for Research Bureau points. They are fun and easy to use, especially tiers 5 and 6.

  16. To be fair about th e fire chances on this ship , conqueror has only a %51 fire chance with the flags and commander skill , so as far as it being bad at %48 …… i would argue that point with the montana coming in with a base chance of %36 . not trying to pick holes but i would suggest a little refresh from time to time before proclaiming something . keep up the good work though , really enjoy your usual Vids and updates from the dev`s .

  17. Sorry, for me its one of the worst BBs in T10, thats why you see so few. With the aiming bugs of the game you cant hit nothing and when you do its low damage almost all the time, Oh and you die really quickly, its huge, easy to hit. The only good thing is the fast reload but with 4 guns or 8 if youre feeling lucky and with that dispersion you hit one on target only. Nope< rubish ship.

  18. The republique has to be my favorite BB I’ve gotten so far
    The 22 second reload is just soo damn nice.

  19. Prisoner of the Highway

    The other thing to remember is that even the cheap special commanders get improved AR. French BBs are definitely designed for dpm.

  20. I don’t play her a lot, but never felt is was a poor BB. It always seemed better than average, and the reloads is a boon. By the way, 16.97 inches for the 431mm.

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