World of Warships- One Of The Most Legendary Ships In Game

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Hey guys! Today we take a look back at one of the most legendary ships in the game, the Tier VII British Battlecruiser Hood. Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Hood is also famous as the only battlecruiser to sink a battleship, the Bretagne.

    • Wow, I did not knew that. Interesting.
      At Mers-El-Kebir?

    • @K98_Zock_TV – Yes. Almost identical in how she herself was lost. A few close salvos then a hit that set off the magazine. A few modern sources have tried to say it may have been one of the older battleships, but from the time there seems to have been no doubt it was Hood that caused the loss.

    • @Tasha Tsu_Vachel Thanks for the information 🙂

  2. This ship is so slept on, its absolutely amazing for nuking cruisers that try and angle to you. Just wish it had the torpedoes it had in real life, would allow you to duke it out with gneisenau up close.

    • Not just Gneisenau, but every tier 7 BB

    • Its an incredible ship for aggressive pushes too. it’s firing angles let it manage extremely well against tier 8 and below in my experience, and it’s incredibly fun to push with your DDs and draw fire from them. It’s OK DPS and rediculous speed (i’ve got mine up to 33.4kts) gives it a lot more strategic use than the RN AP and the memes imply.

  3. Waiting for the British battlecruiser line be like…

  4. The shot that sunk Hood is like one in a million chance as well.

    Because this ship has that atlantic bow and how the waves are formed by the hull, some part of the wave hitting the hull actually made the middle section of the hull below the waterline exposed in open air.

    And that’s also the location where Bismarck landed her shot. It was straddling hit that luckily enough penetrated the section that was meant to be underwater but wasn’t due to the said waves. Usually a straddling hit would only cause some minimal to moderate damage, but because the part was basically exposed when the 15 inch round hits the ‘waterline’ level, it went through that section hit the magazine, causing that infamous detonation that sank her.

  5. One of the main reasons why HMS Hood was the pride of the Royal navy was because at ~47.000 tons of displacement (at deep laod) she was the largest warship in the world, at least until the launch of the Bismarck, which displaced ~50.000 tons (Yamato would eventually take that title when she was eventually lauched a year later).

  6. Best thing about the hood is the improved pen angles which allows you to citadel bbs from the front and back. Very few people seem to know about that very rare to get ricochets in the hood. Vanguard would be so much better if it had that improved angles. And the massive massive health. Very powerful if you how to use.

    • ORKS_Media_Relations

      Yes! Buried the lead. Hood and Duke of York enjoy Des Moines pen angles. That makes Hood a monster in the right hands. Vanguard is already borderline OP. It wouldn’t be fair with improved pen angles.

    • I think the best thing about the Hood is that she’s the fastest British BB in the game…

    • Vanguard (and KGV, and Lion) would be better served by not having that silly strip of citadel on their armour plate. It’s literally only there to make them more vulnerable when compared to their peers.

      I mean balancing yada yada yada, but the games never been balanced and if they hadn’t made HE so ridiculous RN BBs wouldn’t need silly anti-gimmick alterations to make them more vulnerable than they should be.

  7. It’s funny how the Hood has the HE spammer stigma but its tier 6 cousin, the Warspite, does not. For me, personally, the Warspite is my bae. 8 15inch guns, shortish range but her accuracy on them is amazing as is their punching power.

  8. If anybody is interested in how the Hood was sunk by Bismarck there is a video by Drachinifel which goes into great detail how it actually went down (spoiler alert: it wasn’t plunging fire through the deck armor as most people think)

    • The secondaries ate up the Hoods hp

    • i have seen the video form Drachinifel and a i have seen photos frrom the wreck some of the things he says dont dont dd up i if see the way the depris are laid out and the way
      the are the truth is that we will we never know what really hapend if even though it smels it was the same reason as battlecurieses at Jutland they theories now that its the Prinz eugen that shot the final shot

    • @manolis23100 Hood’s flash protection was specifically designed to prevent the sort of flagration that destroyed thr battlecruisers at Jutland, and Prinz Eugens guns couldn’t penetrate any part of Hood’s armour scheme at the range she was destroyed at. You’re just cherry picking a couple of old, discredited options that no one credits anymore.

    • Doesn’t make it true. Drachinifel’s video is his own THEORY on what happened, not a fact. Truth is we will never know for sure what exactly happened. All we can do is look at the pieces and evidence that has been left behind and come up with theories. Anybody telling you they KNOW what exactly happened is full of s%^t.

  9. She also has improved AP pen angles.

    The hood is one of the best t7 battleships that gets low play rate due to her bad history in game.

  10. I didn’t know you were reviewing the Hood during that battle last night, it was an honor to be fighting against you Mountbatten. I was the Minsk trying to grind all the way to the Khaba after you inform us that she is getting removed from the tech tree. I finally got Khaba after a few hours of super hyper grind last night, months of premium account from anniversary and basically all the eco flag and camo which gave me an average of ~20k exp and ~12k free exp per game, so by the time I unlocked the Trashkent I used the cumulative free exp and freed exp pass Khaba.

  11. I wish they’d bring back the meme levels of AA.

  12. Still waiting for Repulse :(.
    Now we have a German BC line I am sure a RN line is in the works

  13. Hood also has improved armor pen angles which start to phase out at 60 degrees.

  14. Ahh yes the famous I Detonate Your Pride. 🙂

  15. Great movie.

  16. Hood was known in her day as a “wet ship” meaning sea water would sweep over the bow and find ways to get inside the hull. The end result was the ship having a notoriously high incidence of tuberculosis among its crew.

  17. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Hey guys I flubbed about her being overmatched by 14 inch, Hood CANNOT be overmatched by 14 inch guns, I apologize for this.

  18. We should remember all the sailers, pilots and infantry who lost their lives in all wars!

  19. 1415 lost, with 3 survivors: Ted Briggs, William Dundas and Bob Tillburn.

  20. HMS Hood is in a good place for PVE & Scenario mode players do to being tier 7 and thus eligible to play in Op Narai… perhaps the most lucrative & fun Operation in the game.

    I have the Azur_Hood ship Cmdr. + the Azur Lane – Hood permanent camouflage on the ship and play each day for 1st win bonus whenever Narai is Op of the week, makes for a fun week.

  21. I would like to see a Hood with the British refit installed. The secondaries would 8×2 133 DP guns, and WOWS would add additional AA weapons. With extra armor per the refit, the better secondaries and AA, plus a quicker reload for the MB it might make decent tier VIII BC. Consumables would be: DC; fast damage repair; spotter or fighter; DFAA.

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