World of Warships- One Of The Most Pointless & Useless Premiums

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Hey guys! Today we take a look back at the Tier VIII Premium American Large Cruiser, Congress. Enjoy!

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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. RandomCitizen Latt

    Day 3 of watching Mountbatten videos at 4am: I’m beginning to genuinely think about buying a plane ticket and going to carrier-con. I think I’ve seen maybe two Congress’ at all.

  2. The only reason this ship exists: WG KNEW the Alaska was VERY popular, so after they removed it, they RESOLD a down tiered Alaska too us for all the people that “missed out”. and practically speaking all they did was remove a couple gun barrels. “Create a problem, then sell the solution”, that is pretty much WGs motto.

  3. Skarhabek Greyrukh

    Tiger59 is definitely the worst ship ever…. A CL with battleship manouverabilty

  4. I feel like since the release of superships, tier 8 are getting less tier 10 matchmaking. And Congress really shine as top tier. I don’t know many Tier 8 ships (especially cruisers) who can do well in a Tier 10 match tbh.

  5. It seems decent for ranked at T8. Radar and some survivability compared to Baltimore etc.

    • It’s good for ranked and even T8 clan battles to some extent. It gets farmed very easily and has a very hard time standing up to even most T9 ships.

  6. I have quite a few Premium ships, but I’ve only bought 2- Cossack and Okhotnik, on your recommend, and I love them both.

  7. Tamás Kerecsényi

    Interesting, Flamu rates it pretty high up. I don’t like it personally either as it has non-existent dpm for a cruiser.

    • He’s just talking about random battles when he gets up-tiered…he just gave this video a click-bait title.

  8. I wouldn’t say congress sucks. I used it during the tier 8 clan battle season. It’s just when it faces tier 10s it suffers.

  9. In Blitz ,I got the Congress on an event playing night long and when I got it all i got is a cruiser with less guns , less armour , and less damage output , but can citadel battleships , interesting but felt very off balanced playing ,

  10. I’m a US ship collector so I had to have thisone. I never play it unless it’s Christmas bonus time.

  11. my biggest gripe is the amount of dmg you can do is really bad. Im really reliant on getting citadels to get any decent dmg scores

  12. Might just be me but the congress is a pretty neat seal clubbing ship if you get into a tier 6 match

  13. It was too impossible to balance to make it any fun to play at tier 8. The reload kills it. Saying that, I’ve played her a fair bit in tier 8 ranked and although I tend to get myself way too far forward she still performs pretty well.

  14. I treat her like a T8 Pensi with radar in ops, like Pensi back in the days of T6 ops, I can bow tank many of the BBs, I just have to pay attention, outside of ops or other fixed tier MM, the only advantage over Alaska Congress has is that she won’t be seeing the T11s, although I’ve still had some good matches in randoms with her

  15. One caveat – in Ranked Tier 8 or 3v3/4v4 Brawls – fewer opponents, closer range increased ability to bow tank the Congress performs rather well. You should really try the Soviet Sevastopol for the same two game types. I know you don’t like the ship but I bet you would love the latter in Brawls – it would make for a good video.

  16. Today was weird. I saw Constellation and Congress first time in a long time. Last time I think I saw them in battles was close their releases. Then Mountbatten releases this video.

  17. i just watched your video on the congress like 3 weeks ago and bought it i use it a lot in ops, i had to go down to 7 to help my buddy get from 6 to 7 and was using the New Orleans and liked it alot more so i got the baltimore and have used that sneaky boi alot. but alas i have more money than brains and bought the mainz and im currently having fun HE spamming ships.

  18. Congress is the Alaska you can take into operations, the only advantage she has over Alaska until wg follows through on adding higher tier operations. Once that happens, she’s just another anniversary and christmas bonus supplier.

  19. stephen goldsworth

    I bought the Alaska and got the Congress in a container and you are spot on in your analysis. Little White Mouse in her review said Congress is a nerfed Alaska. I didn’t press the advantage I could have enjoyed in T8 1v1 brawls.

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