World of Warships- One Small Buff Made This Ship Awesome

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Hey guys! Today we take a look back at the Tier IX Premium Italian Battleship Marco Polo! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Timely vid. I just played her & got 100k dmg in 12 min. Now I know why she is shooting better. Gonna have to play her more before the Giuseppe Verdi comes

  2. Another weakness she has is the 90mm secondary guns have 70mm amour so AP can arm on them and not overpen

  3. I was looking forward to getting the Marco but I really can’t be doing with the long reload ships, just my personal preference but just No.

  4. I didnt even know this thing got buffed.. nice vid!

  5. I tried to refund this ship after i got it. Then it got better with deadeye, then it went bad again after deadeye was removed lol. I’ll have to revisit this much anticipated and often disappointing vessel. Thanks for the video mate o7
    Edit: Went and had a game. It’s almost a different ship altogether

  6. I totally forgot that Marco Polo was getting a buff, i played the ship 2 days ago first time after several months and was suprised how accurate it was.

  7. This ship is going to be an even bigger novelty once the Guesepi (new prem Tier 9 Italian BB) come out. With SAP 2nds and rolling smoke. No SAP; but a much more enjoyable play I m sure

    • I’ve seen some of them in game. Range on the 2nds really shucks. Cannot even reach Massa’s range

    • @Not Today interesting because I assume you would be able to get them out to 9.2km or higher like Lepanto or Marco Polo. I assume most players do not go secondary build.

    • @Not Today Doesn’t need to: it has the 2nd highest secondary damage in games after the new German line. It beats Massa.

  8. When did this happen? I love the Marco Polo, one of the funniest BB’s to play. Getting a broadside cruiser is like Christmas watching the damage rack up.

  9. Should have given it ASP Secondaries too.

  10. i’ve had her since the beginning. always felt she was a tough ships but the dispersion relegated her to the mothball fleet. she is so much more enjoyable now.

  11. I think there is no interest to balance it better because they are already working on a new T9 BB: the Joseph Green alias Giuseppe Verdi.

  12. This ship is awesome

  13. One small sigma buff will make german BB’s less shit.

  14. Can Roma and other Italian bbs get that buff?

  15. It still needs a bit more to be competitive. 1s faster reload or 0.5 km more range and it will be fine. Now its still not there yet.

  16. I rich all the time with my sap bbs. I didn’t think it would happen as often as it does.

  17. actually it is opposite sap is super op on small calliber and medium (sap secondaries on Napoli do crazy damage , sap on DD/Austin is just crazy – and so is on ITA cruisers).
    The only times when SAP sucks is on BB calliber – because you are 100% hopeless against yolos from DDs because you don’t have HE and your secondaries don’t even pen DD like wtf.
    Also this “extra damage” over HE from SAP – doesnt tell whole story either – it does not splash and damage modules and neither it starts fires – so damage in the end only looks good on initial strike – but endgame screen got different story to what happend. Not to mention BB sap strugles against angled ships or those with proper armor.

    Marco Polo just cannot be good ship by any means – 36 sec reload on 9 406mm guns is just trash design by default. Not to mention terrible HP this ship has.
    One has to understand that there are ships like Musashi on same tier with 30k hp more and 460mm guns that reload 30 sec … not to mention other advantages like range,torp belt etc.
    But you don’t need Musashi – simple Izumo or Iowa has same guns with 30 sec reload and better HP.

    Sap is godtier on cruisers becasue it pens DDs and only because of that.
    I had “pleasure” fighting Hannover with Sap… it does NOTHING even 10k+ salvos look pitiful – you want to set this thing on fire. I shoot him entire game did 200k in the end – but couldnt sink.
    Now 1 shooting DDs with Cruiser SAP is why sap is valuable.

  18. Marco Polo is gonna be my next coal ship. 🙂

  19. Anyone wanna explain why so many people try using depth charge planes on surface ships? It doesn’t do anything.

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