World of Warships – One Trick Pony

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A replay? People actually still play this ship? yes they do, and I think soon a lot more will, too.

All music licensed from and


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a World of Warships replay, consider using a hosting service like

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.

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  1. You’re just trying to piss off the WoT players now, aren’t you?

    Edit: Also, fourth. Ha, now you can’t claim fourth place!

  2. hello notification squad

    and hello overlord. i look forward to todays video

  3. It’s that bloody boats game again!!!

  4. Chicken lizard game?

  5. Nice WoT video. Keep it up sir!

  6. Oooh I’m early, better make a witty comment that jingles will see

    Hmmm, I can’t. You’ve already showcased everything I could say.

  7. Lol another ship vid.. overlord is trolling

  8. love the world of warplanes game play at the start lol

    • if only WOWP was actually that good….

    • The Calazone Hardy Should focus their squadron development in World of Warplanes, not Warships. Needs more focus on direct control of the Carrier, not the planes. It would make more sense and you’d get to admire the carriers themselves more. I do feel that partial control of the naval planes would help with admiring them further as well, but I can’t trust WG to figure out how.

    • have you played WoWS? a cv without planes is a cruise liner, there is no gameplay to be had

  9. Almighty Overlord Jingles! Thank you for featuring my best battle to date. I can’t tell you how happy this makes me 🙂

    • stellar gameplay indeed 👍

    • Why so stupid, u don’t know to use Shift button to zoom.

    • Versus, it’s 16:10 but I run the resolution settings at 2560×1600 which is slightly larger than my screens 2560×1440, but at 2560×1440 my UI used to be quite borked so I ran it at 2560×1600 and now I’m used to it.

      yep, I prefer the wider FoV for launching torpedoes and also for torpbeats. It hasn’t messed up my aim at all, it’s probably gotten better tbh

      Actually I use the both the shift key and the scroll wheel but I’d tried changing the keybinding for zoom from the shift key to a key on the side my mouse the game before this. Unfortunately, that didn’t work and like usual, I picked a ship, clicked the battle button and completely forgot to change it back -_- the amount of times I do that with settings, mounted consumables, flags, etc is beyond ridiculous. I know I could have changed it back mid battle but I prefer not to mess with settings while I’m in a battle, especially when I’m playing a DD

    • You can carry me any day!

    • GG hell of a game

  10. Powercreep in a Wargaming product?


  12. “It’s that damn boat game again”
    “It’s that damn golden ammo pouch game again”
    “It’s that damn deutscheland über alles game again”
    “ItS tHaT sPaCe BoAt GaMe AgAiN”

  13. In my shima i use the 20 km torps. I use the captin skill that makes them faster, with this skill they go 72 kph and go 16 kms. The reason i use the 20km torps with the speed boost is because of radar. Its the only way i can play without being killed by radar boats.

  14. There is a troll trick for the Shimakaze.  Captains perk to increase speed +5knts but lowers range (-20%) and the improved launcher which improves reload speed, gives you 16KM torps that are as fast as the 12KM torps.  They still seem to have the 2.5KM detection but it allows you to deceive many people as to where you are.  Prematurely triggers radar and intimidates many ships that hide in smoke.

    • There’s also the pair of huge, brass balls setup too. Take the +5knts with -20% range with the 8km torps. 6.4km torps that are over 80 knts. Two launchers at close range kills any BB and one launcher at close range kills any CA since they can’t get out of the way of at least 4 of the 5 torps. You also still have 0.8km to play with on detection (thus the whole HBB moniker).

    • Using 16km torps as well ands its even worked really well in Ranked as well. Damage isnt everything, staying alive vs radars is 🙂

    • and if you are even more ballsy (or suicidal) slap ontop of that “legendary” upgrade of shima for faster reload 😉

    • I set my Yugumo up this way with the torp launch module too. So much fun…lol

    • Only a moron would use a 2.5 det torp. That’s .3 further than a Battleship can be spotted 100%. There is no intelligent way to deploy torps that have a 2.5 detection range. Instead of “making players mad” and removing 20k torps…they just made them utterly unplayable. However many are too stupid to know how devastating it is to have a torp spotted 2.5k away and still use it. A person has to be AFK or retarded to get hit by a 2.5k vis torp.

  15. *Is taking Test in school.*
    *Jingles uploads WOWS video*

    “Damn it Jingles.”

    • How are you even able to notice that he uploads something WHILE you are taking a test?

      I swear, generation Smartphone will fall over dead if the wireless internet breaks down for any reason XD

    • Chrinik
      We were allowed to google the answers in this test.

    • ARC 7157  Wouldn’t of that been nice for my generation.

    • ARC: Then what kind of a test is this? If you can just punch stuff into google and copy paste the answer onto your sheet, how is this “testing” anything, except your googeling skills? If they so much as saw a cellphone active during tests, teacher would confiscate it until the end of class and if you had a test at the time, you’d fail the test.

      Man, this is worse than I thought. No offence to you, it’s not your fault at all, but schools are getting lazy<.< Yeah, let's not bother with all that teaching shit, let's just allow them to look up answers to anything, that saves us a ton of work.

  16. *_Salt Miner Capacity Is Increasing Due To Our Overlord Troll Against The Wot Player_*
    *Also Where Is The Bloody Submarine Game?*

  17. Jingles, you forgot the other reason people didn’t play the Gearing back then. You seem to have forgotten just how fragile the Gearing turrets were. Back then, you could legitimately lose all 6 of yours guns in a Gearing from one salvo fired by an enemy ship. The Atlanta suffered from the same problem, though she at least had a lot more of those turrets and they were spaced out a bit more.

    It’s why the Fletcher was considered the top US destroyer for a long time.


    Actually Jingles, hydro was in the game from day 1. No one used it…because no one actually knew what it was, what it did or how it worked so they just dumped it in favour of defensive fire.

  18. These vids are so much better and more interesting than WOT.

  19. >the Japanese, infamous for having super stealthy oxygen torpedoes IRL, have the least stealthy fish in game

    • Wargaming goes about as far into historical accuracy as the name of the ship, tank or plane, and that’s it.

    • Stark Raven  name of the ship, tank, plane, the aesthetics to match, and vague uniqueness’s to boot. Like British AP and smoke, German turtlebacks, American AA, etc.

  20. The best part of the match happened in chat at 14:16.

    Toxic player: “stop shoting idiot”
    “idiot”: *dev strike* “what?”
    Toxic player: “nevermind, your e good”

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