World of Warships- One Of The Most Hated Ships Is Returning Soon

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No one is ever really gone….


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  1. >Removed Smolensk from the store
    > Sold it back into Gambling containers
    Ain’t that a classic
    Edit: She’s not in 2023 BF containers

  2. Interesting I just had a look and there’s two ships missing from the crates, the Repulse B is also missing, which means she *might* be a reward ship.

  3. My bets are all on them putting 500-1000 of them into an auction

  4. Might actually spend some money to get the smolensk, if it’s not to insane price. The most hated ship isn’t smolensk, it goes to all subs, CVs and to some extent hybrids

  5. Smoleńsk was my first coal ship that i bought. Now i rarely play her, but still in a proper situation she is a fkin beast!
    And most probably I’m gonna buy some premium containers – knowing my luck I’m gonna get a B wersion of ship, that I already have, or a fkin CV, wich i don’t play. Last year i got Graf Zeppelin B and well…at least she looks cool in my port :/

  6. I’ve always wanted this, I love light cruisers. Just when I’m getting ready to uninstall, they do this to me.

  7. Looking at the drop chance in the Dev Blog the Smolensk isn’t going to be in the Containers.
    So she’s gonna be purchase only and I hate to say it: But unless Scam Gaming isn’t going to price her absolutely ridiculous I’m very tempted to buy her.

  8. 190 bucks for an op ship is already insane and people are still willing to pay much more for that its so crazy.

  9. Smolensk isn’t too bad these days. Before the captain rework it was, but even then, it was a good farming ship, with little game impact.
    My most hated ship is the Smaland, simply because on top of being broken in many regards, it has the battle impact on top of it.

    Not even Thunderer has that.

  10. I honestly can’t remember how and when I got my Smolensk. I think it was for steel oh so LONG ago? But I love it merely due to tasks that come up and say start X fires or get Y main batter hits. Well with that ship speced for starting fires with the right flags … yeah it melts those tasks like butter. Play with the smoke screen and it can be fun to play. But damn it is one big citadel.

  11. You were running the Nikolai 1 it made me think that they were releasing a black Friday version of that ship and then you say Smolensk

  12. With the state of the game recently I doubt many but the most die hard players will want anything from this sale. With the mid tiers rarely being able to float 12 v 12 random battles any more with some 6 v 6 filling the roster you might end up with the ship you bought for less than three years. Not a good investment.

  13. They might do an event like the Missouri event where you have to complete missions on other sites or in game but have to get the missions first either way it is going to be interesting and I am looking forward to maybe getting the smolensk if it release like that

  14. I didn’t understand why the Black’s camo didn’t have a black version to begin with, it seemed to obvious. Now I understand.

  15. TheGuardianofAzarath

    I missed my chance to get the Smolensk when it was for coal, so I might look into it. Might also get the iwami

  16. I thought for a minute you were going to show us a Solo Warrior with that Imperator Nikolai! 😀

  17. I think shinome B had a sequential bundle chain so I think it has a good chance of being there.

  18. I do not expect that Smolensk will be put in sequential bundles. The last 2 years the new t6 Black ship was put at the end of the sequential bundle list. Last year was Shininome B, the previous year was Dunkerque B. So, this year should be Repulse B. Smolensk B should just be available for purchase for doubloons in the armory or cash in the premium shop.

  19. Already have the Smolensk! It really doesn’t bother me that others have the opportunity to get a ship a lot of people already have. Unfortunately for them they have to actually use money!

  20. The meta changed. Alot of the “OP” ships relied on BB players thinking they were playing world of shore batteries. Usually parking bow in next to the cap and getting farmed, or if they were moving going in a straight line never varying their speed.

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