World of Warships- One Simple Trick To Dodge CV Torps

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CV mains hate this liney boy! Enjoy!

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. one simple trick to dodge CV torps: 2 1 m i n u t e v i d e o

  2. Is it not playing against CVs?

  3. Make the GK great again!

    • Listen I Love me some Kurry Fist she is still in my top 3. Not only does her turret angles need to be un-gimped they should make her 420’s the starting gun. She in my opinion should be on par with the French 431’s. If thats to much the turrets and a touch of rudder.

  4. “I love CVs” O boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  5. this is not how to play the gk!!!!!!

  6. i think your trick need some help you took at least 1 torp every time they attacked most of the time multiple torps.

  7. Step 1: play deja vu
    Step 2: focus
    Step 3: dodge
    Step 4: pray to rng
    Step 5: check where planes are coming from
    Step 6: if hit, repair and dmg con
    Step 7: kill cv if spotted
    Step 8: profit
    Step 9: if in a german bb pray more to RNG
    Step 10: if in a usn bb, praise aa

  8. Answer: You don’t
    Would rather eat them all instead of broadsiding to the enemy team

  9. drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

    Indomitable: you guys need to dodge torps?

  10. In case you didn’t know: your engine power gradually weakens as long as you are touching the blue line. That means that stopping and reversing is one of the slowest possible ways to get out of it.

  11. Rip secondary builds on PTS.

  12. Heh i saw that ~~yesterday~~ today when i peeked into your stream

  13. Found out the other day when I was watching the game client update the game….it is default to a very slow speed. Have to change the speed limits in settings.

  14. Easy: don’t bother. Dodging CV torps gets you citadeled when everyone on the enemy team and their moms unload into your broadside. Might not work well with skilled players in OP CVs because they can cause floods/massive damage, but up to tier 8, torpedo bombers aren’t as dangerous as they used to be in RTS. Honestly i’m more scared of divebombers, especially with the proliferation of AP bombers. Either they smack you with a lot of damage and fires, or they pop your citadel never to be repaired again.

  15. That was such a throw haha enemy team window licking

  16. OH, well, that is different, I certainly get it now.

  17. i actually uninstalled wows for chess. i suggest

  18. World of warships client has a built in data limit, you need to uncap it, still not “fast” but faster for sure.

  19. good job mate 🙂 secondary gunners on meth lmao

  20. You should try firing a salvos from the back guns and front at different times. It makes it harder for ships chasing to get the back guns off without exposing too much.

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