World of Warships- One Of The Most Gimmicky Gimmick Ships That Ever Gimmicked

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Hey guys, today we take a look at the Tier VIII Premium French battleship Champagne! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley: i=1553897018&app=itunes


  1. This is just Republic’s kid who talked to the creepy Slava player on the corner of the street.

  2. It’s a tier 8 Slava. That’s literally it. Slava isn’t a bad ship, just a very passive one. Same with Champagne. You stay at range looking for broadsides.

    Given that though, you’re meant to be in a position where you can cover as many people as possible with your 25km guns which are accurate for the entire range. Being at the extreme flank like in your video really limits your options and opportunities to click broadsides. In the mid game, so many ships were showing you broadside in the opposite cap but you were all the way in the flank so they were outside your range.

    Ultimately you ended up pretty much brawling with the enemy which is specifically what NOT to do with this ship.

    The armour on this ship really doesn’t matter that much since you shouldn’t ever be in a situation where you are farmed by a HE cruiser and 406mm guns should overmatch them anyway at tier 8. Your extreme range also limits any reliable damage from enemy battleships. It’s also the fastest battleship at tier 8 with speed boost so you can just run away from most threats.

    • An excellent instruction for the behavior of this ship in battle. But in a real random, this ship, as you suggested, cannot be used. Since this behavior suggests, as it were, certain cards, a certain setup in your team. And these are already MANDATORY conditions for the implementation of this ship, which do not ALWAYS coincide with the opinion of the matchmaker. )

    • @X channel *disregards everything all the above*

    • @MeraFirewing Hello! ) Bye!

  3. The 60k hp wont make more people want to play it, and I am absolutely happy about that because I get to be a snowflake.

    Also I dont believe the vid touched on the champagne having the second best pen in the game, beating the republique after 7km and falling only slightly behind the slava at all ranges

    • How should more players play the ship? I thought it isn’t available anymore?

    • Accept with the velocity exploit 😀

    • @Grasshopper K never heared about that

    • @Thorsten Simons Because World of Warships runs on such a low tick rate (.1428Hz or 7 ticks per second), if you aim at the water at say 2km away from you, then quickly lift you mouse to something 20km away (Or aim at the sky, the aim assist does the elevation/range for you at that point) and shoot before that seventh of a second, the game (server-side) believes you’re still shooting at something 2km away, so the shells travel that full 20km in the time it takes them to normally travel 2km. As shell penetration is calculated by time in the air, the shells still have as much pen as they normally would at 2km.
      Meaning you can have Henri firing at 20km with more pen than any other cruiser in the game is meant to at 10km.
      Just look up railgun exploit or velocity exploit on here.
      The *ONLY* downside to the exploit, is if you have a high rate of fire (just hold LMB if your in Worchester), or need a high shell arc to reach your target. Turns out shell elevation is also calculated by re range the game *thinks* you’re firing at.

  4. Marcus Jones Stinks

    When I think of overgimmicked ship in game I think OG belfast. Smoke, hydro, and Radar, with nasty guns. What more could you want?

    • auto ASW with a range of 12km^^

    • Georgia is the most gimmicky ship in the game right now.
      – American super accuracy module in slot 6
      – battlecruiser dispersion
      – main guns with some of the highest AP damage in game
      – 30mm overmatch
      – quick reload
      – Massa fast reloading heal
      – Massa secondaries
      – actually good AA
      – very good base speed
      – giga broken speed boost that makes her the fastest BB in game when active

    • @Sameer Kharade I got one kraken with her where I killed 4 ships out of 5 with secondaries

    • @Stefano Crosazzo must have felt good! GG!

  5. It looks like except for the sniping you have listed all the reasons I never got this ship

  6. damn this thing is incredibly squishy, playing it in t10 must be a nightmare

  7. Incomparable Battan. In-com-par-able. What’s incomprehensible is your ability to say it wrong over and over XD

  8. Probably missed it, but Dev Blog just announced HP increased from 52,600 to 60,900. Near the 4-minute mark, you call Champagne the Gascogne.

  9. Jean-Philippe Morin

    Best gimmick of this ship is every match you can start the game saying ” Who wants to pop that Champagne?” 🙂

  10. Any chance we could get some close up shots of the ships you are reviewing? No matter the ship, good or bad, I still love to appreciate all the detail they put into them.

  11. Was playing with the Bismarck the other day and get destroyed in less than a minute by 2 cruisers hidding and 1 battleship (tier 7 and 8), was going bow in , so i think armor in bb is a myth, and ofcs got played by german dispersion.

  12. I think the ship needs a new gimmick, rocket repellent. I have the ship. Its purpose is for snow flakes, anything heavier would sink it in port.

  13. This was one of the worst ships I have ever gotten out of a super container. Wish I could return her!

  14. Any battleship with just 2 turrets I would call a battle cruiser at best. It gives up too much throw weight in the name of speed.

  15. I find this ship incredibly frustrating as well

  16. They buffed for a CAMPING SNIPER that don’t often get focus by enemy team instead of another one BRAWLING WARRIOR. Oh Odin, my poor Babe that cursed by WG.

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