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The Atago’s been around for a while, it was technically the first tier 8 premium introduced into the game (sort of). How’s it holding up? Oni The Wicked’s going to show us.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. It’s that bloody boat game again! Jingles you’re making me so wet.

  2. Just finished the WoT video to be welcomed with WoWs, amazing friday so far! Thank you Jingles!

  3. The Kitakami was removed because the Kitakami had a higher friendly kill count than enemy kill count.

    • Um … no. It was removed because it was OP to infinity and beyond.

    • That and it would actually cause people’s games to crash with all the torps.

    • I miss my Kitakame. The torp range was 10km, the detect range of it was horrendous, at 11-12km? I would division with destroyers to utilize their smoke that they would lay in front of me if I wanted to go on the offensive instead of defensive plays without any smoke support. But the 20 torpedoes per side was so much fun, even if the armor and hp was nonexistent even worse than the Atlanta at taking hits.

    • @MrAlumni72 The Kitakami wasn’t terrible OP. It had 10km torpedoes and 11km base concealment. Meaning with camo and Concealment Mod, it was down to 9.6km, for only a 400m window to stealth-torp.
      Concealment Expert would bring that to 8.45km, but you have to remember that this was back in the old commander skill system, where CE was a 5-point skill and thus you needed 15-point commander to get it. It wasn’t until that it switched to the current system, where a 10-point commander can have CE. And it took a lot more XP to level up your commanders back then than it did after the reworked the skills, plus the fact that there was no such thing as elite commanders XP that could be spent on upgrading your commanders faster.
      So you’ve got a ship with only a tiny margin to drop its torps without being spotted, and it’s a citadel fiesta for every BB, CA, and possibly even the DDs on the enemy teams once it’s spotted. Remember, 65mm citadel sides, with no spaced armor, that goes all the way up to the upper deck. And a 30mm citadel deck, which means Yamato cound get plunging fire citadels from maximum range.
      Kitakami was a one-trick pony, and had to put itself into a lot of danger to use that one trick.

    • @CareerKnight I remember rushing a cap in my Kongo in closed beta, thinking there was jsut one destroyer in that smokescreen. It was a destroyer and two Kitakamis. What followed was more Touhou than WoWs.

  4. Adopts the proper voice: “Actually, Jingles, the Atago was the second of the four strong Takao-class, the follow on class from the Myoko-class.”

    Am I doing this right?

    • Click…Click…..

    • *shotgun cocks* well..

    • Perfect! You earned yourself a 10 pound block of salt for free – to lick all day on it. (no extra water rations granted)

    • “Oh shut up you- I don’t even. You know what? I’m just gonna call you Dave.” 😛

      But no, you’re right. And if you were to go even “deeper” into history and technicalities, the Chokai and Maya were given such different roles that they have sometimes been referred to as their own classes. You’re also right on the “Actually Jingles” as well. 10 to Gryffindor!!!

  5. The Guy in Chat that complains about Fires is hilarious

  6. 40 Torpedoes? That sounds…. glorious…

  7. Those shots that just barely missed were something else. Butt clenchers throughout.

  8. Oh Kitakami! The balanced 40 torp Cruiser u mean?

  9. >ijn kitakami years ago

    oh dear god yes, when you absolutely need a lot of memes injected to you back then, call the boys up then send the ultimate form of “wall of skill”, 120 torpedoes downrange then it’s eurobeat time for anyone in its way… *anyone…in its way*

  10. Wow, all the whining about OP premiums…

  11. Hey guys, Oni here! Hope you guys enjoyed this replay, and of course thank you tons to Jingles for featuring this crazy match!
    Below you will find the build I used for this match!

    Captain build-
    1 point: PT, EL
    2 point: EM, AR
    3 point: SE, SI, DE
    4 point: CE


    Slot 1: Main Armaments Modification 1
    Slot 2: Steering Gears Modification 1
    Slot 3: Aiming Systems Modification 1
    Slot 4: Propulsion Modification 2
    Slot 5: Concealment System Modification 1

    Here’s some links if you’re interested!

    • @MetallicaLife4 Awesome! They specialize in sneaky positioning and surprising ships with a big smack of HE or AP shells. The dispersion was buffed significantly on all IJN cruisers awhile back and since then they have honestly become monsters all the way through the line!

    • @OniTheWicked TV sounds like I need to get me into that tech tree again

    • Killer game man!

    • SE is Survivability Expert, right? Why take that on a cruiser? I would imagine something like Vigilance, Torpedo Armament Expertise, or Jack of all Trades would have more utility.

    • Oni did you ever play the original Starcraft with Brood War expansion with a username that had Oni in it?

  12. Hahah, that exceptionally salty Battleship player who Oni killed by fire, i couldn’t stop laughing at his salty tears x’D

  13. #bringbackkitakami
    I want my torps. With the auto ban now compared to then, should be ok.

  14. Best Thing in this game is Mr_Beaker whining around because he lost his BB to fire … 😀

  15. “Did I mention that the Atago have a fairly vulnerable citadel?”
    Yes, Jingles, most IJN ships are interpreted by WG like that, even the Supercruisers that are as long and almost as big as a Yamato…

  16. “and the Bismarck got away” words never heard by man

  17. Aw Jingles. Oni killed 7 not 6…i tells you that on the screen.
    I love how crap you are so we don’t have to be.

  18. That Gneisenau player should probably cut back on his salt intake. Very bad for the blood pressure.

  19. Destroyer Inazuma

    The Pan Paka Pan ship has been a favorite of mine ever since release date 🙂 GG

  20. Enterprise Gaming

    @11:30 Jingles: “The Kutnetsov”… me: *looks for ski-jump equipped carrier*

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