World of Warships- One Of The Last Of A Dying Breed Of Ship

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Hey guys, today we take a look back at one of the last Free XP Ships added to the game, the Agir, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. NRG Stodgey 🛠 #roadto600subs

    Nice video, Im quite looking forward to the new economy changes as well 😀

  2. I legit just got this ship in the T9 crate today!
    Perfect timing!

    • it is the best tier 9 cruiser in the game. don’t listen to him on the HE. Use it at range, you’ll get plenty of fires. The BB hull armor will save you so many times. you really get away with a lot of aggressive mistakes in the Agir

  3. Tanky no gimmicks. Solid. Worth the Xp…flags gents use em. Convert ship or commamder xp to “free”. German goodness shame about game meta. Be sneaky. Avoid rukus at all costs,

  4. It is very nice in 1v1 brawls, enough armor to tank, enough maneuverability to dodge, and torps for the yolo.

  5. A really dang solid ship and one of the only Large Cruiser with torps. She does also have the same Fire Chance as an Azuma and Alaska.

    Now give my my ManSec back on Cruisers.

  6. Agir is really great for 1 million free xp

  7. My only Free XP ship is Alaska. After that grind I thought, f@ck it and bought Agir with doubloons. Never made it to 1 mil Free XP after that as I used it on upgrades and running through tech tree resets for Research points. Got Ohio recently and she is awesome… . . Buying Agir was well worth it as she is my German Alaska (with torps!)

  8. I guess Flamu (not sure) pretty much summed it up well regarding “where are the new free xp ships?”
    Directly there are none,
    indirectly -> research bureau

    and a neat side effect: they again increased the price opf the ships vastly.

    if you look at the old ships and the price increases: 375k -> 750k -> 1M -> 2M

    with the reasearch points: 43k-63k
    so 3 – 7 resets, depending on if you save the “doubles”

    1 haragumo reset is ~670k xp iirc .. so with the cheapest line we are talking something the line of 2M to 4,7M free XP depending on the ship to buy

  9. Mech Franka T. Lieu

    WG put themselves in a bad position with withdrawal of providing new FXP ship .. when the coal and Steel are ever being short in supply ( mission become harder and yet give less .. etc ) , the whole FXP ship is always an alright concept , except with some underpriced ships ( Mushashi ) or way over priced ships like the Hayate , the basic T9 1 million price tag is viable, working and nobody complaining … so its only WG themselves who want to screw a perfectly fine in game mechanism so they can just force players to pay to progress with the Rubbish Burnheap , the Steel ships ( notice how they keep selling steel recently with bundles , lootbox etc )

    • Yeah I got Mushashi when it first went live because I had been saving for Missouri but they pulled it before I could save enough. Mushashi was my first FXP ship, then I finally got Nelson. Hayate doesn’t interest me enough to care to save up that much FXP.

    • They ddt stop making “free XP” ships they changed the name to the research bureau and made the ships 5x more expensive like how you get Ohio

    • @ImpendingJoker hayate is pretty odd it dose nothing good and is over shadowed by every other option. Groningen is fun if you want a flamethrower gun DD

    • @TacticalBeard Even more…it’s 4.7 million FXP to run the Harugumo line 7 times (without any 2X). But WG doesn’t want you to do that..they want you to play them to regrind and spend an extra 300 million credits to do it.

    • Mech Franka T. Lieu

      Mushashi was hard to get back then , yes , I was there too but considering how much it cost Vs how much one get when compared to majority of other FXP ships it’s still underpriced ; overpriced it is for Hayate and while not quite , WG try to gun for 2 mil price tag at T10 , but it just do not work out

      Even with Coal , Steel , and RB ships WG continue this gimmick approach and there is a very profound big gun mentality shown , which am not cared for .. the more op gimmick they put into the game , without balancing the whole , the more they screw their own game itself

  10. imagine if agir would still had the old secondaries. mega chad

  11. Agar is great fun, pity about the commander rework

  12. this ship is proof WG hates Germans back then.
    First, they want a close-range ship with good secondary just as explained or force people to push so they became XP pinata, then Flamu wins against Yuro, and his Div proofing the ship is really fun to play.
    WG couple of days later: this ship is overwhelming to play because the number 2 turret has a limited angle so we gonna nerf the secondary and make it mediocre!.

  13. Good review. It was my first FXP. AK was leaving when I started to play the game, so picked her up in the B before she left. In Ranked or CB, I do way better in AK. However, in in Randoms, for some wierd reason, I seem to do better in Agir. I actually enjoy playing her more. I think the torps are her ace in the whole when you get rushed by BBs, which the AK doesn’t have.

  14. Agir is my go to in Ranked. Absolutely can hold it’s own in almost ANY situation

  15. as mainly a PVE player, it’s easier to get coal than FXP for me… at least to afford a ship (175K coal with coupon vs 1M FXP)
    my first FXP was the Nelson, was going for the MO, but didn’t have enough before they pulled her.

    • I was in the same boat. Missed out on the Mo’ so I saved up and picked up Nelson and later the Mushi. I missed out on the Smaland and Alaska, but got the latter in a black box. I really wish they wouldn’t remove freemium ships…. just balance your damn boats better. Screw their FOMO sales tactics.

    • @azraelswrd
      yes since then i got the Thunderer and Napoli for coal and Alaska or Agir for FXP and the other for coal.
      like i said, coal is easy to get, sitting on 550k right now and this after using some of it for captains
      i just wait for my coupons to come off cooldown to buy ships, so i save 25%

  16. 5:28 captain skills / build

  17. For just straight up free Xp pretty much the only one that’s worth it is the Groningen, it’s fun and actually good in game . Now all the new “ free XP “ ships are 5x the cost and unlocked via the research bureau

  18. Cool video, I really like the Agir. I only started playing about a year and a half ago so my first FXP ship had to be Nelson before they removed her, best value ever. Next i got Agir and have had a lot of fun with her. I have since also picked up Azuma and am well on my way to Hayate. I think before long they will just remove all of the FXP ships, fortunately FXP adds up fast if you don’t use it to accelerate your grind up the tech tree lines.

  19. Ashleigh Elizabeth

    The last FXP ship was actually the Groningen released last year. While technically she is just as Friesland moved from the European line to the Dutch line she is still her own ship and she is the very last of the FXP ships.

  20. Her HE are trash but has enought speed and penetration to incapacitate and maybe destroy in the first try unprotected torpedo module.

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