World of Warships- One Year After The CC Mass Exodus, Have Things Improved?

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Hey guys, today we take a look back at the game a year after the CC Mass Exodus, and ask, “have things improved?”. Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

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Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. Short answers:

    In terms of PR: Yes, things have improved.

    In terms of Monetization: Somewhat improved, needs a little work.

    In terms of Gameplay: Definetly NO. With Super Ships, Subs, and ofc CV’s being in their current state, primarily higher tier gameplay has certainly dropped off in terms of quality.

    • Id agree with that.

    • yup, most games just ‘happen’ at best, interesting fun matches are very much a rarity, and mind numbing stupid matches the standard.
      WG improved, but IMHO the long term trends brought to attention by some ex-CC’s have not been averted. I won’t say those CCs made the most optimal choices on how they tried to communicate it towards WG, but I do think they where right on being frustrated over those trends.

    • The problem I have with Super ships (I have a Zorkiy) is, you better have a good match and a good team or it is going to Cost You….A Lot. I mean the are Good Ships, the question is Are they THAT much better that you’ll spend a lot of credits playing them? IMO the answer is NO.

    • If by “somewhat improved” you mean “infested with gambling” then yeah.

    • Well the simple answer to that is that nobody quit last year in the CC exodus because game play sucked. They quit over poor communication and monetization so those were the things they attempted to address.

  2. for what we get for free ( just by playing the game ) i can live with the other stuff as i would not wish to give up my coal and RB ships to make store events cheaper. I only buy premium time and some doubloons every now and then, with the odd premium ship you cant get for free.

  3. With them adding the ping tracers back on subs, I will still find them annoying, but I also feel like they can be managed (imho removing the ping tracer is what pushed them over the edge). CVs on the other hand get more and more out of control. AA is just a visual element at this point with no real meaning, and allowing CVs into ranked was just plain disrespecftul. Super CVs just baffle me, especially when the AA on superships remains meaningless. If superships had crazy buffed AA so they were something of a counter to CVs then maybe it would make sense, but adding more powerful CVs without increasing AA is just a seal clubbing mechanic allowing what are, fundamentally, PvE players the ability to dictate PvP games to an untenable extent.

  4. Some thing have certainly improved, but the stuff that TRUELY matters has not. Above all else, the GAMEPLAY is what matters most, and High tier gameplay has just been SHAFTED! Superships mean that tier 9 now has DOUBLE UPTIER, Carriers are still in a Bad state, and the addition of Submarines REALLY isn’t helping things.

    Monetization, eh haven’t really been spending money but id say its gotten better. Still with you could get more stuff for FREE though and be rewarded for your performance in battle more. Taking away the award flags sucked, but its not a big deal, and i still hate that the Dockyard went from FREE to “pay to finish the ship”.

    Wargaming is certainly being more chatty and open about stuff. Now if only they would TRY to address some of the UNIVERSALLY AGREED UPON issues with the game. (Sub and Carrier Balance for example)

  5. Honestly I think the prices they charge are too high and it actually prevents them from making more money than they could. By that I mean the prices of ships. What I really worry about is that tech tree ships will become useless and the new super ships are pushing that way quickly.

    • STO Z store ships (premium in wow speak) are $30. Everyone has them. You can sell a little for a lot or a lot for a little ….

    • It is like the old CD dilemma. Record companies wanted $15-$20 per single CD back in the 80’s and 90’s. They would have been better off charging $1-$2 per CD, because they would have made a killing volume wise. For WG their pixels should never cost more than $10 because they would sell 50 ships for $10 instead of 2 ships for $50-$90. Basic Adam Smith economies of scale. I agree with you. I have not given money to WG (Premium Account) since early 2018.

    • Tech line ships are pretty useless already in competitive WoWS for the most part – unless in the hands of a super unicum player. The “super ships” are the new money grab and monetization path. Stay tuned for more.

    • @TheChonaman I only play premium ships, that I either bought pre-2018, or win in loot boxes or the events. Techline mostly real ships (less the Soviet Navy) do not resemble their real world counterparts. They are mostly damage pinatas. In this game. The emphasis IMHO should be on fun not winning. Tired of peiole cruing about craven behavior. Unless you see it directly most people are running away from being focused on by the other team. So they have to run or get melted.

  6. WG inproved their PR and monetizations, more collabs, bringing back some old content/updating some content that peoples wanted, as well as more and more F2P content, indeed which is good as long as they continue to improve,

    However talking about the ingame gameplay itself the improvement is not here at all, despite the fact that both a considerable amount of player, both playing and not playing CVs, Subs, Superships and else are complaining to WG to rework/balances them, bringing ideas, feedback, genually caring for every class in the game, they still don’t listen to anyone unless it generate enough drama that could hurt them financially, and do their own thing in their corner and the community has to cope and brace,

    The reason why the wows communty is more and more angry and tired of the game is beacause we have less and less skilled gameplay while being more and more OP and dumb to play but i guess WG still did not listen or got it yet, even after quite some time “listening” to the playerbase.

    Yes we want WW1-WW2 theme/style naval action game with a more arcade oriented gameplay instead of a realistic one, but we don’t want automated or just pure dumb while being OP gameplay.

  7. For those who choose not to spend $ on this game, they should at least acknowledge to themselves that without those who do, there would be no WoWs for them to play for free.

    • i used to spend money. i stopped because of the cvs and subs. if the game dies, so be it, everybody told them we don’t want subs. and the cvs are just ridiculous and have no business in this game

  8. Communication has improved, though I find the more recent community staff to be more terse at the best of times and straight up argumentative normally. I just do not agree with the RNG boxes, more so increasing to Tier 9 tech line ships. Dev information has been very good and full props to them on that. I do not feel things are that much better overall. (Not getting into CV anti Sub hand holding and Subs overall).

    • At least you have staff to engage with… in terms of communication on the Asian server… there are no WG staff answering questions in the English language Developers Q&A section… the related suggestions sections shows no sign that devs review that either… heard rumour that there is no WG staff liaison for Australia / New Zealand and nobody has been checking the English language developers section on the Asian server for years… one player even posted all over those channels asking if any WG staff read them… no response.

  9. If they want the current meta to continue, they need to buff battleships that aren’t snipers and HE spammers. The monetisation has and always will be terrible. Subs are absurd and need to be reworked entirely. Other free to play games made for PC are fairer: POE and Warframe for example. The only games with scummier strategies are mobile games.

  10. I would love to get an option for long pause players which when they come back that they were offered the premiumships which have been taken out of the shop as a bonus for them to purchase which stays only for one day.

  11. Of course things have … improved for you and the other Content Creators (CC now has a different meaning) that have less competition.
    IF WG was really sorry they should have bring back the old CCs (Community Contributors). Instead they simply and deliberately took the chance of getting rid of all critiqual voices.
    Your PRO WG video is a clear example of the actual situation which, from my point of view, can summarized as follows:

    1.Monetization and gambling are at full speed and doesn’t matter IF now we have percentage. Sure paying is ALWAYS volounteer BUT still do not protect the weaker psrt of public (but this is a concept that a Yankee struggle to understand that’s why in 2022 you still dont have public health system).
    2. Nerfing premium ships and now CO that CUSTOMERS paid without ANY compensation is really a BAD marketing move and also un ethical. A capitalist like you should at least understand this concept.
    3. More comunication BUT not listening playerbase, otherwise we would NOT have subs right now.. but SMILE things are getting better with NEW premium subs coming soon…
    4. more 15 to 1 battle than ever thanks to the exclusive opportunity for new players to join high tiers even when they are completely clueless…

    Yes it was a FUN tastic 2022 and I can only drream of a more FUN tastic 2023.
    Only thing you get right is: I am NO MORE spending money on the game. I am enjoying the dark side of the force.. playing for free and dont give a …. about how Sht the game has become.

  12. A better communication is useless if the conversation is still never going both ways. WG never listens and that hasn’t changed.

  13. I have to say though I wish super containers have a the pitty mechanic like some of the other containers in the armory. Where once you opened a certain amount you would get a premium ship. The only ship I got from a super container was the Roma in 2019 in the first week of October and at that time the atmosphere of the cvs was very oppressive for a ship with weak aa.

    • That would be nice. I’ve gotten a few mid tier ships from super containers but I’ve certainly burned through quite a few that I haven’t gotten squat from too.

  14. Grimmshred Sanguinus

    more subs more op ships more premiums and cash grabbing events…next thing we gonna see is a super ship dockyard with 100 phases to unlock

  15. getting operations back is the biggest thing. loosing frontier, cherry blossom and to a degree operation dynamo and the french one hurt as they where so much fun.

  16. I don’t think the CCs left the game expecting that their exodus would trigger changes. It was pretty clear WG was focusing on hyper-monetization and had no interest in balanced game play. They left because they no longer could tolerate being associated with WG and, I’m guessing, felt that their presence added an air of legitimacy to the things WG were doing.

  17. YourFavoriteLawnGuy

    wow such great improvement. How about the Velocity bug? Oh yah, they still are shit.

  18. I think monetization has gotten worse. I dont spend money on the early release but there is more gambling involved for those that do like adding things like the T9 ship to the random bundles, along with the separation of camos from bonuses they added the econ bonuses for those ships to the random bundles. I have noticed that the number of times you can buy those random bundles has increased by at least 10. With the camo rework it seems like they have been more free with selling perma camos like the current sale of the camos for the halland line, you get the camo but not the bonuses. Also with the recent sale they had on distant voyages containers where the big prizes were the camos but now if you get camos for tech tree ships, its only for looks without the bonuses they used to have.

    With gameplay I agree with most here, with CVs, subs and superships the game has gotten less fun, especially at higher tiers. Makes it no fun having to dodge torps from subs you will never see and having to use a DCP to having a chance to dodge them at times, or being focused or spotted by a CV makes you get dead quickly or unable to actually use tactics to try out maneuver opponents. Those classes make the only tactic against them is hope they focus someone else. With matchmaking it seems they match higher tiers ships across from lower tier more often so games can end quickly or putting most of the radars on the same team, along with somehow being almost always bottom tier

  19. Between the CC exodus, the spillover into Tanks which resulted in a beloved community manager leaving, the introduction of subs in the main game modes, and the Santa Crate short list debacle, I stopped playing Warships.

  20. I mean all you have to do is play the game. Honestly an average player should make enough dockyard segments to get her without even trying.

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