World of Warships- One Of The Most Hated Ships Return, & One Of The Most BS Submarine Changes

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Hey guys, today we take a look back at the DevBlog concerning update 11.7, which features the return of the PR among others!


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


0:00 Channel Intro
0:11 Video Intro
1:14 Return of the Puerto Rico
8:06 Clan Battles Season 18
9:02 Brawls
9:50 British BC Early Access
10:24 Camera Improvements
12:49 Submarine Improvements
17:49 Visual Upgrades
18:42 Content Additions
19:32 Closing Thoughts


  1. CruisingForMermaids

    A simple dockyard? Those are some BIG numbers still.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      But you have 4 patches to do it

    • R Silver Sørensen

      @Sea Lord Mountbatten the Standard Joe, will maybe get this on 4 patchers … and if the JOA play Co-op only becouse the dont like other ppl the never get this .. becouse CO-op give less of al things to start with …

  2. The asured detection disable is for subs vs subs only cus from the language they stated this change is to improve sub vs sub interaction so this only applies to subs. In addition this only applied to subs at max depth at parascope its business as usual.

  3. Why of course. The entire point of subs is to break all the rules for normie-ships to incur frustration. CVs were made by the same principle. Dont be surprised when they add a flag that slightly increases your depthcharge damage or something inconsequential like that.

  4. stalkingtiger777

    If they want to stop submarines from accidentally detecting each other, reduce their top submerged speed to 19kts. That’s the fastest they could go underwater in WW2. Problem solved.

  5. When is the French cruiser line coming out of early access?
    I actually like playing the Cherbourg, Had some very good matches in her and want to try the T9 and T10 ships.

  6. I like the economic booster changes that I saw in 0.11.6

  7. If I understood this correctly then hydro is getting a nerf which I don’t see how that is a good change seeing the recent ship releases like the jinan that can launch 40 deep water torpedoes at you and good luck spotting any without hydro

  8. Richard Champion

    I’ve been playing this game since day one, it used to be fun! It seems that after every update, the game gets more lame, DD’s that spit torps out like Pez candy, CV’s that spawns planes, now with subs, I’m sorry but this is sad. This game is following World of Tanks. By the way LOVE your videos, please keep up the good work, and thanks.

    • “… it used to be fun.” <== Yep. No reason to believe it'll be fun again anytime soon, if ever.

    • I’m still having fun. As the saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

    • you bore me

    • You forgot about the endless HE spam. Nothing better than jumping a secondary spec BB, run a Kitakaze or Smolensk that smokes up and proceeds to melt down to 1/2 hp by the time you get into secondary range. Then watch in frustration as your secondaries are manned by drunk sailors that can’t hit anything while said HE spammer laughs as they send you back to port.

  9. Subs can’t detect each other while submerged?

    Does that mean they could randomly ram each other without seeing anything?

  10. I use assured detection when playing a sub versus other subs often to help my team out… (<2km sub vs sub is just a circle race untill one has to flee (and gets in torp arcs) or gets bombed by the team) I don`t think under water proxy detection had to go to be honest, and I play subs a lot.

    The only thing I want to know is: does this change include periscope depth proximity detection: if yes TERRIBLE change, if not: NOTHING changes in relation with surface ship interaction.

    Assured detection reset on subs at max depth* is already a thing for months: if I get spotted I dive: assured detection = gone (don`t mean I always get away with it, more often I die anyway to depth charges when it comes to that).

    * 30m max depth is way to shallow and easy to reach in my opinion, some maps have shallow area's and it would be cool if I wasn`t able to get the max depth benefits there for some more risky choices.

  11. The only way to make subs acceptable is to give destroyers the tools to actively hunt them. We all actively hunt surface ships, DDs should be able to hunt subs. Some form of sonar consumable for DDs that doesn’t detect surface ships, but acts like a kind of RPF for submerged objects only. It would add a new dynamic to DD play, and in the same way DDs need to be very aware of enemy radar, subs would need to be aware of enemy sonar. Yes, hydro will detect them, but that’s like saying a 2km radar would be acceptable for surface ships.

    • As thing currently are DDs have the weakest ASW capability.

    • @Squantanamo Thats not entirely true. If the sub gets caught out of position a single well placed Depth charge drop from a destroyer can 100-0 a submarine very easily, especially if it is german.

    • @Squantanamo “…. DDs have the weakest ASW capability.” <== Ridiculous that this is true.

    • @Germax
      My Thunderer will smash a submarine from range, a destroyer has to expose itself to maybe do damage. And that’s if you get there, line up perfectly and don’t miss. Destroyers are just bad against submarines.

    • It varies from DD to DD. British ASW for example is awesome. The problem is getting on top of the sub, try doing it in a Forest Sherman for example. With the speed of subs, it can make it really difficult for slower DDs to position correctly. Part of the benefit of something like sonar would be that you could plot the path of the sub and try to position yourself to get ahead of it, whereas currently you’re effectively playing a chasing game.

  12. I have the Puerto Rico. Because of what WG did for that PR event I cringe if or whenever I take the ship out in randoms. FYI, WG paid 42% with free dubs, 25% by holiday gifts by friends, 3% by Super containers, and the rest (30%) by me. Because of my mental honor of the PR being disgraced, WG has made the ship a port queen for me. 18:18 Are these CIS computer requirement standards or Western Computer standards? Because the CIS players try to run on very minimum computer standards.

  13. Are we not gonna talk about getting a free t7 in the dockyard? Especially a new ship, reminds me a lot of how they did it with Repulse.

  14. @sealord You can lock individual armaments to a bearing with CTRL+X . I do this with ships with torpedoes when I’m aimed the other direction, but know a ship is coming up on the island behind me. You just have to hit CTRL + X to release the armament in order to aim it again

  15. I really hope I hear no one pick the coal option if they already have the Puerto Rico, you can get 33k steel and if you really want to you can convert it to 330k coal, and you only get 268k coal if you pick the actual coal option.

    • Nobody important, Unknown

      and 62k coal can get you like a tier 5 premium, or it’s basically a 1/3 investment for a tier 9 ship with a coupon. that’s not a small amount, or a month’s worth of coal grinding with premium using a premium ship, preferably tier 9 with good performance and maximizing the exp earned. Hopefully everyone at least has enough sense to know that steel is convertible to coal, unless WG suddenly disables this (which would piss off a lot of players).

  16. On Puerto, they will probably have an early bird special, so it will likely be less than the 10,500 dubs needed to complete 6 phases

  17. The whole WG submarine fiasco is a textbook example of sunk cost fallacy. If they had half a brain they’d give us a Random with or without subs option – and they’d pretty soon realise that 95% of players don’t want them. Only seal clubbing unicums and potatoes play them… while they’re at it include no CV Random choice too 😂

  18. DD’s should have enhanced detectability against subs that is separate from hydroacustic search. maybe baked into the DD’s capability. It’s a sonar dome thing says the former frigate sailor.

  19. Dds should become such thing as a Echo lot,ping Thing somthing…to “find” subs when they are on the Ground…
    On the surface they are an easy hp,no speed,no good dmg Controller..

    But on deep down…

  20. Hey Sea Lord, I really hope that when you complete PR dockyard 2.0, you choose Steel and pick up the Bourgogne. I have the Bourg myself and I see why it’s regarded as one of the very best BB’s in the game.

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