World of Warships – One of the dumbest situations ever

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I found myself in one of the weirdest and dumbest situations ever in Petropavlovsk vs Salem.

Both ships are tanky and kinda designed to fight bow in, but you’d never expect to be fighting bow in THIS CLOSE THIS LONG. Usually someone will push or back off, or simply show dominance and win.

While I feel Salem should have win in this situation I guess Russian monster wasn’t to be underestimated.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Pretty sure next patch the petrOPvalosk’ AA will be nerfed

  2. that was an *incredible* display of strategy and cool-headed decision making. Looks boring from an action-perspective but seriously…..impressive

  3. UltimaBasti - Ocean Spud

    That island sure took a beating.

  4. Too much penetration for 220mm, is it stalinium AP?


  6. Monkey finally not dying in the first 5 minutes? What is this?

  7. “Average 150k game”. Yeah, you know you’re not getting in a top clan when someone says that. I think the average player is happy with 70k at T10 these days.

  8. Kurosaki990Ichigo

    Send this replay to Jingles with Monkeys perspective as well.

  9. Gotta give credit to the Salem player for being above average to make this fight interesting in the first place.

    This Salem player is knowledgeable enough to also deliberately aim for Flambass’s turrets and really holds his on own for a while until he suffered the first permanent gun incapacitation, which honestly could have gone either way.

    You could even tell he switched to HE after the first gun loss because he realized needed to go for a DPM rush on Flambass’s lower HP pool after losing the incapacitation trades.

    Eventually he even lost his second gun and resorted a final ramming decision, which would have easily succeeded if Flambass wasn’t divisioned with two other equally skilled players to stop the ram.

    • Christian Alexander

      the two batleships were idiots, showing broadside to russian cruiser

    • Salem player is an idiot. Could have just HE’d him to death.

    • The AP fight was just a meme. Shooting Salem shooting HE would win that fight.

    • @MegaFregel Disabling Petros guns for the whole game is much better than potentially farming most of his hp…. You forget Flambass is a great player, he probably would have escaped the HE spam death

    • Junior Galacto nope HE spam is better. The only reason for Salem to use AP is he can’t escape the situation and when he’s significantly less hp. Otherwise he can simply use his DPM advantage. No need to rely on RNG.

  10. Wait what?! IT has better concealment than Venezia AND Radar? xD

  11. Russian bias loud and clear. Out facetanks a Salem and then 5 citadels on a BB…….

  12. It was like World of Tanks just in slow motion!

  13. Love how Petro has a 11KM detection range and 12KM radar. Much balans WG.

  14. I could only dream of playing this game like you fellas.. And Trendless Stalin awaits son (Priceless)

  15. GG, good to finally see a Russian ship that has a small amount of power creep… 🙂 LOL

  16. Notser called. He wants to know why you and Salem kept firing at his beloved islands!

  17. flambass be like: tell me on this ship model where the admiral hipper touched you

  18. Playing ships that are not in the client for most players is OP. WG please nerf.

  19. He used that chokepoint and heald up a superior ship. Salem did well. He almost got you and if your buddies weren’t around, he may have.

  20. Jonathan Baron-Crangle

    Awesome match, finished with a very telling bang.

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