World of Warships- One Of The Oldest Ships Is Still One Of The Best

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Hey guys! Today we take a look back at the Tier IX Techline American Battleship Iowa, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Iowa’s my favorite ship, my dad served on her from 1987-1989, I currently volunteer on her, she’s one of my favorite ships to play, i always have a good time with her.

  2. Literally old reliable. I’m at the NC after being a German BB main for the entirety of my WoWs career, can’t wait to try the Iowa.

  3. I love this ship. So reliable, accurate guns. Such a fast ship. It is my favourite ship after Yamato.

  4. Literally just unlocked this ship last night. What perfect timing for this video.

  5. Remember, Iowa can replace Musashi in sniping t8 CVs. You get 32.9km range with plotting room and spotter. If you practice with it, you can land some nasty salvos at 30km+

    • I have been guilty of being in a BB and one CV division a few times and all we did at first, was to have the CV spot the CV, Then the two of us unloaded. It is funny what happens with 18 or if in the Montana’s, 24 16 inch rounds come raining down . CV’s do go boom, some times with only one volley from one ship.

    • Ha, with all the armored flight decks, all you would get would be bounces or shatters shooting at t10 cvs

    • @Brett J I’ve done that w. Yama & a CV lol its fun being dirty sometimes but yes the late American BB’s got the range ive got Vermont as well but she’s to slow for me

    • @Devon Ellis there are certain spots you can aim for with Montana’s guns to at least hurt CVs. I’ve landed early 10-20k salvos by targeting the bow playing, small superstructure, and weak side playing from 30km. Carriers never know what hit them.

  6. Really enjoy these updates your doing on the older ships in the game. Usually when I go looking for a review of these ships, if the review is more than 2 years old, they’re useless. You’re filling a gap. Thx

  7. brawling in the iowa: “its possible, but not recommended” -hunt for red october

  8. I had my personal dmg record in Iowa random battles, until I beat it with Thunderer. Most funny was sailing full speed view set at forward turret, water skiing like run, xd.

  9. This is the ship I attached 1 of my Epoch camos to, Iowa when used to her shell velocity is a great ship.

  10. IOWA was the first battleship I wanted. I absolutely love it. Of all my games I played IOWA has the most played. I got really good at it and I Clap ships

  11. Did they lower the Citadel on Iowa? I remember 3-4 years ago grinding the U.S BB line first (being English), and being absolutely slapped silly every time I showed the slightest bit of broadside? I hated Iowa and sold her as soon as possible to get Monty.

  12. One of my first tier 9 ships in the game and one that has really aged like wine over the years. Though I remember absolutely annihilating a broadside Iowa with a Tirpitz back in 2017 when her citadel wasn’t lowered past the waterline. Good ship these days though.

  13. Went aboard the Missouri when I was 17 years old, prior to refit under Reagan, docked in n Bremerton. Very cool, I understand why she ended up at pearl harbor, but kind of sad that fewer people get to see her.

  14. I live close to where the New Jersey is moored- even got to watch fireworks on her deck this past 4th of July!

    Absolutely fucking incredible museum!!!

  15. Alexandros Chousakos

    I flew all the way to the US to see one, and it was New Jersey. Oh boy what a freaking behemoth. Epic ships, one day I’ll see them all.

  16. The first 8 minutes you got fires 3 times consecutively and never once have used R, which could have been used as there was no HE spammer. If you did you could have fully extinguished fire 1 and 3 for no dmg taken

  17. Mountbatten: “This thing is ginormous!”

    Me touring the Missouri: “This is a lot smaller than I expected.”

    I think for me it’s due to perspective. The turrets take up so much deck space.

  18. I’ve been grinding up to the Montana (my first BB line after grinding 5 cruiser lines), and the Iowa is by far my best performing BB yet. Makes me kind of regret not jumping on the Missouri when it was available for a trainer US BB (although I do have the Georgia), but yeah, it’s such a comfortable ship where I don’t feel like I’m relying on a bag of gimmicks to perform.

  19. Back when Deadeye was a thing, the 21% dispersion boost from an Iowa is terrifying to look at.

  20. It was such a blast to blitz around with 32knots back in the day.
    Nowadays this is nothing compared to a Georgia fully built for. speed, then you can have up to 43.1 Knots. NUTS.

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