World of Warships- One Of The Most Pointless & Painful Premium Ships

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Hey guys, today we take a look back the the Tier VII American Battleship California, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. You’re saying California is worthless? I’ve been saying that for years.

    • And I’ve been advocating for her to get a buff for years! She’s just not up to snuff compared to the other Tier VII BBs.

  2. Yes she’s slow, thicc and all but i enjoy her, what i like bout her is her wildfires he shells, air pollution shells that can suffocate (citadel) just like home, and her anti air cuz damn…. but this is my opinion so overall i enjoyed her

  3. The weird thing is that in legends it’s a really good ship, because it is the king of aa at its teir

    • 100%, the difference between California on PC and Legends is night and day.

    • @theevilfluffygamer Effectively treated by WoWs Legends as the Tier VI ship she actually is, that is why she is placed in Legends at Tier V. She’s perfectly placed, she has 30s reload, AND she has her 40% torpedo protection! I absolutely LOVE Legends California, and I wish WG would buff PC California to make her more competitive for her Tier (VII)

    • theevilfluffygamer

      @Sailor Moon shes extremely potent at tier 5 and fun to play too, her slow speed makes it easier for people to deal with the beast that she is, sadly I doubt pc wow will balance the beast seeing how the keep power creeping each ship one after the other :/

    • @theevilfluffygamer Won’t stop me from advocating for PC California to get the buffs she needs!! I can’t give e up on her, she deserves better <3

    • theevilfluffygamer

      @Sailor Moon for your sake I hope they do something!

  4. Upon seeing her final form prior to her introduction, I remarked on reddit that she’d been nerfed into boredom. Sadly, nothing’s changed since then.

    • It’s really quite sad, even The Spreadsheet tells WG her DPM is “below average”. It’s been nearly 2 years since her initial release date too…

  5. Got California and Tiger ’59 in Supercontainers. I guess it’s the games way showing me it’s contempt without saying it. Jokes aside, it’s a shame that the California is not at the very least decent because i think it’s an amazing looking ship.

  6. I have only played mine twice in random battles – both times I got absolutely demolished in under 6 minutes. Both games it was a LONE Mainz shooting HE at me who took all my health without me even being able to fire a single shot. hands down the most fun I have ever had playing this game.

  7. I love the California, super stealthy fun! Not as good as the Hyuga

    • Absolutely not as good as Hyuga, Hyuga laughs in 29s reload AND Main Battery Reload Booster. Also better HE shells as well. Better speed naturally. Better range, although lacks spotter IIRC.

  8. I actually like the california. I play her as a slow brawler, get close and shoot every cruiser , dd or broadside battleship,
    she is accurate.
    Sure she struggles against tier 9 but so do many other t7 ships
    Many enemy teams got a nasty surprise from my california

    • Still needs a buff though. Although you’ll like Minnesota if you like California’s playstyle. It’s very much Tier IX California, with Main Bat Mod 3.

  9. California is a cool historical ship. I like running in Ops and occasionally ranked. She may be slow but them guns hurt. She’s a good ship. In fact I late carried my ranked team to a win once with California this season: got 3 kills and almost 100k dmg. She’s an underappreciated ship. Granted, mm really hurts her.

  10. GG Sea Lord Mountbatten
    I was curious if you were making a video in that match! Glad I didn’t blow it at the end.
    Looking forward to watching this when I get out of class

  11. I personally really like the California and even got it for a friend who loves it as well. I wouldn’t say it’s an amazing ship by any means but as long as there aren’t any T9s it’s kind of fun to just chug about lobbing rounds at things. I wouldn’t mind a buff to it’s reload to make the guns a little more potent. The main thing I’d like to see though is USS Nevada in game

    • Oh sure, you can have fun games in it, like any other battleship really. I use it all the time(purely for aesthetics reasons), but it definitely could use a buff.

  12. also: that “REEEEEEE!!” when you missed the carrier! lol!

  13. soo i got yesterday my first supercontainer in a year and this ship was in it , good job wargaming good job….

  14. That moment when you find out Mountbatten is a school teacher, and it all makes sense with his soothing, informative voice and knowledgeable precision. BZ Sea Lord!

  15. funny at tier the West Viginia and Arizona feels godly, even when up-tiered i feel i can still contribute. the California on the other hand feels like i have to work extra hard to make it work. i will say “swift in silence” is a must commander skill for american standard class BBs.

  16. It has such pretty secondaries, wish they were more than decorative.

  17. Just imagine, even for a brief second if you could, if the AA actually worked. Heck come to think of it if any AA worked!

  18. Mech Franka T. Lieu

    The same can pretty much said towards a load of other ships and while part of that had to do with the individual ship’s spec , much can be said about the introduction of such ships as the California. So long Wee Gee made big guns that can range out others effectively then players will do it, and when that become more than just isolated cases , when people keep saying BB and heavy gun cruisers staying 20KM+ that mean anyone who do not had the range or cannot effective their own at these range are forced either to risk it all and forward , knowing there is no support or just flat out not fight at all , and that made the stagnant meta we had and then more stay ranged, and its a perfect self fulfilled one that simply further the camping, the farming, but never the fighting part

  19. I thoroughly enjoy my experience in California. I enjoy the slow, methodical pace it has. I love the weirdly sharp turning radius. I love giving AA Cruiser level screens to people I can manage to keep up with. I love the good range to the guns, with the relatively good dispersion, that is satisfying without feeling broken… I love the California EXACTLY up until the point the AP connects to what should be a monster citadel. ANNNNND then it’s all overpens and bounces. GOD those shells are sooooo terrible. I’ve never connected so cleanly with so many shells, and done so little damage. Ooof!

  20. I love California (aesthetically) but she is in **dire** need of a DPM buff. She is simply underpowered for her Tier, especially when compared to the other Tier VII battleships. Ultimately, she is a Tier VI battleship, with Tier VII range, with Tier VIII AA (I wish its AA meant more, but due to the AA mechanics, it’s a bit of a letdown). Also hilariously, California was given only 35% torpedo protection, whereas Colorado has 37%.

    It still boggles my mind that Wargaming decided to nerf her reload from 30s to 34.2s while still in testing….Thanks to that, she’s a slow ship, that fires even slower, whilst her turret traverse is even slower.

    I’ve been advocating for California to get her much needed buffs since her launch! Hopefully she gets a buff by July 4th…

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