World of Warships- One Of The Absolute Worst, And Most Painful Grinds In The Game

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Hey guys, today we take a look at everybody’s favorite terrible grind, the Colorado. Enjoy!

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. I’ve reset the USA BB line twice. the first time I free XP’d through it but now I’m stuck in the grind and it’s painful. Once I finish the reset I’m getting the Ohio and I doubt I’ll ever reset this line again.

    • @Maciej Adamiecki I heard that it is but I don’t like playing DD’s much.

    • @Maciej Adamiecki Ohio is a Montana but better in every way. When you get Ohio you will never touch Montana again lol

    • I reset the CA line instead: Omaha is a beast if you know what you’re doing, and the Pepsi just prints Krakens, as long as she’s not up against Tier 8 ships. Then New Orleans, Baltimore and Buffalo are all nice and reliable.

  2. Colorado I made sure I had the Blue XP booster + premium time to get through. I have to say as someone who has been playing since Open Beta back in 2015, Colorado is _way_ easier to play now than it was back then. Her ergonomics, gun characteristics, acceleration with the help of the module, and turning, + the fact they removed her 1920s stock hull (Does ANYONE remember that?) make her a lot easier to use now than she was way back when.

    These days her low speed is literally the only thing that makes her such a terrible ship to play. Her guns are fairly consistent in my experience and the 406s punch well enough for her to at least be usable in tier 9. I have her sister WV’41 and the fact that it only gets uptiered up to tier 8 makes such a huge difference.

    I guess it’s also the tough spot WeeGee find themselves in considering IRL she was the last Battleship class the US built prior to NC. Maybe they should give her an extra sped buff to just make this whole issue go away? I don’t know.

  3. The last couple of months I focused on grinding out both T X USN BBs, and it was a true pain to get through, and like I said to a friend of mine the other day, I’m NEVER resetting the USN BBs line.

  4. Oh yeah regarding the “Why did so many navies around the world keep their older battleships in service from 1920-1940+?”, Drachinifel did a pretty stellar video on the subject not too long ago. It mainly boils down to yes keeping up a considerable military presence throughout the timeperiod, but also because of the Great Depression in the 1930s.

    Not a lot of money left to go around + the need to maintain a navy of some size and firepower meant that a lot of navies opted to keep costs low by retrofitting their older ships instead of building new ones. It worked out great for some (USN and IJN in particular), not so much for others (RN and most of their retrofitted battlecruisers in particular suffered. Queen Elizabeth class was an exception though.)

    • The QE class were the ideal fast battleships of their time and less constrained by cost or treaty requirements. Perhaps it makes sense that they cope better with the future than the Revenge & Nelson classes and battlecruisers pressed into battleship actions.

  5. She used to have very good AA for her tier, until the CV rework of course 🙂

  6. Funny enough Colorado treats me extremely well, and is still my highest damage t7 ship. I almost never have a bad game with her lol

  7. Actually had a good time in the Colorado years ago. That said it was the Iowa’s speed that got me into trouble. With the way Tier 9&10 games are now, I can hardly use the Iowa. Would go back to using the Colorado if I still had it.

    • Iowa is possibly one of the best Battleships for its tier in the game. Its INSANELY good in the new meta. Pinpoint accurate guns, require some good prediction and aim time, but it’s very very potent.

    • @Harry Turner Had this discussion with someone in game about the Iowa. Unfortunately I never got to reset the commander skills to the new skills. Or reconfigured the ships modules. As I was not playing the game at all at that time. Even so no mater how I play the game I just can’t do well in the Iowa. Would have to look at the stats again but I think they are below average.

  8. The only saving grace of this ship is that they are consistent and teach you patience and positioning and later on to hold your shots for a better silhouette.

  9. The Colorado was rough when I went through it but the guns on it were pretty good. I disliked the Izumo (back then) more, though… actually used a big chunk of freexp to get out of that one. The original Furutaka was horrendous. I found the Italian DD line a fairly painful grind.

  10. When it comes to speed they have bumped up speed before on several ships. The Bayern was, in reality, a 21-knot ship and in-game it’s 26 knots and the Normandie was a 21 Knot design and one of its engines was a triple expansion steam engine, not even a turbine yet in game its capable of 29.5 knots the Tier 7 French Lyon was also a 21 Knot design as it’s engine layout was the same as the Normandies’s yet in-game, it’s 27knots.

  11. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Correction: Meant to say California not North Carolina when talking about ships being refloated at Pearl Harbor.

  12. le pas très gentil

    Colorado was such an enjoyable ship for me
    the guns are absolutely god tier at t7 and the improved heal makes up for the lack of armour
    Plus while being slow it turns like a kart

  13. Love the Colorado! Her guns are so ridiculously rewarding as long as you have good positioning.

  14. Back when the Colorado and Izumo had A hulls, I did not mind the Colorado. The Izumo on the other hand, I did not even hesitate to get past her after a single battle. The issue is the up tier of Match Maker and that WG just refuses to even consider adding a minor delay to offer +/- 1 instead of two tier jumps.

  15. I actually had very good games in the Colorado. I read up on Colorado when I was about to start the US BB line, so I was ready to free xp it. People seem to dislike it as much the old Izumo. If you watch people play it you learn what not to do very quickly. I’m sure everyone’s seen the Colorado player that spends 8 mins going out on the 1-2 line flank. The other side dies and he’s pretty much zoned himself out for the next 10 mins trying to rush back with everyone raging in game chat “hurry up” “useless BB”. I played Colorado kinda middle map waiting for broadsides, got through it no grind what so ever. Armour is decent and the guns can chunk 20k.

  16. I went through the grind on this thing way back when it could see tier 10 and did so on a regular basis. The tier 10 carriers would always make the Colorado their first priority since they knew they could absolutely strike with impunity on this thing before it got its AA buff which was then removed with the CV rework. I had to grind it with a lot of 0 damage games because I just didn’t live long enough to get in the fight since it was super slow and could not keep up with any of the ships and CV players knew that.

  17. Battleship? I thought she was the most heavily armed postbox in history

  18. I never understood all the hate for this ship, its a tank. I have had many great games in it and the guns slap.

  19. I had nothing but fond memories of the Colorado when I was still new to Warships when I was grinding my way up the American BB line.

    Really hammered home of getting the best position to project your power while the slow speed always kept me out of trouble of overextending. And considering how maneuverable she is, she just laughs at DDs trying to torp her. No joke, there was a game where I occupied 2 of the 3 enemy DDs to try and torp me, that my team’s DDs had free reign over the entire map. But since she has decent range, I still managed around 150k damage on that game with none of the torps hitting me.

  20. So, do you know what the “benefit” of so called “turbo” electric drive was…
    Electric motors “spin up” very fast and the “gearbox” that connects them to the drive shaft allows them to get a prop up to max rpm a lot faster than a steam turbine, it also allows max rpm and very quick changes forward to reverse, the USN liked them because they were compact but these were the fringe benefits.

    You know what the benefit of a short fat hull (low length to beam ratio) is MANEUVERABILITY.

    The Colorado’s should be very maneuverable (relative to other Battleships) they should speed up, slow down and turn better than any other battleship tier for tier, that was the benefit of this short fat ship with electric drive. In the game the ship has the terrible penalty of this drive system (pathetic 21 kts top speed) but without the actual benefits.

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