World of Warships- One Of The Most Controversial Ships Ever Released

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Hey guys! Today we take a lookback at the TVIII Premium German Battleship Odin! Enjoy!

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  1. I would have thought with the CC devastation around it that you would have picked the Yukon as most controversial.

  2. I have the Odin and I still like it. I don´t play it as much as my Tirpitz B I will admit, but I normally do well in it. Like you said, you have to play it like a heavy cruiser. The last time I took her out, I managed to get a Kraken in it. It was an all Tier VIII game BTW.

  3. I love Odin. I just want the 10,000 HP increase and 3 second reload decrease. Those still always bug me when playing it. Fun bounce angles, though, like Roma.

  4. As a battlecruiser, they could like buff her max speed a bit so she could be more active.

  5. Max survival, concealment and main gun build, and playing her as a battlecruiser instead of normal BB is going quite OK for me. But she should have gotten more HP or more speed (or both) imo.

  6. I got the porta-potty the second time around but do remember the first dockyard missions for the first implementation, way beyond even a normal daily player, but I do pick and choose now with the dockyard ships, I normally just grind through, gaining what you can gain “free stuff” and have noticed they have also stopped putting that extra bonus ship in as a reward.

  7. I got her way back in the dockyard event. I loved her and still play her a lot. I have about 150 battles in her with a 78% win rate. I can normally get 80 to 90k a game in her. She took a bit to learn to play the right way but when you get it right you are a tank .

  8. WG need a bring back a way for people to be able to “collect” the ships they missed in the dockyard from over the years – maybe a dockyard where you pick what dockyard ship you want to unlock?

  9. I won the Odin in a advent calendar givaway 2 years ago. I really like her, she’s fun to play. Unfortunately though playing secondaries nowadays isn’t… ideal or fun. A shame.

  10. I took like a 2-3 year hiatus from the game just from a ton of stuff going on in life and I came back just as the Odin dockyard was ending. I’ve been wanting one ever since.

  11. I got the Odin in a Santa container last year. Very fun ship. I play Odin in Ops, Coop, and sometimes in Random.

  12. I really wish WG would release a B version of the Odin, it is like the last ship that I missed and would like to pick up.

  13. Odin is my favorite go – to ship for ranked and brawls. Odin has everything The Tirpitz has except the bigger guns, and as a trade off, Odin has a smaller profile which equates to better armor coverage and maneuverability.

  14. Left in port due to long range HE spam burning the Odin out. At this point in the game, ships such as the French Flandre at T8 (with high HP and lower armor) are better since the game is about fire damage, even if you attempt to brawl.

  15. Funny you mention the Odin, i had not player her in a while. I played her less than a week ago and had fun plus we won. I also play her like an Alaska as she cannot tank like a Bismarck or other heavy BB. Her guns can destroy cruisers and with HE you can burn down many BBs. She maneuver’s very well. I wish WG would get a little more creative with their special commanders and add some more historical commanders.

  16. The Odin’s one of my most desired ships, I really wish I could get her someday

  17. The only dockyard ship I don’t have. Not sure if I regret missing her or not.

  18. you should do a comparison/review of the 16 tier 8 dubs ships available for the current token event.

  19. The Odin is one if my favorite ships in the game. And so glad I nabbed it for my 1st dockyard. I use it all the time in brawls, ranked, airship, etc. Secondary build is so much fun. I’ve been tempted to get the Brandenburg but I don’t think even with an extra 305mm turret that it is better.

  20. I love the odin, especially in t8 ranked. its an absolute beast.

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