World of Warships- One Of The Most Pointless & Infuriating Premium Ships

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Hello guys, today we take a look at the Tier VIII Premium German Battleship Brandenburg! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. she is pointless in random but blasted in Operation because of her secondary

    • I agree, and would like to add that the Zieten is just as good, if not better than the Bismarck for operations. Zeiten has superfiring turrets and a couple more secondaries per side, plus 12km torps.


    The Azuma is also pretty pointless because it is literally worse than the Yoshino in every single way. You have less HP, less armor plating, lower RoF, worse secondary/ AA, no torpedo, less firing lange, less HP, same speed, same turning circle, same rudder shift time etc etc.

    There is not a single thing that the Azuma has that give you a reason to pick this ship over the Yoshino execpt for the fact that it is tier 9 (so you can struggle in tier 11 game…)
    For example the Ibuki at least still has something that it is better than the Zao despite it is one tier lower, like slightly better firing range, superior manueveability, 32 mm deck etc, it is not entirely worse than the tier 10 counterpart like the Azuma.

  3. I don’t mind the Brandenburg, I think the Admiral Schroder is a worse premium ship; costs more, lacks many of the same things (no hydro, also no torps) and was frankly a lie by WG about being a secondary ship.

  4. Bradenburg is a console ship, there the secondaries can go to 12km, bradenburg cant go against yamato and tier 10 ships and we have enhanced secondaries battery consumable that give +100% better dispersion, +50% better shell grouping and +50% better accuracy to secondaries, +will to rebuild(when you are bellow 10% ho if you have a friendly ship nearby you regen health), and cvs are nerfed to hell on console AND no subs.

  5. The new meta where both teams stand-off at max range for the entire match has really gotten annoying. There are a lot of good, close-range ships that have been made irrelevant as a result. I think that they need to add a new random match mode that will force the ships closer together as the match progresses.

    • I agree, the higher the tier you go the worse it gets. I find T9-T11 quite boring most of the time. I am medically retired and am issued Rx pain medication. When i take the medication with a coffee chaser is about the only way T9-T11 games are tolerable.

  6. I actually collect German BBs and this one is pretty fun with Schliefen build. I use Tirpitz with another build and I like her more tho

  7. In terms of “One Of The Most Pointless & Infuriating Premium Ships” the Anhalt is by far the #1

  8. Александр Ванюков

    This ship is perfectly fine. It can be played without secondaries and uptiers very well: use its concealment, combine AP and HE and you will be absolutely fine against Tier 10 ships. Also it has pretty good AA. Not the best Tier 8 BB but definitely not pointless.

  9. I think Brandenburg only exists to add more value to Odin by virtue of filling in two ship stopgaps instead of 1. (The other ship you can skip out on if you have the Odin is Scharnhorst, arguably speaking.)

  10. Moon Cricket Stinks

    I own a Brandenburg and I like her more than tirpitz. 12 gun dispersion is nicer than 8 gun. She’s a tirpitz ship with Odin turrets and 1 more secondary. Yea her HP is smaller, but I hate how tirpitz bent barrels leave me so frustrated. 4 guns missing is more common than 6 guns.

  11. I like the Brandenburg for Ops. Good reload, big enough main battery with 12 guns, solid armor, great secondaries, etc. There’s a lot to like for Ops. For PVP, though I see what you’re saying, it’s just not good for the current meta.

  12. Talking about how the game has been over the past few years…..I had 3 rounds in a row last night where there was NO cvs and NO subs and it was glorious. the game was so much fun to play. it was like old 2015 WoWs kind of. Just amazing how 2 classes can absolutely kill the fun of the game.

    • The Matrix red pill

      When you have just ships its the balance of rock/paper/scissors. Bring subs and CVs and like adding nuclear weapons to the mix.

  13. I like Brandenburg quite a bit. I think it’s a solid trainer for brawling BB’s because it is more punishing of mistakes. It forces you to use the map, situational awareness and timing.

    Only thing is really dislike is the lack of hydro. But I still routinely have good games with her, even when double uptiered. I wouldn’t put her on the same level as, say, Massachusetts…but I’ve also killed several Massachusetts in the Brandenburg.

  14. Always great content. I am a fan of German ships and am always disappointed when they treat them poorly

  15. This was the first Premium I picked up when i started playing and in all honesty she’s a really good ship, she handles great and one of the few ships that I constantly get citadels with and with a secondary build your knocking out ships that you don’t even see.

  16. I think I disagree Sealord. I love Brandenburg, got her in the German containers and regularly get 150k+ damage matches. A few months ago I sent in a replay with Kracken 2500k base exp game in her in which I was able to out brawl an Tirpitz.

  17. Mecklenburg used the same guns and seems to follow a similar pathway like the Brandenburg. We have a 16 12″ gun version of the Preussen. Mecklenburg has thinner armor, less HP, and no hydro. None of the premium German BBs have hydro except Prommern.

  18. I use my Brandenburg mostly in ops. She’s a great ship to use in the ops.

  19. I love this ship for Operations, it almost never disappoints

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