World of Warships: Only Tier 10s in a Tier 10 game!

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We queued up for a Tier 10 game and we got a rare game of all the same tiers. I don’t think i’ve seen this ever in all of my games at this tier. It was fun to play the game with this match making and it was a lot more fun an intense!


  1. Do you think they would ever change the matchmaking so that all of the same tier would be more frequent?

  2. Had a few of these in the last week or so , i guess everyone is trying to get the upgrades for them , matchmaking has always been my pet hate with the game especially for T8’s that just always end up Vs 10’s , would of thought by now there would be enough of a player base to make same tier matches or at the very least just a 1 tier gap , i know everyone i know that plays it would rather wait a few minutes in a Que for a more balanced match

  3. Oh lordy, get to see my team sit in a corner and slowly lose! Was still fun though!

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